Costa Rica

In the heart of Central America are the crystalline shores of Costa Rica, a country beautifully poised to welcome superyachts with a balmy climate and luscious tropical rainforests.

Costa Rica is teeming with exotic nature, with an abundant flora and fauna adding colour to your experience.
Arriving into Costa Rica, you will be welcomed by the generous ‘Ticos’, peaceful locals who take pride in sharing the wonders of their country with visitors. Costa Rica’s natural splendour has been protected by one of the most proactive conservation policies in the world, and the Ticos take great care in preserving the beauty of their country. This diverse natural environment boasts thriving national parks, imposing volcanoes, and enchanting rainforests, all enriched by thousands of exotic species of flora and fauna to uncover.

The National Parks of Costa Rica offer incredible natural experiences which perfectly suit the spirit of exploration embraced on superyacht charters. Each National Park offers something sublimely unique, and you will soon be immersed in a breath-taking environment that will allow you to disconnect from the outside world and live in the now.
While all the National Parks are worth visiting, there are a few which can be selected for their fascinating wildlife experiences. From encounters with howler monkeys in the wilderness of Corcovado to the mist-covered cloud forests of Braulio Carrill, Costa Rica’s natural treasures are captivating. On the Caribbean coast, the village of Tortuguero, part of the Tortuguero National Park, is home to nesting grounds for green turtles and has a small population of rare, vividly-plumed long-tailed quetzal birds.
The Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica is a yachting dream, with enticing inlets and diminutive islands to explore. The vacant beaches of San Miguel and Coyote lead onto the enthralling coastal rainforest, rich with frigate birds and scarlet macaws. For those with a need for high-octane thrills, you can take on some of the world’s most ferocious rapids in Turrialba. Less remote than the Osa Peninsula, the Papagayo Peninsula offers brilliant areas for superyacht charters to anchor up for guests to delve into crystal-clear waters and discover coral reefs below. Costa Rica’s diverse landscape also gives guests the opportunity to venture inland and explore active volcanoes. Rincon de la Vieja and Arenal are two which offer mesmerising experiences. The surrounding area of the Rincon volcano is popular for hiking and horseback riding, navigating your way through volcanic mud to reach charming waterfalls and thermal pools.
San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, offers city luxury and an elegant atmosphere which makes a brilliant addition to superyacht charters in the country. Here, you will explore a city bustling with vibrant local markets during the day, and sophisticated nightlife later on. In the museums of San Jose you can gain an insight into the country’s colonial past, and modern culture. Above all else, Costa Rica is a prime exotic escape for charterers to enjoy sun-drenched cruising grounds and indulge in the luxury of their superyacht. With so many unique natural experiences throughout the country, Costa Rica is a blissful retreat that embraces a peaceful outdoor lifestyle.
Delve into the Natural Heart of Costa Rica – 6 Day Superyacht Charter in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known for its luscious forests and pristine beaches, boasting a pristine natural environment for exotic superyacht escapes. The surrounding waters are simply overflowing with colourful reef formations while the verdant jungle offers unique encounters with rare and spectacular wildlife. On a superyacht charter in Costa Rica, be prepared to immerse yourself in one of the world’s best-preserved natural environments and take on thrilling activities.

Day 1: Puerto Caldera

Your voyage through the natural splendour of Costa Rica begins in the buzzing port town o f Puerto Caldera. Here you will meet your luxury superyacht and have your first taste of luxury under the Costa Rican sun as you enjoy welcome drinks on the decks. You will soon set off from Puerto Caldera and into the country’s luscious interior, admiring the spectacular southern coastline as you cruise towards your first port of call, Golfito.

Day 2: Golfito

The southern district of Golfito is one of the most secluded in Costa Rica, and offers a brilliant opportunity to become acquainted with the luxury amenities of your superyacht as you settle into the privacy and exclusivity of a charter experience.
The stunning scenery that you will take in from the comfort of your superyacht is immense, and stopping at the Golfito Marina Village and Resort you will step ashore to explore the natural treasures on your first stop. Golfito is a gateway to the fishing and surfing hotspots found in the nearby Pavones. Around this region, guests can take horseback rides and hikes through this wildlife refuge, or kayak through the mangrove forests and islands in the surrounding area. Take a trip to the village of Playa Zancudo where a gentle surf and relaxing atmosphere will have you falling into a state of complete bliss. The black sands of Playa Zancudo are considered as one of the best beaches in Costa Rica, surrounded by coconut palms and almond trees to create a perfect setting for lazy days under the sun. By nightfall, you can swim out to experience a spectacular after-dark encounter as the water glitters with the bioluminescence of tiny plankton that live below.

Day 3: Isla del Cano to Drake Bay

Back onboard your luxury superyacht you will now cruise towards Isla del Cano where you will delve into one of the world’s top diving sites. Isla del Cano is a hotspot for adventure diving, and enthusiasts can spend the morning exploring the underwater scenery and looking out for exotic species of fish and other sea life below. For those in want of a more relaxing and slower-paced morning, the beaches of Isla del Cano are perfect for picnics, where you can dip into the colourful waters at your will. While in Isla Cano, your private chef will prepare an exquisite lunch made of fresh local ingredients, before you set off for Drake Bay in the afternoon.

Day 4: Quepos

The next stop on your superyacht charter will bring you to Quepos, a small village where you can indulge in restaurants, bars, shops and galleries in a peaceful environment. This is also a great place to try your hand a sportsfishing, or alternatively there are ample opportunities to relax on the beach in between exploring this charming area. The Manuel Antonio National Park has been transformed by ecotourism, and offers guests a tropical paradise filled with diverse flora and fauna. Look out for three-toed sloths, endangered capuchin monkeys and thousands or colourful bird species. This is a thrilling stop off where you can swap waters for on-land adventure.

Day 5: Curu Wildlife Refuge – Isla Tortuga

On the penultimate morning of your luxury superyacht charter, you will sail to Curu for a unique and awe-inspiring experience at the Wildlife Refuge. The spectacular wildlife and stunning beaches that you will uncover epitomise your journey through the natural splendour of Costa Rica.
In the reserve you will spot white-faced, howler, and spider monkeys, while there are also white-tailed deer and Iguanas to look out for. From Curu, a short sail for 3 kilometres will take you to Isla Tortuga.

This remote island is filled with activities, from lively beach bars to water sports and rainforest canopy tours, there is something for everyone to enjoy on Isla Tortuga. Sublime white sand beaches and coconut palms create a relaxing atmosphere to bask under the sun and enjoy a secluded luxury retreat. The surrounding Gulf of Nicoya provides fantastic cruising grounds to enjoy a pure sailing experience onboard your superyacht, stopping to delve into the crystalline waters and sunbathe on the decks.

Day 6: Puerto Caldera

Your superyacht charter concludes today by returning to Puerto Caldera. Your last 5 days have been filled with thrilling discoveries both on land and at sea, and now it is time to take a trip inland to the capital city of San Jose. This is one of the most sophisticated capitals in Central America, and offers a change of scenery after days spent in remote paradises.
Your adventure doesn’t end as you disembark your superyacht, with shopping malls, restaurants, local markets and museums in Puerto Caldera for you to enjoy. By now, you will be feeling refreshed and inspired by your journey through this naturally striking country, all experienced from the comfort and luxury of your private superyacht.