8 Day charter itinerary – French Polynesia

30 November 2017

8 Day charter itinerary – French Polynesia

Explore French Polynesia – Islands that evoke a beautiful state of mind.

DAY ONE – Papeete







Fly into Papeete to join the yacht anchored in the marina and freshen up. Step on board and let the crew introduce you to your new home for the next seven days, with a welcome greeting by the local dancers. After settling in, you can tour the island and go to the local markets to get a taste of the island life. At most resorts throughout the islands, a Tama’ara’a or Tahitian Feast is held at least once a week. This involves cooking in an ahima’a (an oven that has been dug into the ground). Food is wrapped in banana leaves and the hole is covered with sand making it airtight. Cooking can take up to several hours but is well worth the wait as the food comes out soft, tender and fall off the bone ready.

We will spend the evening in Papeete on board.

DAY TWO – Moorea (Total cruising time approx. 1 hours)







In the morning we head out to Moorea. Moorea is one of the most scenically striking islands in French Polynesia. Possessing a relaxed vibe and welcoming spirit, Moorea is just as warm and inviting as the Tahitians lucky enough to call this island home. You can travel by tender to swim and hand feed shark & stingray. This excursion is one of the most thrilling and popular and can be enjoyed on most of the main islands. You`ll be able to get in the water and swim with them or simply watch from the boat. In the afternoon we go ashore and travel by Four Wheel Drive or scooter to explore the island. Getting around on a 4WD guided tour is a great way to discover volcanic islands like Moorea.

Overnight we travel to Huahine which is 70 nautical miles to the North West.

DAY THREE – Huahine (Total cruising time approx. 7 hours)







After cruising through the night, we wake up at Huahine for breakfast. The island is equivalent to the Garden of Eden. Beyond its lush landscapes and bright blooms, Huahine is also a culturally preserved sanctuary with sacred temples. The island feels like you are stepping back in time; this is a much different kind of French Polynesian experience. Undoubtedly, this island will leave you spellbound. In the afternoon we have lunch with a Motu Picnic while resting your feet in the clear water and enjoying the delights the islands have to offer. You can tour the ancient Marae (archaeological sites). For water activity, you can feed the sacred blue-eyed eels of Faie Village. You also have the opportunity to snorkel in coral gardens.

We will spend the night anchored off Huahine Island.

DAY FOUR – Raiatea (Total cruising time approx. 2.5 hours)







First thing in the morning we cruise to Raiatea to visit the many pearl farms located inside the lagoon. The world-renowned iridescent luster of Mother Nature’s most perfect gem can only be created in Tahiti warm lagoon waters. Commonly known around the world as Black Pearls, each Tahitian Cultured Pearl ranges in size and shape and the colours range from the darkest black to shimmering shades of green, blue, bronze, aubergine, or even pink. After an afternoon of exploring, we dig into a delicious meal on board and spend the night on the ocean.

If you are interested in the remaining 4 days of the entire itinerary please contact us at info@oceanalliance.com.au.

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