A guide to yacht chartering

27 February 2018

A guide to yacht chartering

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If you have been considering yacht charter and have some questions you have always wanted to ask. Ocean Alliance have compiled here a list of the most frequently asked questions and important information for your charter experience.  If you have a question which is not addressed here, then please feel free to contact Ocean Alliance on info@oceanalliance.com to discuss your needs.

  1. A guide to yacht chartering

A superyacht is classified as a privately-owned luxury vessel over 24-metre which have a permanent and professional crew.  Although there are no established criteria, yachts over 70 metres are usually considered megayachts and those over 100 metres, gigayachts.  There are roughly 6,000 yachts 24-metre above currently cruising the globe.   Australia has a strong local superyacht fleet many of which are available for charter.

  1. What does charter mean in relation to superyachts?

Some yachts are available for exclusive charter and are limited to 12 guests.  This is to say the client hires the entire vessel for themselves and 11 guests, not just a cabin which is more associated with cruise ships.  For those looking for a distinctive venue for a private or corporate event, Australia’s charter superyacht fleet offer hourly rates and accommodate larger numbers of people for events.

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3. Will there be other guests onboard while I am?

No.  To charter a yacht means you and your party are the only guests onboard and the yacht and her crew are entirely at your disposal.

4. Where can I go on a superyacht charter?

Really the destinations which you can discover by yacht are only limited by your imagination.  Even if you wish to discover land-based destinations, you can always utilise a yacht with a helicopter or add a yacht charter to the end of a land-based itinerary.  The most important element of selecting a destination is the time of year you wish to travel.  In Australia, for example, May to October is the best time to cruise the northern locations such as the Whitsunday Islands, The Kimberley or Great Barrier Reef whereas October through May is a great season for discovering locations such as Sydney Harbour and Tasmania.  It is best to discuss this with Ocean Alliance and they will advise the best locations and yachts to match your requirements.  Need some inspiration?  Here are some of our top picks.

5. How do I book a charter?

It is best to book your charter through a MYBA certified broker such as Ocean Alliance as you can have confidence they adhere to industry best practice.  Ocean Alliance has a variety of yachts all over the world with whom they manage or engage.  The team will work with you to find the right location and yacht to achieve a truly bespoke holiday.   A yacht broker is a combination of a travel agent and private concierge.

6. What does the charter fee include?

The charter fee includes the exclusive use of the yacht and a professional crew to operate it.  Additional consumable costs such as food, beverages and fuel are covered under the Advanced Provisioning Allowance or APA.

7. What is an APA?

APA stands for Advanced Provisioning Allowance and covers all the items consumed on a yacht charter such as food and beverages, fuel and port duties.  It is paid in advance of the charter, thus the name, and is set at 30% of the charter fee.

All surplus funds are returned to the charterer along with a full financial record (similar to a hotel statement) after the charter concludes.














8. What is MYBA?

MYBA is the worldwide yachting association which determines the best practice for brokers and charter agents.  They have a globally used charter and brokerage contract which are the industry standard.  Individual brokers and companies must complete stringent examinations to be accredited by MYBA.  Ocean Alliance is accredited by MYBA and corporate member.

9. Can I smoke on a yacht during a charter?

Yachts will not permit smoking in the interior of the yacht but will have ample exterior space to enjoy a cigarette or cigar.

10. Can I take my children on a yacht charter?

Yes of course!  It is a great holiday for a family.  Depending on your requirements and the capabilities of the crew, it may be advisable to bring or hire a nanny but Ocean Alliance will work through all those details with you when arranging your charter.

11. Can I tailor the food to my requirements?

Absolutely.  The chef’s onboard superyachts are at the top of their game.  The Chef and Ocean Alliance will work with you prior to the charter to discover your tastes and needs ensuring the menu is perfectly suited to you.

12. Can I use all the toys and tenders on the yacht?

Depending on the location of the charter and the regulations in place, you are more than welcome to use the jet skis, dive equipment, personal submarines if you are appropriately certified.  The yacht’s crew will carry all the required certifications to operate the marine equipment onboard.

13. What is the role of a broker?

The yacht broker’s role, whether it be for charter or sale, is to thoroughly understand the clients’ wants and needs and match it to an extensive market knowledge.  Ocean Alliance is accredited by MYBA and adhere to the industry’s best practice.

14. Can I bring my own crew?

The captain and crew are highly qualified professionals who are experts not only in yachting but the specific yacht which they manage.  They alone are responsible for the safe operation and management of the yacht.  If it makes you more comfortable to bring members of your personal staff such as nannies, personal trainers, chefs or masseuses, then it can be possible depending on accommodation arrangements on-board.

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15. Do I need insurance?

As part of the MYBA requirements, the yacht will have adequate insurance for its normal operation.  It is recommended that you are covered by travel insurance as you would whenever travelling.

Ocean Alliance is a Sydney-based full-service superyacht brokerage house. The company represents a large portion of the superyacht charter fleet operating in Australia and the South Pacific, and source international charter yachts and destinations for clients looking abroad. Their services also include yacht brokerage, charter marketing, commercial structures and yacht management.

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