7 Day charter itinerary – Fiji

30 November 2017

7 Day charter itinerary – Fiji

World-renowned snorkelling and diving paradise, unlimited watersports, enriching cultures and…a land of smiles.

DAY ONE – Denarau Marina to the Mamanuca Islands (Total. cruising time approx. 1.5 hours)







Step onboard, let the crew introduce you to your new home. After a delightful fresh lunch, we will make our way to your first anchorage in the afternoon. Depending on our departure time we will cruise a short 1.5 hour South West to the Mamanuca Islands. We will aim to anchor in the lee of Tavarua Island, which is located in the centre of the surfing capital of Fiji and includes the ‘Cloud’ and ‘Restaurant’ breaks. Renowned as the “heart-shaped island”, this is your first postcard-perfect experience. For guests without the surf interest, these islands are stunning and are a great start to the trip for all onboard.

If the weather does not suit this anchorage, a short 1-hour trip will take us to the Malolo Island lagoon, home to the famous Muscat Cove Resort and Marina, where we can explore the surf breaks by tender.

DAY TWO – Malolo and Tavarua Islands (Total. cruising time approx. 1 hours)







Spend the day exploring Malolo and Tavarua islands: activities can include surfing, swimming, snorkeling and diving, shopping and sightseeing.  You can relax in the cool waters at the sandbar. The snorkeling is excellent here with an amazing variety of fish both around the coral and around the sandbar, and it is also a great place for watersports. We will be spending the night anchored off Malolo Lailai Island close to the beautiful and famous Musket Cove Resort and an evening walk ashore around the resort might be a nice idea before dinner alfresco on the aft deck.

DAY THREE – Navadra and Vanua Islands (Total. cruising time approx. 3 hours)







After breakfast and maybe a morning swim or surf, we will sail 3 hours to the North West towards Navadra and Vanua Islands. These vibrant islands have beautiful beaches and great snorkeling around the life-filled corals aptly nicknamed the ‘Garden Reefs‘ by the locals. You can actually try your hand at coral gardening: coral seeds are grown in a nursery then replanted on the reef to aid the conservation project. If weather permits, we will anchor here for the night or sail a quick 1 hour to the North for South Waya Island, and anchor at Yalobi Bay which is more protected.

There may also be an opportunity to visit the local village where you will receive a warm welcome from the local villagers, who will happily give you a tour of their home and local school.

DAY FOUR – Naviti Island (Total. cruising time approx. 1.5 hours)







Waking up at Navadra Island or the protected waters of Yalobi Bay is a beautiful way to start your day. After a refreshing swim and breakfast, we will make our way North for 1.5 hours to Cuvu Bay, on the Southern end of Naviti Island. This is a fantastic place to snorkel and a rare opportunity to swim with manta rays. Graceful and elegant to watch as they glide through the water, slowly flapping their enormous wings, the manta rays are a spectacle to behold as you swim alongside these majestic creatures. As many as thirteen manta rays have been recorded in the channel at one time. We will fish along the way and hope to catch something tasty for lunch.

Anchoring in the area is lovely, or the option is to continue 2 hours North to the Blue Lagoon near the Nanuya Levu and Matacawa Islands.

If you are interested in the remaining 3 days of the entire itinerary please contact us at info@oceanalliance.com.au.

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