FLYING FISH will play host to an unprecedented 21-day research expedition in the Great Barrier Reef

21 September 2017


The superyacht community and GBR Legacy can make a significant difference to the future health of coral reefs worldwide.


by Ocean Alliance.

The 105-foot (32m) luxury motor yacht FLYING FISH will play host to an unprecedented 21-day research expedition, the mission of which is an ecosystem health check and a hunt for “super corals.”

The voyage is presented by Great Barrier Reef Legacy (GBR Legacy), an independent research institute funded by private, public and corporate donations that is dedicated to researching and saving the Great Barrier Reef and world’s coral systems. The “super corals” that the expedition seeks to find are species of corals and other fauna that survived the two biggest coral bleaching incidents ever recorded, which took place in the last two years. It is believed these incidents have offered to due climate-related heat stress on the ocean’s ecosystems. It was observed by researchers that the area in northernmost parts of the reef experienced the biggest impact.

“Because this area is so remote, large and hard to access, researchers have been unable to fully assess what is happening in what was the most pristine part of the whole Great Barrier Reef,’” said Dr. Dean Miller, Director for Science and Media for GBR Legacy.  “That is why we are launching this expedition, to provide essential access and support for scientists so we can understand how the reef has fared and report direct to the public. This is a good news story for the reef — unlocking the secrets of the survivors offers hope for safeguarding coral reefs into the future but also for dealing with a warming climate brought about by our fossil fuel dependence.  The far northern region represents what the future of the entire Great Barrier Reef might look like if bleaching events continue to push further south and that information is critical to researchers, managers and the public alike.”

Dr Dean Miller is no stranger to the world of superyachts: he is a renowned diving and underwater photographer enthusiast, acclaimed by charter guests on board the 35m Moonen yacht BELUGA based in Port Douglas (available for charter through Ocean Alliance).

GBR Legacy is enlisted a crowd-funding campaign in order to raise the funds needed for this expedition. The campaign raised $10,000 more than the anticipated goal of $20,000 for the expedition. It now is offering the opportunity to join the mission to the world’s leading marine scientists, more than 10 spaces are available. The expedition will kick off in November 2017 as the yacht departs from Port Douglas en route to the farthest reaches of the Great Barrier Reef.

Together, the superyacht community and GBR Legacy can make a real and significant difference to the future health of coral reefs not only in the Great Barrier Reef, but also for coral reefs worldwide.

Ocean Alliance strongly encourages superyacht crew, managers, agents and Owners to support this unique initiative. In July 2017, Ocean Alliance gathered a group of 40 superyacht crew members and industry professionals to clean up Sydney Harbour’s waterfront, during an afternoon: the initiative was names Sea-Through and more dates will be added through the Australian Summer. Read more here.

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