🔬Superyacht Sought for Marine Research

11 February 2024

Yachts For Science, a global non-profit organisation, is seeking a superyacht to support a marine research project in French Polynesia. ⁠

We encourage our network of yachts and crew to support the great work of Yachts For Science by reaching out at info@yachtsforscience.com⁠

The Initiative

The initiative, ‘Cryptic Coral Species in Coral Reef Resilience’, aims to provide the robust science needed to manage, protect and restore corals in French Polynesia and beyond. This project focuses on the role of cryptic coral species in coral reef resilience and adaptation.⁠

This research will take place across French Polynesia, from Rangiroa and the Gambier Islands to Tahiti and the outer islands. ⁠

The yacht would be required for 1-2 weeks between May and August 2024, equipped with scuba tanks, an air compressor, deck space for coral processing, and a tender.

Yachting for Purpose

Ocean Alliance proudly champions ‘Yachting for Purpose‘. Our promise to create treasured moments relies on a healthy ocean anywhere in the world. Ocean Alliance continues to support empowering initiatives that align with our beliefs.

Previously, Ocean Alliance has worked alongside Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef to recruit superyachts to partake in the Great Reef Census – the world’s largest citizen-led research fleet assembled to conduct important work on the Great Barrier Reef.

Ocean Alliance is in the business of devising and delivering the best experiences in a marine environment whilst on board exceptional yachts. Our promise to create unforgettable moments relies on a healthy ocean, anywhere in the world.

We believe we have a role as global citizens to contribute to a sustainable future and cannot, in good conscience, promote yachting without protecting the asset at the core of this lifestyle.

Superyachts have a unique potential to make a significant collective contribution to ocean science and conservation. The increasing number of yachts built with research capabilities in mind is a promising sign for Yachting for Purpose.⁠

📱Looking to purchase, sell or charter a superyacht? Reach out to the Ocean Alliance team on info@oceanalliance.com.au or +61(0)405767869 and tap into a wealth of yachting experience.⁠


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