Welcome to the Caribbean paradise of The Bahamas, the premier luxury destination within the region and a superyacht playground which is simply brimming with natural beauty to explore.

The Bahamas is made up of some 700 islands, offering an eclectic mix of tropical perfection and rugged landscapes, with serene white sand beaches perfect for a relaxing escape. The Bahamas is a well-established yachting destination, boasting world-class marina facilities and infrastructure that benefits from major external investment to ensure the country remains up to date with what is expected from visiting superyachts, their owners and captains. Perfectly in tune with a luxury superyacht getaway, the islands have plenty of luxury hotels and resorts, as well as high-end shopping and vibrant nightlife which all appeal to well-heeled travellers.

The Bahamas is well known for its laid-back atmosphere and hospitable natives. This warm culture is a major drawing force for those looking to completely detach and unwind in a different world. Music is a huge part of the culture here, and you will be immersed in everything from African drum Rhythms and Caribbean Calypso to English folksongs. If you are fortunate enough to visit over Boxing Day and New Year’s Day, you will experience all of this music at Junkanoo, the colourful and energetic festival that showcases Bahamian culture and heritage.

Superyacht charters in The Bahamas are made truly special by the mesmerising cruising grounds that surround the country. The 700 islands provide a perfect platform for superyacht adventures, with vast land and seascapes to discover and an abundance of opportunities for water sports and relaxation under the Caribbean sun. Chartering a superyacht in The Bahamas is ideal for guests looking to have the option of spending quiet days being pampered in an awe-inspiring setting, or delving into the water to uncover beautiful reefs and marine life. Another popular activity in the area is fishing, which can be integrated into your charter itinerary should you be interested in the dozens of different sportfishing species.

Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, is found on New Providence Island and has a fascinating cultural history. You can gain a perspective of this Caribbean history by exploring the impressive fortresses and pristine Victorian homes, along with picturesque English gardens which add to the old-world aesthetic of the island. This is the first port of call for superyachts in the county, just a 30-minute flight from the US mainland. Nassau is one of the world’s best locations for shark diving, home to smaller and less aggressive sharks such as tigers, hammerheads and reef sharks. Across the island water sports abound particularly brilliant windsurfing and parasailing, while deserted beaches are easily found along the southwest coast for a spot of respite.

There is plenty of reason to venture ashore and discover the wonders of Nassau and New Providence Island. More than the stunning beach settings, Nassau is brimming with luxury resorts and casinos, while guests can also enjoy world-class golf courses and high-end shopping boutiques. San Salvador was the first ‘New World’ island that Christopher Columbus landed on in 1492. The pioneering explorer said of San Salvador that “The beauty of these islands surpasses that of any other and as much as the day surpasses the night in splendour.”

Those comments from Columbus are true to today, and the islands remain a feast of undisturbed natural beauty. Chartering a yacht through the islands of San Salvador will take guests to glorious, unspoiled beaches of pearly sand that stretch for miles. The reefs off of the coast are rich with diverse marine life and the diving experience is enhanced by incredible wrecks that cater to both novice and professional divers. San Salvador offers a quieter and more low-key experience than her sister islands, perfect for an exclusive superyacht break where you can feel at one with your exquisite surroundings and unwind in pure privacy.

To experience dazzling turquoise waters and a unique Bahamian experience, look no further than The Exumas. This district is made up of over 365 islands and cays, and is home to the relaxed city of GeorgeTown. This is a precious and highly protected area that has become one of the world’s most highly regarded marine parks, so the potential for superyacht adventures is thrilling. Great Exuma, Little Exuma and The Exuma Cays are the three major areas of the region, each offering sensational natural beauty in a perfect climate for days spent enjoying your superyacht in the sun. Thunderball Cave, found near Staniel Cay, is the famous location used in the James Bond film by the same name. The Bahamas is a constant delight for yachting enthusiasts and luxury travellers. For superyachts, the opportunities for exhilarating charters in pristine waters is phenomenal, and this is why the country has long been regarded as the Caribbean’s gem.

Northern Exumas (7 Days Nassau to Exuma Islands)

The Bahamas is a yachting paradise, well-equipped and accustomed to welcoming some of the world’s most recognisable superyachts. Among the main attractions for yachts in the Bahamas are the Exuma Islands, a long stretch of exotic isles surrounded by sapphire sailing waters that have made the area a favourite spot for exciting diving and snorkelling opportunities.
Leaving the bustling heart of Nassau, you will cruise through this peaceful and often deserted collection of islands, where you are guaranteed to return well rested and inspired by the pristine natural beauty you will have encountered.

Day 1: New Providence

Your seven-day superyacht charter in the Bahamas begins from the island of New Providence. You will board your yacht and instantly immerse yourself in the spirit of yachting and adventure as you explore the surrounding cruising grounds and enjoy an afternoon of water sports and relaxing on the sundeck. Your first evening will be spent enjoying an al fresco dinner onboard your superyacht followed by delicious cocktails as you enjoy the sunset and embrace the joyful Caribbean ambience.

Day 2: Highbourne Cay

Waking up after your first night indulging in the luxury of your superyacht, you will be served breakfast on the decks before sailing towards Highbourne Cay. This is considered as the ‘Gateway to the Exumas’ and a must-visit while touring the Bahamas.
There are a number of idyllic anchorages to choose from around this majestic private island, and the cruising areas surrounding the island are second to none. The Island’s marina, in a naturally-sheltered harbour, offers modern facilities and an attentive staff. Once on the island, you will explore white sugar-sand beaches and stop off for a free dive or snorkel. On the western side of Saddleback Cay, named after its saddle shape, you will visit the unmissable sandbar. Here you will hunt for the sand dollar sea urchins found burrowed in the sand, and later tuck into an exquisite dinner at Xuma restaurant in the fresh Bahamian evening air.

Day 3: Shroud Cay

Today, you will sail south to Shroud Cay. This is the northernmost island of the Exuma Land and Sea Park. The flawless natural beauty of Shroud Cay will fill you with ecstasy and ignite your sense of adventure. As you explore this enticing archipelago, you will cruise through creaks that are tidal pathways to the mangrove forest. The creaks act as a natural nursery for juvenile fish, sharks, crawfish and more, providing plenty of opportunities for you to get up close and personal with this abundant marine life. In Shroud Cay, you will enjoy the unique thrill of what has been dubbed as “The Washing Machine” – a natural lazy river with gentle currents that wash you in a spin cycle from one side to another.

Day 4: Warderick Wells

Your superyacht charter continues southwards through the Exumas, with your next stop being Warderick Wells. This sublime Cay offers three protected anchorages, as well as excellent elevation and nature trails.
The island is protected as part of the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park so that all ecosystems, flora and fauna are allowed to thrive, giving you an unforgettable experience in an undisturbed natural environment. There is everything from sand dunes to rocky bluffs and mangrove creeks to explore on this small island, though one unique attraction stands out. On Powerful Beach lies the imposing skeleton of a 53’ Sperm Whale, which tragically died after swallowing a plastic bag. The sight of the skeleton will be like nothing you have ever experienced before, and in the evening you will have the chance to savour some cocktails around the small tiki hut on the beach. The rest of the island offers exciting trails, notably through the dominant eastern landscape of Boo Boo Hill, where you can climb to the highest point on the island and take in breath-taking views across the Exumas. The southwest of Warderick Wells is an ancient pirate hangout, which can be reached by a trail to Pirates Lair.

Day 5: Compass Cay

Your Bahamian adventure takes you to another awe-inspiring destination brimming with natural beauty. Compass Cay is a private island which is characterised by beautiful sandy beaches, mangrove creeks and flats, rugged shores, tidal creeks and hilly vistas.
This is a perfect location to enjoy the free spirit of your superyacht as you explore the island’s wonders. You will have the chance to see and swim with the friendly nurse sharks, who linger around the island’s own marina.
Your superyacht will take you to the natural phenomenon of Rachel’s Bubble Bath, a lagoon where swells break and bubble over rocks into a shallow bath. Enjoy a day of jumping into the natural attractions of Compass Cay before retreating to the luxury of your superyacht to enjoy an evening of privacy and seclusion away from any tourist activity.

Day 6: Big Major Cay

The next stop on your superyacht charter brings you to one of the highlights of the Exuma Islands. Big Major Cay is a small, uninhabited island with a protected anchorage, perfect for exclusive superyacht cruising and here you will have the opportunity to play with swimming pigs.

There are plenty of enthralling attractions in the surrounding cruising grounds around Big Major Cay. Among these is Thunderball Grotto, the ‘James Bond Cave’ where memorable scenes from the iconic 1965 film Thunderball were filmed. This fascinating underwater cave offers a mystical diving and snorkelling experience, where you will come across exotic marine life and a kaleidoscope of coloured reefs. For evening entertainment, there are excellent dining options available at Staniel Cay Yacht Club and Fowl Cay’s Hill House Restaurants, both just a short cruise from where you will be based.

Day 7: New Providence

On the final day, you will enjoy a pleasant cruise back north to New Providence, where it will feel like a lifetime ago that you began your journey through the Bahamas. Arriving in Albany Marina, you will enjoy some of the resort’s modern amenities, including world-class sport facilities and dining, before bidding farewell to your superyacht. This week of superyacht exploration has taken you to some of the world’s greatest cruising grounds, with stimulating natural treasures at each different destination. You will leave fully refreshed and replenished, with wonderful memories of this simply breath-taking region of the world.