Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands off the east coast of Spain offer a thrilling superyacht charter adventure. Of the four main islands, Ibiza is perhaps the most internationally renowned due to the world-leading nightlife scene in Ibiza Town and San Antonio, which year on year attracts the biggest names in music to its idyllic beach-clad setting.

There is, however, so much more to discover throughout the region, with incredible possibilities that can only truly be experienced through the exclusivity offered by a superyacht charter. Unforgettable cruising grounds surrounding the islands will give you a taste of the Mediterranean’s halcyon climate, which boasts 300 days of sunshine each year. Exploring the main islands and numerous islets, you will uncover glorious white sand beaches leading onto the scintillating azure waters. Each island has its own unique history and hidden gems to discover, with diverse flora and fauna along with quaint seaside towns.

The stunning mountainous landscape of Mallorca is perfect for those who enjoy scenic treks on their visits to the mainland. This well-developed island is a treasure trove of indulgent delights which can be found away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist centres. Mallorca benefits from advanced infrastructure and luxury amenities which develop naturally in a location with such widespread appeal, though there are still many areas of the island where guests can find unspoiled seaside towns and private beaches. Palma de Mallorca is the capital and heart of the bustling island, where world-class marina facilities make it easy for superyachts to enter the port and enjoy the best of the cultural delights that the city offers. Neighbouring Mallorca, the low-key island of Menorca offers peaceful seclusion and an endless stream of beautiful beaches which is perfect for a superyacht adventure. Here, isolated coves and pre-historic monuments provide plenty of exploration around an island which can be a serene antidote after time spent in the more vibrant islands of Mallorca and Ibiza. Menorca has a phenomenal biosphere reserve which allows her natural beauty to flourish, while her small population enhances the exclusive ambience of your charter. You can be free to unwind and drift off in a comforting yet captivating environment.

Ibiza and Formentera make up the Pitiusan Islands, often seen as a haven for glitzy parties and luxury resorts. Ibiza, home to Europe’s largest club as well as a multitude of others, is a thrilling hedonistic escape. Ibiza Town and San Antonio have matured over the years to offer many more chic and indulgent establishments, which appeal to the luxury traveller who can experience one of the world’s best nightlife scenes in opulent fashion. There is much more to the islands than parties, especially when travelling with a luxury yacht at your disposal. Ibiza’s rugged coastline is brimming with sandy beaches, ideal for sailing around the island in search of your favourite spot. There is also a rich marine life for those who want to delve into the waters and get closer to their surroundings. The island itself is half covered in unspoilt woods for breath-taking coastal walks and land-based exploration.

Shimmering Respite among the Baleares (Ciutadella – Barcelona, 7 Days)

This captivating week-long charter transports you to the contagious hedonism of the Balearic Islands, sampling the glorious lifestyle and stunning scenery of this Spanish superyacht haven. Along the way, you will experience everything from the vibrant party vibe of Ibiza to the secluded tranquillity and unspoilt natural beauty of the Almeria province.

Day 1: Ciutadella to Cabrera

Your Balearic adventure begins in Ciutadella, a beautiful city on the stunning Spanish island of Menorca. This historic port city is famed for its enchanting coves and inspiring medieval streets. The Puerto de Ciutadella is well placed for welcoming superyachts, with remarkable marina and berthing facilities for yachts over 50m in length. In Ciutadella, you will uncover a charming old town filled with pretty churches and palaces, while traversing the coastline there are plenty of gems to find along the way. Cala Mitjana is a main attraction for its picturesque cove and glorious white sandy beach, though it is also worth a visit to Macarelleta, a rustic cove with a smaller and more secluded beach. In the evening you will set sail for Cabrera, your first port of call.

Day 2: Cabrera to Palma

You will awake to the pleasant sight of Cabrera’s stunning mountain range on this developed, beach-laden island. Exploring the quaint Cabrera village, you will notice the Moorish charm of the traditional architecture. Here, you can try everything from scuba diving and windsurfing to panoramic mountain walks and a round of golf. Enjoying a luxurious lunch and dinner on your superyacht will be followed by a trip to the next exciting destination on this charter, Palma.

Day 3: Palma to Andratx

From the quiet village of Cabrera you will arrive in the major port town of Palma de Mallorca, a sublime base for exploring the spectacular Mallorcan coastline onboard your superyacht. Palma de Mallorca takes you on a journey through Moorish occupation to the Christian Reconquista of the island, with enthralling historical sites to discover and an array of cultural treasures including galleries, fine restaurants and lively bars. Walking through honey-coloured stone town you will come across baroque architecture and swarming markets which easily fill up days spent on land. The coastline is perfect for exploration by superyacht, and there will be plenty of opportunities to enjoy relaxed days under the sun and the thrills of your onboard water toys. You will then arrive in Andratx, another major port town with a quieter atmosphere.

Day 4: Andratx to Ibiza Town

Once a thriving ancient fishing village, Andratx is now a favourite tourist destination in the Balearic islands. Many visitors invest in property here, and it is easy to see why there is such an appeal. The Puerto de Andratx is a spectacular natural port which is surrounded by beautiful coves and crystal-clear waters, ideal for yachting enthusiasts and luxury travellers. The town itself is now a cosmopolitan centre filled with the temptation of boutique shopping and a fun nightlife. This is the perfect balance of peaceful retreat and vibrant town, a build up to the pulsating adventure that awaits at your next stop…

Day 5: Ibiza Town

Here we go. Ibiza is undoubtedly the most renowned and desirable of the Balearic Islands. Though many guests touch down on the island of Ibiza for one purpose only (the scintillating party atmosphere), there is much more to Ibiza than you may be aware of. Ibiza is a delight for superyacht charters, with glimmering azure waters and an array of fascinating destinations along its coastline and surrounding area. Cala d’Hort is an enchanting crescent-shaped beach surrounded by phenomenal cruising grounds, while the coves at Cala Salada and Cala Benirrás are brilliant sports for secluded swimming. For something altogether different, sail towards the remarkable limestone cliffs of Es Vedrà, just off the south western seaboard of Ibiza.

Of course, Ibiza is home to Europe’s clubbing capital, boasting the largest club in Europe. A youthful energy intertwines with sophisticated nightlife in Ibiza Town, where whitewashed beach clubs are filled with a seemingly endless stream of recognisable champagne bottles and elegant cocktails. Under the magnificent Mediterranean sun, this is the ultimate scene for letting loose. It isn’t all parties on Ibiza’s mainland. In fact, half of the island is covered in gorgeous pine forests which provide a sere setting for exploration and daytime wandering. There are abundant quiet beaches and walking trails to uncover while in Ibiza, offering the perfect, nature-oriented break from the lively party centres.

Day 6: Ibiza Town to Formentera

From Ibiza you will cruise to Formentera, the smaller of the Pitiusan Islands which is famed for its relaxing environment. Depending on how you chose to experience the island of Ibiza, you may well be in search of a blissful antidote to the parties. This is what Formentera promises. White sand beaches and graceful sunsets make this a truly indulgent island where you can make the most of the luxuries of your superyacht, enjoying lazy days on the sun deck and al fresco dining under the stars.

Day 7: Formentera to Port Mahón

Your superyacht charter comes to its final stop at Port Mahón on the island of Menorca. This natural, sheltered harbour offers fantastic superyacht berthing in close proximity to the island’s main attractions. There are plenty of cove-style beaches that will give you a chance for a final dip in the water, while the harbour town itself offers a delectable balance between natural beauty and fascinating architecture. In this laid back ambience you can soak up the last of the Mediterranean climate, and reflect on an unforgettable experience through the Balearic Islands.