Top Three Caviars for a yachting enthusiast

2 October 2018

Top Three Caviars for a yachting enthusiast

Caviar epitomises luxury and opulence.  Its origins date back to the Persians and it has a history alive with Russian Tsars, international gentlemen spies and plenty of intrigue.  Traditionally caviar comes from the Beluga sturgeon of the Caspian and Black Seas.  This species of fish is one of the oldest families dating back to prehistoric times.  As with all things living, there is a delicate balance and the sturgeon is now protected to prevent extinction.  However, there are a few modern caviars that are just as delectable but harvested in guilt-free, humane farming and here are our top three.

Kaluga Caviar

This caviar is now considered the best caviar in the world.  It is served at 21 of the 26 three-starred Michelin restaurants in Paris including Alain Ducasse’s signature at Hotel Du Plaza Athénée.  First class guests onboard Lufthansa airlines can also enjoy this delicious Beluga sturgeon caviar and it was served to the world leaders at the 2016 G20 Summit.  Surprisingly though, this world-leading product is produced in China.  Yes, China.  The company wishes to preserve the delicacy without sacrificing the wild sturgeon population.  All the better for caviar lovers!

Best caviar in the world

Cavier Giaveri

The Romans loved caviar and the tradition has continued in Italy.  Not unlike how the French use terroir to ensure beautiful wines, the Giaveri house ensures the health of the sturgeon and their environment by farming in pristine conditions the caviar themselves in Italy.  They don’t purchase caviar from other producers and use a hybrid of Siberian and Beluga sturgeon to safeguard the continuation of the species.  Additionally, they also produce a variety of caviar for first-timers through to connoisseurs.

Food onboard a superyacht

Yarra Valley Caviar

There is a new wave of caviar harvesting eggs from different fish varieties.  Yarra Valley Caviar is leading the charge with fresh, delicious caviar from salmon, rainbow and brook trout.  If Australia is known for the quality of its seafood then it must follow that it can be equally known for its quality of caviar.  Farmed in the Yarra Valley region in Victoria, the aquaculture farm is organic and adheres to the highest standards of animal husbandry.  The fish roe is milked by hand once a year.

Superyacht caviar

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