Andaman Islands

The Andaman Islands offer unique and authentic yachting experiences for superyachts to enjoy the pure essence of sailing.

These picturesque and remote islands provide the perfect basis for luxury adventures, where you will uncover glistening turquoise waters, bone-white sands and a lush green interior. The remoteness of these exotic islands provides the perfect environment to enjoy isolated cruising, where you can reel in the luxury of your superyacht and spend quality time with friends and family. As a territory of India that is more closely located to Myanmar and Thailand, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands display cultural influences of all three countries. With fascinating history and culture to immerse yourself in, and pristine natural beauty, the Andaman Islands are a thrilling charter experience.


Of the 572 islands that form this group in the Bay of Bengal, only a handful are inhabited. The Andamans are untouched and undisturbed by foreign influences, with large expanses of tropical rainforest being home to incredible wildlife. Above you, the parakeets and emerald doves add colour and song as you wander through a mesmerising tropical environment.
With huge areas of scintillating cruising grounds and a seemingly endless stream of remote islands, the Andaman Islands are perfect for exploration by superyacht. Many of the islands are only accessible by boat, so you will embrace the exclusivity of a charter and feel like a pioneer discovering a new world. Your island-hopping itinerary will include everything from indulgent massages and sunset drinks to adrenaline-pumping diving and treks.

Havelock Island

The most developed of the Andaman Islands, Havelock is home to a string of opulent resorts and an array of activities. This is a popular area to delve into water sports and uncover the kaleidoscopic colours beneath the water surface. Radhanagar Beach is regarded as the best beach in the Andaman Islands, boasting a long stretch of sugar white sand and mangroves overlooking crystalline waters.

Little Andaman

Your superyacht charter journey through the Andaman Islands is not complete without experiencing the elephant safari on Little Andaman. A unique and awe-inspiring day trip, Little Andaman is an island of remarkable natural splendour, where you will pass bewitching waterfalls, lush rainforests and sublime beaches as you take a scenic hike. On Little Andaman you can also see four of the world’s seven species of sea turtles.

Diving Discoveries in the Andaman Islands (10-day luxury superyacht charter in Andaman Islands)

Blissfully secluded and brimming with yachting opportunities are the spectacular Indian Ocean hideaways of the Andaman Islands. The sailing experience alone is more than enough reason for superyachts to head to the Andamans, with incredible cruising grounds in the Bay of Bengal. From the luxurious offerings of Havelock Island to the elephant-paradise of Little Andaman, these stunning islands present a voyage sure to please both the adventurer and the hedonist.
You will board your luxury superyacht in Port Blair, the capital of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. In this vibrant cultural melting pot, you will immediately embrace the spirit of adventure with a lush tropical forest surrounding the rugged coastline.
While in Port Blair, you can explore the fascinating indigenous history visiting the Anthropological Museum, while the Samdruka Marine Museum will provide you with an insight into the region’s oceanic environment. Once onboard your superyacht, you will soon become accustomed to the luxury service which will keep you well pampered throughout your Andaman Islands journey.
From Port Blair you will begin your adventure by sailing to the pair of uninhabited islands known as the Cinque Islands, where rare corals and a thriving underwater marine life await. These islands are strikingly beautiful, with a bone-white sand bar connecting them and tropical rainforests on either side.

Day 3: Cinque Islands to Passage Island

On the third day of your luxury superyacht charter, you will wake up in Cinque Islands with coral reefs at your fingertips.
After a delectable breakfast under the morning sun, you will head to Fish Rock near Passage Island for a dive full of colour, rocky slopes, drop-offs and millions of fish. For swimming amongst Whitetip and Grey reef sharks, the dive site at Invisible Bank is not to be missed.
For those more eager to spend a relaxing day soaking up rays, this is a great place to anchor up and enjoy the luxury of your superyacht in a pristine natural environment away from any crowds of tourists.

Day 4-6: Passage Island to Havelock and Lawrence Islands

From Passage Island you will enjoy a leisurely sail towards Swaraj Dweep, or Havelock Island, perhaps the most renowned island in the Andamans.
Havelock has seen much development in recent years but has retained its awe-inspiring natural beauty, with silky beaches and thick rainforests. This is the aesthetic epitome of a paradise island, and you will have the opportunity to step ashore and spend some time in luxury resorts and spas. Havelock Island is also home to Elephant Beach, a popular location for water sports with bright coral reefs brimming with turtles, sea anemones and many other species of tropical fish.
Your superyacht charter will then continue onto John Lawrence and Henry Lawrence Islands. As you continue your exploration of the Andamans, these islands offer blissful barefoot retreats where you can enjoy the seclusion and privacy of your superyacht charter. Spend an action filled day on kayaks or simply unwind on stunning beaches and enjoy the sumptuous climate, before spending a night in idyllic anchorages.

Day 7-8: Barren Island to Button Islands

Today, we will be leaving early in the morning, but there will barely be time for yawns as on the other side awaits South Asia’s only active volcano on Barren Island. This is the type of extreme adventure that will have you channelling your inner explorer as you gaze upon Barren Islands rugged and volcanic beauty from the luxury of your superyacht.
Spend some time fishing or diving in the super-clear waters that drop to great depths. Continue your back west towards the Button Islands. These sandy patches are perfect for discovering deserted beaches and swimming with exciting marine life. Particularly worth visiting is North Button Island’s horseshoe shaped bay on the south coast with a spectacular beach.

Day 9: Button Islands to Long Island

The waters surrounding Long Island are perfect for viewing a pod of dolphins from the decks of your superyacht, while the island itself is full of long white beaches and rich rainforests. Find excellent diving at Campbell Shoals or head north to the charming village of Rangat on Middle Andaman Island.

Day 10: Long Island to Port Blair

Enjoy your last day onboard your superyacht enjoying a scenic sail back to the buzzing Port Blair. Full of stories and unforgettable experiences, you will also be feeling rejuvenated after 10 days of ultimate luxury.