7 Day charter itinerary – The Whitsundays

11 December 2017

7 Day charter itinerary – The Whitsundays

DAY ONE – Hamilton Island (Total cruising is flexible)







Guests can fly into the small airport located on Hamilton Island, transferred from Brisbane (1.5hour), Sydney or Melbourne international airports or directly with a private jet charter. Abell Point Marina is another great boarding location, located within 40 km of Proserpine. Board in Hamilton Island Marina after your Crew welcomes you with the traditional island buggy or air-conditioned vehicle. Hamilton Island is the largest inhabited island of the Whitsundays, although it only measures 5km2. While the guests settle down and take in their relaxing surroundings, a lunch or dinner at the stunning Yacht Club is a great start to the holidays, followed by a short walk around the island. Depending on the party, a stunning private table can be arranged at the adult-only Qualia Resort.

We could also cruise around to Perseverance Reef or Dent Island for the first swim and snorkel in the heavenly water.

DAY TWO – Neck Bay (Total cruising approx. 11nm)







Located in the Lindeman Group, Neck Bay is a Captain’s favourite and likely your first secluded experience of the Whitsundays. Fantastic snorkeling is renowned along the coast, tucked between Shaw and Lindeman Island. What could you see? The Whitsundays is home to 1,500 species of fish, 360 species of hard coral, one third of the world’s soft corals, 7,000 species of molluscs, 500 species of marine algae, 600 species of echinoderm (eg. Starfish), 22 species of seabirds, 13,000 dugong, 6 species of marine turtles (all listed as threatened), 30 species of cetaceans (eg. whales and dolphins).

When you step out of the warm water, take a walk across the bay and the “neck” from west to east, sprawl on a secluded beach covered by unusual polished shells and coral varieties. We will be spending the night at anchor sheltered in Neck Bay.

DAY THREE – The Narrows and Cid Island (Total cruising today approx. 25nm)







Waking up to admire a tropical sunrise, we will make our way West towards Long Island. An exclusive passage, cruising the Long Island Sound will immerse you in lush bushland descending into the ocean and creating the perfect colour pallet. Continue onto Cid Island, where kayaking through the mangrove is a popular activity in the afternoon. Katoomba Bank, on the North of the island, sets the scene for some jaw-dropping sunsets, before we drop anchor in front of Hill Rock Reef or Cid Harbour for a quiet evening and overnight.

DAY FOUR – Whitsunday and Hook Island (Total cruising today approx. 10nm)







Start your day with a fitness kick, walking up the trail to the Whitsunday Peak.  The hike is approximately 1.5 hour to the peak before soaking in the spectacular 360 views over Cid Harbour. Heading back on board, watersports enthusiasts can enjoy an afternoon of fun along the west coast of Whitsunday Island where jet skis and other personal watercrafts are authorised. We then cruise onto Hook Island for our next overnight shelter. Separated from Whitsunday Island by a narrow, deep passage, Hook Island combines a “wilderness” styled resort with soul-refreshing forest walks, pure blue waters and white silica beaches. The Aboriginal rock art at Nara Inlet, created by the original Ngaro people, draws you back in time and through years of history of the original Owners of the land. Nara Inlet also features a stunning 30minute  walk leading to breathtaking views.

If you are interested in the remaining 3 days of the entire itinerary please contact us at info@oceanalliance.com.au.

Ocean Alliance is a Sydney-based full-service superyacht brokerage house. The company represents a large portion of the superyacht charter fleet operating in Australia and the South Pacific, and source international charter yachts and destinations for clients looking abroad. Their services also include yacht brokerage, charter marketing, commercial structures and yacht management. Whether you are an experienced yacht owner or charterer or making your first steps in yachting, the team can support your needs.

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