Placing your superyacht in commercial charter

11 October 2018

Placing your superyacht in commercial charter

Owning a superyacht is a divine luxury.  It offers an unparalleled level of privacy, adventure, luxury and relaxation.  However, we all have busy lives and perhaps don’t get the opportunity to cruise as much as we would like.  Chartering can provide multiple benefits to yacht Owners wishing to keep their yacht active when they are not on board.  Whether you are considering placing your existing yacht into charter or buying or building a yacht for the charter market, here are some tips, benefits and considerations.

Cost Mitigation

This is the most obvious, and perhaps, discussed benefit to placing your yacht into commercial charter.  Whilst you are not using the superyacht, it can be available for charter to others and therefore, a proportion of operating and maintenance costs can be classified as business costs.  There are few chartering superyachts in the world that make a profit but it is still wise to consider offsetting the costs with some revenue.

Financial Benefits of superyacht charter

Resale Value

Yachts which charter must adhere to the safety standards of their flag state, surveyor, insurer and, in some cases, the country in which they charter.  The yacht Owner invests in meeting these requirements and very often, their yachts will attract a premium on the brokerage market as the prospective Owner will benefit from a yacht already established in the charter market.

Crew Preparedness

If you are not using your yacht as much as you would hope, your crew may benefit from undertaking charters.  It gives them an opportunity to sharpen their skills, expand their cruising repertoire and conduct some on the job training all to your benefit when you are back on board. Much like employees in a company, keeping crew members active and satisfied ensures less turnover and recruiting hassles, building a strong and reliable culture onboard to Owners and Charterers benefits.

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Sales Platform

Try before you buy: New yacht Owners very often charter before deciding to purchase their own yacht.  If you are considering upgrading your current yacht then the most likely buyers are those who have the opportunity to experience it firsthand.


Some of the most exciting and burgeoning charter destinations are under-developed and rely on a healthy supply of chartering superyachts for economic prosperity.  Chartering yachts bring discerning tourists, operational expenditure and charter licence fees to their destinations which can be invaluable.  Additionally, when Vanuatu’s tourism market was heavily hit by tropical Cyclone Pam, commercial and private superyachts brought much-needed attention, aid and supplies and were one of the first segments of the tourism market to return.

Superyachts supporting aid efforts

If you are considering a charter superyacht as your own, contact the Ocean Alliance team to discuss how they can assist with selecting the right superyacht, setting up the structure and marketing the yacht for charter.







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