Highlights of a Luxury Bahamian Superyacht Charter

21 September 2020

Made up of some 700 stunning islands spanning over 100,000 square miles of ocean, The Bahamas is a tropical paradise and the ultimate superyacht playground. These magnificent cruising grounds are brimming with natural beauty and with more than 2,000 rocks and cays to discover, the opportunities for thrilling charters are second to none.

The Bahamas has long been established as a premier yachting destination, offering an eclectic mix of tropical perfection and rugged landscapes while there are plenty of luxury experiences to indulge in throughout the islands. With many dreaming of their next swashbuckling escapade on the water, we look ahead to the Caribbean yachting season and pick out some of the best motivations to charter in The Bahamas.

A Distinct Culture

Superyacht charters embrace the spirit of both escapism and discovery, and the charming culture of The Bahamas will lift you into a state of pure bliss.

Bahamian culture has evolved over generations, a blend of African, British and American influences which has created a unique colourful style. The laid-back atmosphere allows guests to completely detach and unwind in what seems like a different world. In The Bahamas, music plays a huge part in the culture, and you will be immersed in everything from African drum rhythms and Caribbean Calypso to English folksongs. Charters over Boxing Day and New Year’s Day will be treated to the ultimate celebration of Bahamian culture and heritage at Junkanoo, the colourful and energetic national festival.

Mesmerising Cruising Grounds

The cruising grounds in The Bahamas are prime for superyacht exploration with over 700 islands providing the perfect setting for adventure.

Superyachts relish exploring the dazzling turquoise waters surrounding The Bahamas. For a unique yachting experience, look no further than The Exumas, a sprawling chain of 365 islands and cays lying southeast of Nassau. This precious and highly protected area boasts one of the world’s most captivating marine parks. The Exumas is a haven for superyachts, bursting with colourful sea life and tropical fish. This is a truly inexhaustible source of inspiration, with each cay offering something new and breath-taking.

As well as offering an idyllic setting to relax onboard your superyacht, the islands are also a hive of thrilling water-based activity. Here, you can jump into everything from high-octane water sports to sport-fishing and incredible crystalline diving sites.

The cruising grounds of The Bahamas have a rich maritime history, and you can explore the sites where Christopher Columbus first arrived in 1492 along with the hideouts of famous pirates such as Blackbeard. Upon his discovery of the islands, Columbus said “the beauty of these islands surpasses that of any other and as much as the day surpasses the night in splendour.” These words perfectly reflect the blissful experience of escaping to The Bahamas.

Luxury Retreats

Nassau Paradise Island is the home of luxury in The Bahamas, where you will find the iconic Atlantic Resort & Casino. The island’s name couldn’t be more sitting. Paradise Island is blessed with 17 spectacular powdery white beaches to enjoy days soaking up the Caribbean sun, while there is an array of opulent 5-star hotels and fine dining restaurants.

Across the islands you will find plenty of luxury amenities and high-end shopping to enhance the experience of a superyacht charter. In Nassau you can let loose in the beach clubs and bars which provide a vibrant nightlife against the sublime Caribbean backdrop. Guests can expect to be treated to the best of both worlds, enjoying peaceful seclusion as well as being thrown into the heart of bustling cities like Nassau.

The Bahamas is a constant delight for yachting enthusiasts and luxury travellers. For superyachts, the opportunities for exhilarating charters in pristine waters is phenomenal, and the luxury offering of will always appeal to well-heeled travellers. To explore more about charter experiences in The Bahamas, view our itinerary or contact one of the Ocean Alliance team.

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