Embark on the Expedition of a Lifetime Through the Kimberley Wilderness

15 December 2020

Rich with diverse wildlife and stunning landscapes, the Kimberley is one of Australia’s most unique experiences. This far north-west pocket of the country boasts one of the most pristine environments to explore by luxury superyacht, with. Here, you guests are able to explore a secluded natural wonder while indulging in the exclusivity and opulence of your private superyacht.

With a population of just over 50,000 inhabiting a region that spans for over 400,000 square kilometres, the scarcely populated Kimberley is ideally set up to be a luxury getaway. Cruising through turquoise waters, you will reach breath-taking waterfalls, towering sandstone gorges and bone white sands. The sheer tranquillity and diversity of the Kimberley provides the perfect setting for superyacht adventures with family and friends.

Natural Splendour and an Abundant Wildlife

There is no destination which can match the Kimberley for its incredible array of unique natural experiences. This sublime corner of Australia is a constant source of inspiration for adventurous yachts, where guests can unlock their inner explorer.

With charters tending to begin at Talbot Bay, every day spent exploring the Kimberley will treat you to something special. At the Horizontal Falls and Cyclone Creek you will take in the amazing waterfalls, unlike any other falls, pass horizontally through two narrow gorges.

Whether relaxing in picture-perfect bays, climbing the cascades at the King Cascade Basin, or immersing yourself in an underwater paradise at Montgomery Reef, the Kimberley will have you in a state of constant awe.

During your luxury superyacht charter, you will need to keep your eyes peeled for the remarkable creatures which inhabit this region. Saltwater Crocodiles, Eastern Ospreys and Short-eared Rock Wallabies are among the many majestic creatures that you will come across.

This is a rugged wilderness, untouched and untarnished by human footprint, which encapsulates the free spirit of yachting escapades.

Activities Galore

While you will most certainly spend time relaxing on the decks of your superyacht or on fine powdery sands, the Kimberley is also a destination brimming with opportunities for high-octane thrills and unforgettable encounters.

These remote waters are ideal for unloading your superyacht’s arsenal of water toys, throwing guests into the heart of the action and making the most of your time in this paradisiacal area of the world.

Fishing in the Kimberley is a popular activity on superyacht charters, where you can truly connect with the surrounding environment as you drop anchor to catch Barramundi for dinner.

While in the Kimberley, you can enrich your charter with fascinating insights into Australia’s rich Aboriginal culture. Indigenous rock art tours are often included in your itinerary, where you can step ashore to uncover artwork created by local indigenous people, sometimes dating back 50,000 years!

Incomparable Luxury

Your luxury superyacht will act as an opulent base for your blood-pumping adventure through the Kimberley region. Though you will be in a remote wilderness where there is more wildlife than people, you will have access to luxurious modern amenities and a highly professional crew dedicated to attending to your every need.

Akiko and Pops are two of the exciting superyachts available for charter in the Kimberley region, both geared towards adventurous voyages while offering an indulgent onboard lifestyle.

The gastronomy during your charter is very much an experience within its own right. With a private chef tailoring menus to your own individual tastes and preferences, you will savour exquisite flavours and sumptuous fresh foods every day.

To begin planning your bespoke superyacht journey through the Kimberley, contact Ocean Alliance today or browse our sample Kimberley Itinerary


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