Nestled between the translucent waters of the Caribbean Sea and a dense jungle is the Central American gem of Belize.

This is a phenomenal natural environment to discover by superyacht. During a luxury superyacht charter in Belize, you will visist rich emerald forests and hills, sprawling bone-white beaches and majestic cerulean waters. Belize is alive with an abundant wildlife, rich history and vibrant culture which all contribute to the escapism that you will embrace during your charter.
Blessed with unimaginable beauty, Belize is a feast for the eyes both above and below the water surface. The landscape is characterised by an enchanting dense jungle, home to a wide range of exotic animals including jaguars, pumas, ocelots, armadillos and crocodiles.


Taking a tour through the rainforests, you will uncover fascinating Mayan ruins. At a height of 137 feet, the ancient archaeological site of Caracol is the tallest structure in Belize. Caracol was once a powerful city-state is thought to have been home to 150,000 people, nowadays it is an impressive ancient sight deep in the lush jungle.
Embedded in Belizean culture is a great affinity and respect for the natural environment, and local guides will be on hand to give your personal tours where you will learn about the fragile ecosystems in this wonderful country. Warm, welcoming and generous, the locals take pride in sharing the wonders of their country with you, and you will revel in a unique atmosphere and surrounding.

There is plenty to delve into in the cruising grounds off the Belize coast, where you will enjoy the pure thrill of a superyacht charter. The UNESCO World Heritage listed Belize Barrier Reef boasts a series of scintillating coral reefs comprising seven protected areas. This is the largest reef system in the Atlantic-Caribbean, and the second largest in the world. For keen divers and snorkelers, as well as amateurs looking for a first taste of underwater action, this is a thrilling experience of exquisite colours and over 540 sand and mangroves cays. Superyacht charter itineraries in Belize are filled with an exhilarating array of activities to showcase every intriguing angle of this awe-inspiring country. Whether discovering Mayan ruins and kaleidoscopic reefs, or relaxing in luxury resorts surrounded by immense natural beauty, Belize has something for everyone and every mood. For a little more action on your charter, the cruising grounds offer plenty of opportunities to take to your kayaks and water toys and race across Belize’s translucent waters.

Barefoot Bliss in Belize – 6 Day Superyacht Charter in Belize

Central American bliss awaits in the tropical paradise of Belize. This is home to some of the world’s best snorkelling and diving experiences, and this superyacht charter is all about discovery both above and below the water surface. Nature enthusiasts will revel in the incredible wildlife encounters along the way, while those with hedonistic tendencies will embrace the relaxed beach lifestyle and charming local culture. This is one of the ultimate superyacht destinations for secluded luxury and natural experiences.

Day 1: San Pedro, Ambergris Caye – Caye Caulker

The best way to arrive in Belize is by flying into Belize City, where a short connecting flight will take you to Ambergris Caye. This is where you will begin your Central American adventure onboard your superyacht, and you will do so in thrilling style. Ambergris Caye, the largest island in Belize, is a mecca for water sports and scuba diving with an abundant sea life and the Belize Barrier Reef off its eastern shore. The Hol Chan Marine Reserve is famous for its 18km2 of colourful coral reefs, where you can snorkel with sharks and stingrays. The first day of your superyacht charter will quickly throw you into new adventures and exciting activities.

San Pedro on Ambergris Caye is a picturesque coastal town with sandy streets and wooden houses. Here you will savour fresh food at local seafood restaurants and mix in with the vibrant local culture at beachfront bars. Mesmerising natural experiences await to the north, with Bacalar Chico National Park filled with exotic wildlife while the Chac Balam Mayan ruins offer an insight into the region’s rich history.
A short sail will bring you to your overnight stop, Caye Caulker. This is a lovely spot to anchor for the evening and venture into the town to spend a night at one of the local bars.

Day 2: Caye Caulker – Colson Caye

Waking up in Caye Caulker you will enjoy breakfast on the decks of your yacht as you prepare for another day of adventure. Caye Caulker’s proximity to the reef provides you with another opportunity to explore the underwater scenery of Belize. Stepping ashore, the village has a laid-back vibe that will allow you to unwind as you explore the island’s beauty. In the afternoon you will begin your sail towards the charming fishing village of Placencia, stopping overnight in one of the attractive cays for respite as this is the longest cruise on your charter.

Day 3-4: Colson Caye – Placencia

After a leisurely morning enjoying the luxury of your superyacht and a swim in this tranquil cay, you will complete the second leg of your sail to Placencia. The village offers more modern facilities than can be found on some of the other remote islands, including atmospheric coffee shops and access to spectacular dive sites nearby.

The Laughing Bird Caye National Park is one for the adventurous traveller. This is a Central American gem in the Belize Barrier Reef, named after the laughing gull which breeds in the area. Surrounded by deep blue waters on all sides, there are more phenomenal diving experiences to delve into, including a trip to the outer reefs where whale shark dives can be made. Above the water, you can launch kayaks, canoes and other water toys in the large lagoon.

Day 5: Placencia – South Water Caye

You will leave Placencia in the early morning and cruise towards South Water Caye. You will have experienced some incredible dive sites during your charter itinerary so far, but South Water Caye is the crescendo to your underwater adventures. These are some of the world’s best snorkelling waters with a whole menagerie of exciting marine life to be discovered, including nurse sharks, rays, and brightly tinted. There are also luxurious beach resorts in the region where you can berth and step ashore for extra indulgence to top off your charter experience.

Day 6: South Water Caye – San Pedro

Your week in Belize has exposed you to one of the world’s most diverse underwater ecosystems, with unforgettable memories made from your thrilling encounters with Belize’s exotic sea life. On your final day, you will sail back to the buzz of San Pedro where your luxury superyacht charter concludes, but your Central American adventures may well extend.