Amalfi Coast

To experience the Mediterranean sea and landscape in its purest form, Italy’s Amalfi Coast offers a complete superyacht adventure perfect for exhilarating yet laid-back charters.

Stretching from the Gulf of Naples down to the Gulf of Salerno, the Amalfi Coast boasts picturesque coastal cliffs which cut a dramatic scene overlooking the azure Mediterranean waters. This is a favourite destination for superyachts which provides an ideal balance of luxury escapes, historical discovery and pure maritime harmony. The lifestyle and culture of the Italian towns you will encounter along your charter all radiate with a relaxed atmosphere that will send you into utter bliss. Guests will enjoy the thrill of sampling authentic Italian tastes, exploring the jaw-dropping scenery and sailing the stunning coastline and surrounding cruising grounds.

Then typical Mediterranean climate of the Amalfi Coast is perfectly suitable for days spent onboard your superyacht, with summer temperatures ranging between 28 and 33 Celsius while a gentle sea breeze keeping you feeling fresh.
Breath-taking natural features found all along the coastline make this area of the Mediterranean a captivating adventure for superyachts. From the exclusivity of your yacht, you will sail past fjords, imposing limestone cliffs, ancient ruins, and colourful towns. You will create lasting memories as you enjoy the pleasures of a private charter in this constantly awe-inspiring scenery.
One of the greatest delights that can be found along the Amalfi Coast is the majestic small island of Capri. Capri is a destination which goes hand in hand with the exclusivity of a superyacht charter. This island is a polished gem that sparkles with high-end boutique shopping, exquisite low-profile restaurants and incredible natural beauty. Surrounded by an electric blue sea, Capri is a feast for discovery. Guided tours around the island will showcase her unique rock formation that throws up countless picture-perfect sites including the Arco Naturale and Blue Grotto. Discovering the island by superyacht will grant you access to areas that simply cannot be reached by other visitors.

Napoli is a truly unique cultural and historical experience, a stop-off which will enrichen your travels with ancient Roman discoveries and fine Italian dining. While in Napoli, guests should most certainly explore the ancient ruins of Pompeii, where the eruption of Mount Vesuvius has perfectly preserved the Roman town. Walking through the ruins can be as harrowing as it is fascinating, as you gain an insight into Roman civilisation while also seeing the inhabitants’ last moments before 13 to 20 feet of volcanic ash covered the town. This is an example of the unique and enriching experiences that can be found along the way during your voyage through the Amalfi Coast.

The rugged coastline of Positano is a dramatic vertical panorama of colours. A short sail from Napoli, Positano is a delightful Mediterranean experience with a bright town made up of white, pink and yellow houses to create a relaxing atmosphere which suits its welcoming and peaceful culture. The Monti Lattari mountain range boasts scenic, fertile lands with peaks surpassing 1000 metres high. This is an enthralling experience for those who wish to hike the regional park, or even for those who enjoy the inspiring scenery from the comfort of their yacht. The Amalfi Coast has unique experiences and activities in abundance, and chartering a superyacht through the crystal-clear Mediterranean waters will create lasting memories. The sheer cliffs and rugged shorelines harbour fascinating cultural towns which create a quintessential destination for luxury superyachts to explore. For an Italian adventure, the Amalfi Coast offers everything needed for superyacht charters.


Amblings on the Amalfi Coast (Naples to Palermo, 10 Days)

This 10-day long superyacht charter will expose you to the very best of the Amalfi Coastline, including all of its natural wonders and charming towns that make this such a remarkable yachting destination. There will be romantic villages, awe-inspiring islands and, of course, glorious beaches along the way.

Day 1: Naples to Capri

Your superyacht charter begins in the Bay of Naples, where dramatic cliffs line the coastline of an area famed for the eruption of Vesuvius, which left the Roman city of Pompeii in ruins over 2000 years ago. Naples is a truly unique cultural and historical experience, a stop-off which will enrichen your travels with ancient roman discoveries and fine Italian dining. This is a fantastic place to soak up the smells and tastes of Italy before you begin your adventure by sailing to the magical island of Capri.

Day 2: Capri to Positano

span style=”font-weight: 400;”>The small island of Capri is a statement of class, elegance, luxury and sophistication. Capri encompasses everything that one could ever dream for when embarking on an Italian superyacht experience. Surrounded by electric blue waters in the Bay of Naples, this plush island boasts stunning caverns, coves and caves which make up the truly unique landscape of Capri. This is perfect for exploration by superyacht, taking to tenders to get an exclusive view of the jaw-dropping scenery.

The island itself has a bustling main town which is brimming with boutique shopping, galleries and exquisite restaurants. Wandering down the narrow side streets you are bound to come across hidden gems where you can find your own favourite spot, then it becomes your choice whether to share the secret. This is the embodiment of Italian romanticism, full of charm and cultural delights that will leave you in awe. Leaving Capri following a generous dose of luxury and perhaps even a sample of the vibrant nightlife, you will head to Positano.

Day 3: Positano

Landing in Positano you will instantly feel the tranquillity of the white-washed terraces that stand beautifully against the mountainous backdrop. This is an artistic community with an intriguing Ancient Town to explore, with sights such as the Grotta di Smeralda and the Civic Tower to get stuck into. The rugged coastline of Positano is a dramatic vertical panorama of colours. A short sail from Napoli, Positano is a delightful Mediterranean experience with a bright town made up of white, pink and yellow houses to create a relaxing atmosphere which suits its welcoming and peaceful culture. Your superyacht charter will be able to take you to incredible spots including an underground sea cave located near the chic village of Conca di Marini. This is also a great opportunity to engage in watersports for those who want to add a little adrenaline to their journey, or simply relax onboard your superyacht in the sumptuous Mediterranean climate.

Day 4: Li Galli

The Li Galli islands will be your next stop from Positano, an archipelago of small rocky islands which will arouse your sense of adventure. These islands are steeped with Greek mysticism and tales of Odysseus which will add extra intrigue to what is otherwise a simply stunning destination. Here, you will have the chance to leap off of your superyacht’s swim platform and into the crystal blue waters to uncover the diverse marine life below.

Day 5: Amalfi

The town of Amalfi radiates with a graceful ambience which will leave you with a sense of pure serenity. This is also one of the most historic towns that you will find along the Amalfi Coast, with Byzantine influences and a celebrated maritime history.
A beautiful promenade runs alongside the azure blue Mediterranean sea, and the town is a feast of colours and artistic heritage which you will notice in the Moorish architecture and monuments. In the centre of the town is the Piazza del Duomo, where you will browse elegant boutique shops and enjoy downtime in front of the remarkable Cathedral. We recommend a visit to the Hotel San Pietro to sample excellent Italian cuisine in a relaxing yet striking setting.

Day 6: Scario

From Amalfi Town you will sail to Scario, a quaint fishing village with unspoilt natural beauty. The idyllic port is perfect for leisurely mornings spent weaving your way in and out of artisan shops and stopping to a rest at the many cafes in the town. In Scario, you will be isolated from the buzz of big city tourism in order to enjoy the best of the onboard features of your superyacht. This is a chance to make the most of your charter by sailing to secluded beaches and spending some quality time onboard with family and friends.

Day 7: Aeolian Islands

You are now just off the northeastern coast of Sicily where you will experience the heavenly, Unesco-protected Aeolian Islands. Superyacht charters are made for island exploration, and this archipelago offers a perfect basis to have some exhilarating fun. This is a hive of water-borne activity, with opportunities to go kayaking, diving, swimming, or delve into the arsenal of water toys onboard your superyacht. Liapri is the largest of the islands with a lively centre and fascinating historical sights, including a Norman-era church. The other islands all have their own individual offering and are certainly worth exploring. The expansive Ponente Beach is an inspiring natural attraction, though around the islands you will uncover a wealth of black-sand beaches and quaint spots to relax in.

Day 8: Cefalu

With a week of your superyacht charter already under your belt, you will cruise to the picturesque coastal city of Cefalu. Cefalu is the epitome of both natural and man-made grandeur, a stunning setting to feat your eye on with a 12th century fortress guarding the city and wonderful beaches to enjoy peaceful days under the sun.
Looking up at the awe-inspiring Byzantine and Norman architecture as you arrive sail into the city will ignite your thirst for adventure, and make you feel as though you have been transported into a completely different time. Below the mountains is a captivating seaside town with winding streets full of delightful restaurants that overlook the rugged coastline and beautiful Mediterranean Sea. In this slow-paced destination, you will feel far detached from the stresses and strains of big city life, and appreciate all the subtleties of a fascinating medieval town. There are resorts in the area which will attract larger groups of tourists, but the benefit of an exclusive superyacht charter is that you can drift away and find the more secluded and private beaches to enjoy by yourself.

Day 9-10: Palermo

On your way to the final stop, Palermo, you will cruise past the unique coastline of Sicily before berthing in the sensational capital, Palermo.
Palermo has been heralded as the Italian capital of culture and it is easy to see why, with classical and baroque architecture providing an old-world aesthetic that hides a vibrant city full of flavours, nightlife and adventure.
Palermo is a quintessential Italian experience to round off an inspiring journey along the Amalfi Coast. This is home to Italy’s largest opera house, and while exploring the mazy metropolis will find energetic bars and delectable restaurants filled with smells and flavours of Italy. Of course, you may well wish to extend your stay when you arrive to Palermo, but while you have a superyacht at your disposal it is a great opportunity to explore the cruising grounds of Sicily and uncover beautiful areas to spend a day under the Mediterranean sun.