How Technology is Enhancing Superyacht Charter Experiences

18 December 2023

In the opulent world of superyachts, the quest for excellence is never-ending. Recent advancements in technology have transformed the guest experience onboard charters, providing more entertainment and connectivity during liveaboard charters.


This article explores some of the ways in which these advancements are enhancing the guest experience aboard superyachts, offering an unparalleled blend of luxury, comfort, and innovation.

The Fusion of Technology & Luxury

Advanced Entertainment Systems: Superyachts are now equipped with state-of-the-art entertainment systems, including outdoor cinemas, high-definition audio systems, and gaming consoles, ensuring that every moment aboard is enjoyable.


Smart Yacht Technology: Imagine controlling lighting, temperature, and entertainment systems with just a touch or a voice command. Smart yacht technology integrates the entire yacht’s operations into a single, user-friendly interface, offering guests unparalleled convenience and customization.


Eco-Friendly Innovations: In response to growing environmental concerns, many superyachts are now incorporating eco-friendly technologies. This includes hybrid propulsion systems, solar panels, and advanced waste management systems, allowing guests to enjoy their charter while minimizing their ecological footprint.


High-Speed Connectivity: With the installation of satellite communications and high-speed internet, guests can stay connected even in the most remote destinations. Whether it’s streaming movies, conducting business, or sharing experiences on social media, connectivity is no longer a luxury but a standard on these magnificent vessels.



Virtual Reality Experiences: VR technology on superyachts can provide educational and entertaining experiences, from virtual diving tours to interactive games, ensuring that there is never a dull moment onboard.



State-of-the-Art Navigation Systems: Modern superyachts are equipped with advanced navigation systems that ensure a seamless journey. These systems include GPS, radar, and autopilot capabilities, which not only guarantee safety but also allow for more adventurous and ambitious itineraries.



AKIKO is part of the Ocean Alliance Central Agency charter fleet, which also consists of AIX, AURA, BELUGA, DE LISLE III, IMPULSIVE, INTRIGUE, LANCE, GHOST II, POPS, and LITTLE PERLE. Ocean Alliance is a MYBA registered company with access to every charter yacht around the world. Standout charter yachts in the South Pacific include SURI, KERI LEE III, THE BEAST, BIG FISH, DARDANELLA, IMAGINE. Some standout yachts for charter elsewhere around the world include AQUIJO, LADY E, SHERAKHAN, INVICTUS, GALILEO, ACE, and TANGO.

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