7 Day charter itinerary – Solomon Islands

5 December 2017

7 Day charter itinerary – Solomon Islands

DAY ONE – Tulagi and Sasape (Total. cruising time approx. 2.5 hours)

You will arrive on the island of Tulagi where you are immediately overcome with the feeling that you have gone back in time. The Islands untouched beauty and raw landscape welcome guests from the very first glance. Occupied by the Japanese in 1942, Tulagi quickly became home to a fleet of PT boats and US Navy ships until 1943. During this time the Island of Tulagi formed part of Purvis Bay which was also hosting many of the WWII marine vessels.


You will commence your morning with a visit to Sasape, the Solomon Islands Premier International Shipyard established in September in 2012. At the conclusion of your visit, you’ll prepare for an afternoon of diving. The closest dive is twin tunnels outside of Tulagi – An atoll that comes up to about 13 metres with some vertical shafts that go down to 35 – 40 metres. The Western shaft has a small cave at the rear of the bottom end with Painted crays inside. The top is rich with soft corals, mushroom coral, cuttlefish and crocodile fish.


DAY TWO – Florida Islands (Total. cruising time approx. 2 hours)

Today we will continue our visit to the Florida Islands. Formerly known as the Nggela Islands, the group consists of fifty islands in all. The largest being Nggela Sule and second largest Nggela Pile. We first visit Tanavula Point area, which includes sheer drop-offs teeming with red tooth triggerfish, lots of soft corals and gorgonians.

Crossing to Anuha, through the Mboli Passage, we will visit this stunning island which consists of beautiful sandy beaches, and features many spots for snorkeling along the seagrass patches looking for seahorses and coral bombes swarming with fish.

On our way there or back, it is strongly recommended to visit the must-see Mboli Passage.  Situated between Nggela Sule and Nggela Pile, it was used as a sheltered shortcut through the Group of Islands and as an easy passage to Malaita from Tulagi and now from Honiara. Good to note as well, Tulagi was the Protectorate’s capital from 1897 to 1942, and the surrounding islands were the commercial bases for large merchant companies.


DAY THREE – Karamolun Island (Total. cruising time approx. 6.5 hours)

As we make our way to explore Karamolun Island, our aim here will be to get to know the local culture more intimately.

We start the day with a morning dive at a ridge that comes away from the point starting off in the shallows at 4-metres going down to 35-metres and then drops away to nothing. Sharks, Big eye jacks, and pelagic life off the point and excellent shallows.

In the afternoon we then make our way to the local villages. Offering a stunning location right on the Coast, you will find the dwellings of the local inhabitants who welcome you with open arms. Traditional dances and rich family pride are part of their daily life and will be for one day part of yours.


DAY FOUR – Mborokua & Barracuda Point (Total. cruising time approx. 2.5 hours)

On the 5th day, we will arrive at Mborokua (Mary Island) and spend our time at Barracuda Point.

This is an impressive place for dive enthusiasts featuring a triangular underwater point that comes straight out from the rocks typically starting at about 4 metres with the end of the point at about 40 metres. Here you will witness an array of marine life starting with Schooling jacks at around 8 metres, sleeping white tip reef sharks in about 10 metres and the larger school of barracuda at around 40 metres. In the shallows, there are also the smaller animals to be discovered such as porcelain crabs and anemone fish with eggs.


If you are interested in the remaining 3 days of the entire itinerary please contact us at info@oceanalliance.com.au.

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