British Columbia

Nature-lovers and wildlife-enthusiasts will find a hedonistic utopia in British Columbia.

This diverse land offers astonishing mountainous landscapes filled with wild sensuality that will ignite your adventurous impulses. Nestled between the province of Alberta and the beautiful Pacific Ocean is a glorious Canadian yachting escape. Ideal for enjoying the luxury and exclusivity of a superyacht, this region is dotted with five-star resorts and indulgent spas that will leave you well pampered after a journey through a rural paradise. Vancouver Island is surrounded by thrilling cruising grounds to explore by superyacht, and when you aren’t spending relaxing days at sea the island is blessed with majestic wilderness parks full of abundant wildlife. From marvelling at orcas and black bears in the wild, there are also luxurious abodes in the small towns and harbours to unwind in and savour this tranquil setting.

Exploring the wonders of Vancouver Island you can immerse yourself in an eclectic mix of rainforest, meadows, blissful beaches and peaceful rivers amongst the dramatic mountains. Vancouver Island offers a hive of activities that will bring you closer to the stunning natural environment, from whale watching to salmon and trout fishing, all of which can be included in your charter itinerary as you make the most of the truly unique experiences in the region. Vancouver Island is also a thriving artistic hub, with plenty of though-provoking galleries and studios along with fascinating antique stores filled with local treasures. On the southernmost tip of Vancouver Island is the capital of Victoria. The city is as visually stimulating as it is elegant, with glorious castles and sweeping gardens mixed with the modern luxuries of spas and boutiques. Victoria retains the charming atmosphere of an old town, and you can even explore its streets by horse-drawn carriage to head back in time. Victoria has several inviting sandy beaches to enjoy leisurely days in between your rural adventures and yachting escapades.

The adventure continues onto mainland Vancouver, where laid-back streets are splashed with multicultural treats. Vancouver is a diverse city where travellers revel in its world-class ski slopes and captivating mountain treks. For superyacht charters, a stop off in Vancouver means indulging in the luxury shopping district of Robson Street, where you can top it off by dining in fashionable restaurants. Over on Granville Island, a more artisan environment awaits with atmospheric farmer’s markets and there is always a hive of street performers to keep you entertained. The Indian Arm is a spectacular yachting experience where you can cruise through a panoramic glacial fjord characterised by alpine lakes, entrancing waterfalls and creeks. British Columbia unlocks the full potential of a luxury superyacht charter, promising a remarkable adventure in a unique setting for water-based exploration. Its natural beauty is untamed, and with thrilling activities throughout the region, there is plenty to enjoy on an exclusive charter.


Panoramic Patches of Canadian Glory

British Columbia is a northern yachting paradise which encompasses an impressive expanse of thrilling landscapes which are best explored by luxury superyacht. The exclusivity and privacy of a superyacht charter will allow you to experience everything this stunning region offers, from vibrant cities to the pure dreamscape of British Columbia’s abundant wildlife. This is an indulgent and adventurous escape, departing from Victoria to hop between scenic islands and uncover awe-inspiring treasures along the way.

Day 1: Victoria

Your luxury superyacht adventure begins in the capital of Victoria in beautiful Vancouver. Here you can easily spend a relaxing day admiring sweeping gardens and fascinating castles whilst also indulging in modern spas and browsing high-end boutiques. You will be welcomed onboard your superyacht by the friendly and attentive crew, who will look after you and ensure you are well pampered throughout your journey.

Day 2: Victoria – Butchard Gardens – Roche Harbour

Your superyacht will depart from Victoria early to set you away on your quest to explore magical islands and picturesque harbours. The first stop on your itinerary will be at Butchard Gardens, where you can stretch your legs amongst the fifty-five acres of enchanting floral display and take in immense views along meandering paths and expansive lawns. Arriving in the historical town of Roche Harbour, you will enjoy exquisite fresh food in the waterfront restaurants before returning to your superyacht in time for the spectacular sunset. Roche Harbour is an excellent destination for whale watching, and this will give you a first magical encounter with the sea life of British Columbia.

Day 3: Roche Harbour – Nanaimo

You will then sail north towards Nanaimo, passing through the breath-taking Gulf Islands where you will keep an eager eye out to spot scores of Orca whales, porpoises, seals, bald eagles, and sea birds. Taking time to enjoy an authentic sailing experience and make use of the luxury onboard amenities, you can stop at some of the impressive islands that you will pass on the way, particularly Saturna and Salt Spring where majestic sceneries await.
Nanaimo, the second largest city on Vancouver Island, boasts a scintillating harbour where you will base your adventures in this region. Taking to land you will enjoy mesmerising trails leading onto inviting beaches, combining adventurous escapades with blissful relaxation. There is a plethora of cultural experiences in this vibrant urban centre, and fantastic activities to add thrills to your charter.

Day 4: Nanaimo – Vancouver

In the morning, you will leave Nanaimo early to ensure that you can maximise your time spent exploring the intriguing gem of Vancouver and its surrounding cruising grounds. Here you will find a patchwork of adventure attractions and multicultural pursuits. An action-packed day can be spent on the world-class slopes, hiking the profound mountains or paying a scenic round of golf. The city has more than its fair share of luxury to indulge in, especially in its high-end shopping districts, and you can also immerse yourself in thriving farmers’ markets to embrace the way of life in British Columbia.
British Columbia offers a distinct and alternative superyacht charter experience, with intense wilderness and plenty of opportunities for both thrilling activities and leisurely relaxation in sublime settings. This is a destination for the explorers, ever more popular with explorer yachts and charter guests with a desire for adventure and something new.