An Explorer’s Playground

11 August 2022

Ocean Alliance Managing Director Joachim Howard and other well-known industry personnel were recently featured in episode #3 of the “Australian InDepth documentary series” by The documentary is filmed over seven episodes and will showcase Australia’s best as a cruising and chartering destinations.

Australia has a variety of breathtaking destinations for the global superyacht fleet, such as Whitsundays, Sydney Harbour, The Kimberley and The Great Barrier Reef.

Australia is truly an Explorer’s Playground with an all-year cruising calendar, world-renowned facilities, and impeccable tourism experiences.

Recently launched episode 3 focuses on Australia’s rugged and remote regions. The Kimberley, Tasmania and Northern Territory allow charterers to discover something new through untouched destinations, unique wildlife encounters and insight from a proud ancient culture.

The Kimberley and the Northern Territory allow guests to step ashore and discover the extraordinary landscape of a remote frontier. Guests have the opportunity to experience one of the oldest cultures on the planet through extraordinary indigenous artwork and knowledge from local guides.

For those willing to indulge their inner explorer, Australia is the ultimate superyacht playground.

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