Top Three Expedition Superyacht Charter Destinations

15 August 2018

Top Three Expedition Superyacht Charter Destinations – be the author in your adventure 

Some of the greatest stories, the most enduring stories, have been adventures.  As the reader, you can escape into the exhilaration and discovery of the characters.  Not limited to a generation, we delve into the adventures of Moby Dick, Treasure Island, Swiss Family Robinson or 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

A wonderful escape; yet what if you could have a discovery adventure of your own?  With no stranding’s on a deserted island or waging revenge on a white whale?

There are a number of the expedition and intrepid superyachts available for charter where you can design and take your own personal journey; a journey alive with flora, fauna, discovery, history, knowledge and fulfillment for everyone onboard.

Here are the top three expedition superyacht charter destinations from Ocean Alliance.

Papua New Guinea

If you seek an adventure to discover a unique culture, then Papua New Guinea (PNG) should excite you.  PNG sits in the southern-eastern corner of the Coral Triangle: a body of water distinguished by its incredible marine biodiversity and an array of living coral.  It is a diver’s paradise.  However, PNG also sits at the junction of Asia, Australia and the South Pacific.  There are 852 local dialects and the traditions are influenced by waves of immigration over millennia from Asia and Melanesia.  It is one of the most undiscovered locations on earth where researchers believe there are species of plants and animals yet to be discovered let alone villages untouched by modern life. Both BELUGA and AKIKO offer charters in Papua New Guinea and both yachts have ample equipment, professional crew and experience to take you into the unknown.

Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands have often been described as an underwater history museum as they nurse within their waters the greatest number of World War II wreckage than anywhere else.  Lying within the Coral Triangle, the aircraft, warships and submarines have become havens for coral and fish life so colourful they need to be seen to be believed.  Beyond the coastline, lies dense tropical rainforests stretching up mountainous peaks just begging to be hiked.  The human inhabitation of the Solomon Islands dates back to 1300 BC producing an ancient and rich culture proudly celebrated today.

The Solomon Islands can be discovered onboard SILENTWORLD and SPIRIT who can offer you sublime comfort and all the toys and tenders to discover this wonderland.  Just don’t forget to pack your camera.


Tasmania sits like an emerald jewel off the southern coast of Australia standing strong as a luxury, expedition charter destination.  Parts of this proud island bear the marks of its history as Australia’s most harsh penal colony.  What once was a punitive place is now distinguished by sumptuous food, glorious wines and breathtaking scenery of which over 55% is protected by national park.  It is also remote and very likely to be somewhere you will have all to yourself to tread as many of Australia’s indigenous population have for 50,000 years.Superyacht experience onboard ONEWORLD in the Whitsundays

One the newest yachts to the Australian charter scene is ONEWORLD and Captain Matt is very keen to show guests Tasmania, his home.

Ocean Alliance can deliver you the adventure of a lifetime anywhere in the world.  And, as an accredited member of MYBA (the worldwide yachting association) you can be confident in the support, transparency and professional you will receive no matter where you are.

Based in Sydney, Ocean Alliance specialises in superyacht charter, management and brokerage with extensive experience in both the Australian and international markets.

Ocean Alliance is a proud MYBA corporate member and accredited with the global association of Superyacht brokers and managers as well as an active corporate member of Superyacht Australia sitting on the national committee.

A company striving to deliver the industry’s best practice, professional service and exceptional standards whilst based in an emerging superyacht destination.

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