Charter Spotlight on Antigua, a Caribbean Delight

2 December 2020

Although the prestigious Antigua Charter Yacht Show will not be taking place this year, the yachting season in the Caribbean will still be in full flow. Here, we pick out some of the reasons why Antigua & Barbuda is a destination which excels at luxury superyacht charters…

Surrounded by colourful coral reefs, Antigua is a well-established yachting destination with thrilling cruising grounds and plenty of secluded beaches to enjoy on a luxury superyacht charter. 

Barefoot Island Retreats

Embracing the laid-back lifestyle and natural splendour of the Caribbean, you will spend plenty of time exploring bone-white sand beaches and secluded bays. With over 365 beaches, Antigua has a beach for every day of the year and provides the perfect setting for a superyacht adventure. 

Galleon Beach, where soft sands are surrounded by lush, tropical forests, is one of the most picturesque spots on the island. You will soon find yourself slipping into the blissful ambience of the sublime location, disconnecting from the outside world as you spend quality time with friends and family. 

From Antigua, you can sail to Barbuda and any of the beautiful offshore islands to enjoy the exclusivity and privacy of your superyacht. Great Bird, Hells Gate, and Long Island are just a few of the spectacular remote islands which provide a phenomenal basis for superyacht exploration. 

Diving Experiences

Delve into the turquoise waters surrounding Antigua and uncover an underwater world of colour, filled with exotic sea life. In Antigua, you are never far from an exhilarating snorkel or dive experience, ideal for active superyacht charters. 

All around the island there are enchanting dive sites to explore, many of which are easily accessible from Falmouth Harbour. With crystal-clear waters, healthy reefs and an abundant marine life, superyacht charters in Antigua will have you immersed in a magical natural environment. These waters are also splendid cruising grounds to unleash your superyachts arsenal of water toys, enjoying high-octane thrills and action with friends and family. 

History and Culture

A mix of African heritage and Colonial influences has contributed to the vibrant culture and fascinating history of Antigua. During your superyacht charter, you will venture on land to discover the preserved buildings of the English Harbour and rich naval history of Nelsons Dockyard. 

The warm and welcoming locals will help you find a new home in Antigua, and soon you will be joining them for Reggae parties under the sunset at the sensational viewpoint of Shirley Heights. 

Savour local culinary delicacies found throughout the towns, then wash it down with some traditional rum or an exquisite cocktail as you soak up the festive atmosphere of Antigua. 

Adventures & Activities Ashore

To complement the mesmerising coral reefs, Antigua has plenty to explore on land. Adding another exciting element to your superyacht charter, you can step ashore and cross the beaches to jump into rainforest adventures. 

There are many different ways to experience Antigua’s rainforests, from the zipwires and viewpoints of the Canopy Tour to off-road 4×4 journeys on the Island Safari. How ever you choose to explore Antigua, you will be treated to breath-taking views of this tropical paradise. 

For a slice of sophistication and indulgence, you will also find plenty of luxury resorts, boutique shopping and fine dining restaurants in Antigua. This is a country well-visited by ultra-high-net-worth individuals, and there is certainly no shortage of luxury delights to enhance your superyacht charter experience.

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