Superyacht adventures don’t get any more authentic than the remote region of Alaska, where unique sailing destinations transport you through unparalleled natural splendour in sublime wilderness. This is a distinctive superyacht experience, different from the familiar settings of the Mediterranean and Caribbean, and attracts those with a burning desire to see more of the world.
Cruising through these spine-tingling waters, the complete isolation will make you feel like a pioneer with a whole new world at your disposal, perfect for making the most of an exclusive superyacht charter. While indulging in absolute luxury, this is an incredible opportunity to uncover a secluded paradise that is only accessible by yacht.

On your journey through Alaska, you will be treated to the region’s extraordinary wildlife. Nowhere else in the world can you spy eagles, bears, whales and seals from the opulent base of your superyacht. Al fresco dining and evening cocktails on the decks will be enjoyed with the scintillating backdrop of Alaska’s gleaming sunsets.
Alaska’s famed Inside Passage will be the centre of your ice-breaking voyage through a frozen forest of glittering glaciers, surrounded by majestic snow-capped mountains. This is the epitome of adventure as you navigate your way through exhilarating channels to reach stunning fjords and secluded sounds. Taking in this spellbinding setting from your superyacht, you may find yourself eager to get out and immerse yourself in the natural thrills, so it is lucky that your charter itinerary will encompass an exciting array of activities and water sports along the way. The mesmerising Le Contre glacier is found just outside of Petersburg, and here you will be treated to some of the most glorious sunsets imaginable. Also found along the Inside Passage is Admiralty Island, where the largest concentration of Brown Bears in the world live.

On Admiralty Island you can explore the largest National Park in the United States, immersing yourself in breath-taking national beauty. Along the shores of the Lynn Canal you will come across the charming town of Haines, an authentic Alaskan experience in which you can cycle through outstanding landscapes and even play a round of golf or visit the Bald Eagle Preserve.
Juneau is the capital city of Alaska, and also the second-largest city in the United States by area, found in the Gastineau Channel. Resting on a hilly terrain, this is a sprawling city of winding streets and a feast of colours. The city is characterised by its artistic flair, and boasts a fabulous choice of restaurants and enticing shopping quarters. Though Juneau has the amenities and activity of a large city, it has not lost its small-town charm, and offers an indulgent escape that fits in with an Alaskan adventure. South of Juneau is Ketchikan, where guests can delve into a range of exciting activities. In Ketchikan, you can browse charming boutiques on the iconic Creek Street, or head to the nearby Misty Fjiords National Monument to trek among snow-capped mountains, salmon spawning streams and waterfalls.
For superyachts, Alaska is something completely different and unique. This is a pure natural experience which embraces the exclusivity and escapism of a superyacht charter. Prepare to unleash the explorer within you!


A Wild and Scenic Alaskan Adventure (7 Day Superyacht Charter in Alaska)

Alaska is by no means your average yachting destination. Superyacht charters in Alaska are for the adventurous, for those who want to experience something truly unique and quench their thirst for exploration. From cool waters filled with enchanting sea mammals to breath-taking glaciers and the exciting city of Juneau, this Alaskan charter offers a feast of land and ocean just waiting to be explored.

Day 1: Sitka – Chichigof Island

Your Alaskan charter adventure will begin in the refreshing beauty of Sitka, the site where the US signed a treaty with Russia for the purchase of Alaska.
Before boarding your luxury superyacht, you will be taken to the first of many unique experiences on this charter – the Alaska Raptor Centre. This raptor rehabilitation centre supports the population of bald eagles in the region, and you will be able to see these majestic animals up close before you venture off into the wild. A visit will also be made to Totem Park, where you can follow rainforest trails and see native totem carvers, silversmiths and artists at work in the Sitka National Historic Monument. You will be greeted onboard your superyacht by the welcoming and diligent crew, and begin your luxurious journey through the Alaskan wilderness. Cruising up the outer coast of Baranof and Chichigof Islands you will spot sea lions, sea otters and puffins in the St Lazaria National Wildlife Refuge. By evening you will anchor in a secluded bay on the outer coast of Chichigof Island.

Day 2: Chichigof Island

On day 2 of your superyacht charter, it is time for you to delve into your stunning natural environment and put yourself at the heart of the action. Exploring the scenic Ogden Passage, you will have the chance to take to sea kayaks and shore boats, before stopping for a relaxing soak at the White Sulphur Hot Springs. In the evening you will moor at the fishing village of Pelican, and after indulging in a sumptuous meal cooked by your onboard chef, you will take a boat ride to explore the sleepy outpost of ‘Bear Meadows’.

Day 3: Pelican – Inian Islands

Your itinerary will now take you into the Cross Sound, where you can revel at the glory of the Brady Glacier and Cape Spencer as you head deeper into the Alaskan wild. This is an area which offers pure wildlife expeditions, and you will channer your inner explorer as you pass by dramatic island scenery. The area is also a prime salmon fishing and halibut country, and these activities can be included in your superyacht charter to allow you to immerse yourself in Alaskan life. Elfin Cove is a unique experience where you will explore the boardwalk village of artists and barter with fisherman for fresh oysters of the day. Cruising to the South Inian Pass you will explore the churning waters of ‘The Laundry’ and then sail onwards to anchor in a quiet misty cove to enjoy some downtime in complete privacy in an enchanting setting. More adventure awaits later as you will kayak among great rafts of sea otters.

Day 4: Inian Islands – Key Strait

The next destination on your luxury superyacht charter is Key Strait and the famous Point Adolphus, known for humpback whale watching. Taking a tender you will be able to get closer to the humpback whales and watch them feed on the plankton in these nutrient rich waters, and there will be more opportunities to take to your kayaks and head along the icy strait, surrounded by magnificent jagged mountain peaks. In amongst all of this wilderness are fine sandy beaches at Gustavus, left behind by retreating glaciers. Here you can venture ashore and follow the trail of Moose on long hikes, or alternatively play a round of golf on the Mt Fairweather links.

Day 5: Key Strait – Chatham Strait

After a slow breakfast you will now sail to the Chatham Strait, where you will explore a simply stunning area that is brimming with hidden treasures. Kayaking through the marble grottos of Basket Bay is a wonderful experience which will create long lasting memories, and the Chatham Strait boast magnificent wildlife to look out for, including brown bears on the shores of Admiralty Island. With your superyacht as an opulent base for discovery, you will embrace the outdoor environment and feel isolated from the world in the sublime setting. In Daranof, you can head to the brilliant waterfall and hot springs, where you have the chance to delve into the water before anchoring in a secret bay at the foot of a hanging glacier in the evening.

Day 6: Chatham Strait – Frederick Sound

Frederick Sound is an enthralling gem of the Alexander Archipelago, with a stunning passage of water running between Kupreanof and Admiralty Islands. In Frederick Sound, one of the most unmissable activities is to observe sea lions at the Brothers Islands, while there are also more opportunities to spot Humpback whales who often congregate in this area.

Watching the thirty tonne bodies of the whales emerge above the water surface before slapping back down is both fascinating and awakening, with the resounding noise of the slap being carried for miles. Tonight, you will anchor in a quiet cove and enjoy the tranquil environment from your luxurious superyacht, giving you time to make use of the spectacular on board amenities and spend quality time with friends and family. While at the anchorage, you will be able to head to a nearby stream and pan for gold in the site of the first Alaskan gold rush which prompted a late 19th century migration north.

Day 7: Frederick Sound – Juneau

On the final day of your private superyacht charter you will cruise through the ice strewn Tracy Arm Natural Wilderness Area on your way to Juneau, weaving your way through icebergs and looking out for black bears and mountain goats. You will sail past the actively calving Sawyer Glacier at the end of this steep sided Fjord, a spectacular sight that epitomises the natural beauty of Alaska and provides a fitting crescendo to your luxury charter.
You can spend the day exploring the ice and waterfalls by kayak and shore boat, once more immersing yourself in the untouched natural splendour of this region. Towards the evening, you will make the last leg of your journey to the historic Juneau, the capital of Alaska. At Juneau you will disembark your luxury superyacht, which has provided you with unforgettable experiences and taken you to unimaginable settings over the last week. The adventure doesn’t stop here though, as Juneau is a thriving city which boasts remarkable art galleries and an energetic nightlife. You can also swap sea for air by taking a helicopter flight over Juneau, and get a new perspective of everything you have experienced from your superyacht.