How to make the most out of your family charter holiday

19 November 2018

How to make the most out of your family charter holiday

The annual family holiday is something to be cherished.  Increasingly chartering a superyacht is become popular for multi-generational families as it offers indoor and outdoor activity, luxury, privacy and autonomy – something for everyone no matter their age, gathering all members in stunning environments

Here are some of our tips to make a great family holiday truly magical.

Plan together

Not unlike our professional lives, and certainly when it comes to teenagers, it is best to seek buy-in and the best way to do that is have the family play their part in the planning of a yachting holiday.  It could be the destination or the superyacht or the activities.  A family which plans together relishes the holiday together.

Learning Opportunities

Arguably, a week or two on board a superyacht somewhere remote, unique or foreign where the customs, environment, language and food are different from every day is a better educator than any school.  It is fertile ground to produce a school project or two.  However, it is a holiday and we do live in a modern, digital age so perhaps consider encouraging the Instagram story which best demonstrates the meaning and character behind the destination – not just carefully choreographed selfies.  Throw in a #oceanmoments and we award the best ‘, student’.  If the guests are either too young or old for social media then a good old fashion artcard decorated with photos and beachcombing loot will work too.

Social media detox

We have discussed the wellness benefits of yachting previously and a family superyacht charter holiday is a perfect time for a social media detox – notwithstanding the point above.  If not a total ban on social media then perhaps confine the activity to a specific portion of the day after a significant effort has been made to experience a new anchorage!

CREDIT: Kara Murphy.  Dunia Baru guest and his son kayak in Raja Ampat, Indonesia.

Multigeneration holidays

The benefit of chartering a superyacht for your family holiday is that you can devise a personal itinerary which accommodates everyone.  More and more, we assist grandparents, parents and children to create an experience that appeals to everyone either individually and as a group.  Superyachts are the epitome of comfort and we match the yacht to the mobility of grandparents as much as the enquiring minds/active bodies of youngsters.  Superyachts are loaded with everything from a quality library of books and board games to adrenalin pumping watersports.

Dinner and a show

The time-honoured tradition of Captain’s formal dinner on the last night of the cruise is also a great idea for families chartering superyachts.  It might be a stretch to find a crew willing and capable of an evening cabaret however, it doesn’t stop the family from putting on an impromptu talent quest.  It can be as elaborate or simple as you wish.  Perhaps it is the presentation of the ‘school projects’ or a recapping of the holiday’s highlights, either way, a night of frivolity and reflection is a delightful way to end a memorable family holiday.

If you are considering the options for your next family holiday, contact Ocean Alliance’s team for some fresh ideas and exciting suggestions.

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