A New Zealand Superyacht Charter for the America’s Cup

18 September 2020

With the America’s Cup taking place in Auckland in March 2021, it is the perfect opportunity to discover the country’s sublime cruising grounds and untamed natural beauty on a luxury superyacht charter.

Auckland will host the 36th America’s Cup from 6-21 March, and there is no better time to charter a superyacht than during the most prestigious festivity of sailing. With New Zealand’s hottest days falling in January and February, and average temperatures of 23 Celsius in March, charters on either side of the event will be treated to an idyllic climate for outdoor adventures.

New Zealand is a breath-taking getaway for yachting activity, especially for those looking to brush away any Covid cobwebs. You will embrace the pure essence of yachting as you delve into New Zealand’s unique landscapes and thrilling experiences, returning refreshed and reinvigorated having indulged in the luxury of your superyacht.  

With your superyacht acting as an opulent base for exploration, you will uncover magnificent active volcanoes, island sanctuaries, glorious beaches and sprawling farmlands during a richly rewarding charter.

The abundance of flora and fauna that you will encounter during your stay is matched by the staggering variety of activities that add excitement to an otherwise indulgent and relaxing escape. Leisurely days spent on beaches or your superyacht’s sun deck can be intertwined with water sports, scenic treks, helicopter tours and plenty of snorkelling.

From the rugged cliffs and spectacular scenery of Whangaroa Harbour, where you will meet your superyacht, to the diverse wildlife in the Bay of Islands, there is truly something for everyone. The Bay of Islands is home to one of New Zealand’s most inspiring maritime parks, where guests can explore 144 different islands and capture wildlife from blue penguins to manta rays and killer whales. The misty rainforests and pristine golden beaches of the Coromandel Peninsula offer another unique experience, perfect for unwinding in an awe-inspiring natural hideaway.

Along the journey you will visit luxury spas, savour exquisite fresh seafood and immerse yourself in New Zealand’s rich history and culture. Much of this stems from the influence of Maori society, which espouses values that centre on a connection with the natural environment and will bring you closer to the natural splendour that makes New Zealand such a magical destination.

The America’s Cup is a reason to visit New Zealand in of itself for those keen to experience the pinnacle of yachting. While in this beautiful region of the world, an exclusive superyacht charter provides an opportunity to create your own adventure and unforgettable experiences. To create your unique charter experience in New Zealand, contact one of the Ocean Alliance team.

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