Côte d’Azur

Nothing encapsulates the ethos of a luxury escape quite like a superyacht charter in the Côte d’Azur. A vivid pulse of chic seaside enclaves lines this near-tropical coastline, and stepping onland you will discover some of the magnificent destinations which have inspired generations of artists and writers.

The Côte d’Azur is the epitome of elegance and sophistication, a truly unique part of the world which fuses spectacular natural beauty with modern luxury. A seductive climate makes the Côte d’Azur a welcoming destination all year round, with prime conditions to spend days soaking up the sun on the decks of your luxury superyacht. Surrounded by azure waters and with a cerulean sky above, this idyllic setting will have you slipping into total bliss as you sail the enchanting Mediterranean Sea. Monaco and Cannes represent the peak of luxury lifestyle, fashion, experiences, and events.

More than hosting two of the most important annual shows in the yachting calendar, the cities are a constant hive of world-class events which include the Monaco Grand Prix and the Cannes Film festival. Nestled between the Alps and the Mediterranean, there a few destinations that come close to the sparkling principality of Monaco. It operates very much in its own exclusive world, with lavish casinos, opulent hotels and yacht-infested waters. For superyachts, there is no better status than a place in the Port Hercules marina. For charterers, it is a truly special experience to explore the spectacular streets of Monte-Carlo, the iconic Casino and the vibrant Beach Club. Cannes is a high-profile luxury destination which is often associated with its large celebrity clientele. Despite its global appeal, Cannes maintains a chic reputation and is blessed with a plethora of hidden gems and luxury treats to sample as you explore the narrow winding roads of Sucquet and the enchanting shopping district of La Croisette. The historical port town of Nice is a sumptuous treat for visiting superyachts. Here, guests will find a city which offers both energy and sophisticated charm. Just like some of her neighbours, Nice has inspired a myriad of writers, musician and artists of the past and present. The destination itself boasts gentle-sand beaches and glamorous boutiques, providing a perfect home base for superyacht charters.

Jazz Age Glamour along the French Riviera (Pampelonne Beach to Monaco, 6 Days)

Think luxurious superyacht charter, think the glitz and glamour of the Côte d’Azur. This is the world’s epicentre of all things opulent, based in the sumptuous setting of blissful beaches and majestic mountain ranges drenched in the Mediterranean sun. This curvaceous stretch of coastline is filled with wonderful treats to find along the way, where you will instantly fall for the charms of the local seaside towns and the region’s seductive beauty.

Day 1: Toulon – Pampelonne Bay

You will board your luxury superyacht at the rural Toulon before heading up the coast to begin your adventure along the dazzling Côte d’Azur. Your first stop is the hedonistic sandy beach of Pampelonne. This iconic beach is brimming with exclusive restaurants, bars and clubs which will ease you into the private luxury of a superyacht charter. There is always a lively atmosphere surrounding the sophisticated beach, and this is an area famed for fine sparkling wines which you can enjoy from the glamorous beach clubs. Lunch today will be enjoyed at St Tropez’s internationally renowned Nikki Beach, an exclusive beach club and resort, before you head back to soak up the lustrous Mediterranean sun on the decks of your superyacht.

Day 2: Pampelonne Bay – St Tropez

You will cruise along the coastline to stop off at the sprawling Port de Saint Tropez, putting you in the heart of this French paradise. There is so much to discover when you step ashore and walk through this stunning area of the Côte d’Azur. Strolling along the Place de la Garonne you will no doubt be drawn into some high-end shopping as you embrace the Côte d’Azur attitude and lifestyle. For unbeatable panoramic view of the sea and world-class dining, head to the Tropesian institution Club 55. There will be ample opportunities to cruise the translucent Mediterranean that surrounds St Tropez, but when night falls we recommend a trip to the sumptuous Le Quai bar and nightclub. There is nothing quite like wandering barefoot across the sand armed with a delicious cocktail, and for those who are in no hurry to call it a night, the VIP room is open until the morning sun arises.

Day 3: St Tropez to Cannesx

Enjoy a refreshing morning in the perfect Mediterranean climate, perhaps a dip in the water, before we sail north towards the superyacht hotspot of Cannes. Cannes is an old fishing village which has developed into a glitzy destination for luxury travellers, while retaining its aesthetic heritage and peaceful culture. Take a strong along the Promenade de la Croisette which stretches for 2km along the glistening Mediterranean coast where you will find casinos, rose gardens, beautiful harbours, and sandy beaches.

Le Baoli offers a picturesque setting to watch the pink skies as the sun sets in the balmy Mediterranean, enjoying delectable cocktails all the while. Over at Le Loft, you can sample exquisite Asian food and dance against the elegant backdrop of downtown Cannes.

Day 4: Cannes to Antibes

Waking up in Cannes, you will likely want to spend the morning refamiliarizing yourself with an area that has become so popular among the rich and famous, and see some of the historical and cultural sights which include the medieval abbey on the majestic Île Saint-Honorat.
Leaving Cannes you will be well and truly immersed in the unique Côte d’Azur culture, and ready for the next chapter of your adventure. This will bring you to Antibes, a bastion of old-world glamour and a strong superyacht homeport. Days can be spent exploring the often celebrity-filled beaches or enjoying a more exclusive experience by cruising the waters onboard your superyacht.
We recommend spending some time in Antibes visiting the luxurious spas to slip into a state of complete and utter relaxation of both your mind and body. Once feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, head to the Bellini Bar for some bubbles in a cosy environment which overlooks the dramatic landscape around Antibes. There are plenty of Michelin star restaurants to delve into, notably the Restaurant de Bacon, which all provide exquisite gastronomic experiences before heading down to the lively elite nightlife.

Day 5: Antibes to Nice

There is one more treasure along the Côte d’Azur that must be experienced before you land in Monaco. That treasure is the energetic and cultural city of Nice. Situated below the imposing Alps landscape, Nice is home to vibrant street life and a relaxing beach atmosphere which is enhanced by its warm Mediterranean climate. It is certainly worth a visit in festival season, when you can witness the city at its raucous best. Otherwise, browse the elegant Avenue de Verdun and Rue St Gaetan for premier designer boutique and fine shopping.
Head to Vieux Nice to become well and truly acquainted with the old town charm, with alluring alleyways and plenty of treats including fine wines to be sampled along the way. This is also home to the famous Matisse Museum, displaying the most intriguing works of artist Henri Matisse, who was very much inspired by Nice.
The port is a hive of superyacht activity, comfortably accommodating the largest yachts in the world with an awe-inspiring surrounding made up of historical buildings and the captivating French Riviera. A worthwhile trip would be to sail over to Villeneuve-Loubet, an attractive spa town which offers a secluded escape from the city.

Day 6: Nice to Monaco

Finally, you will arrive at the crescendo of your glitzy superyacht charter in the Côte d’Azur. Monaco is the most quintessential superyacht destination; the principality is renowned for its luxury lifestyle and artistic glamour. Having dropped anchor in the iconic Port Hercules, you will soon become well acquainted with the world’s second smallest country and all of the avant-garde wonders it beholds.
Monaco is a constant celebration of sophisticated culture with a lively heartbeat that makes this a destination worth visiting at any time of the year. If you time it right, you may even be treated to one of the outstanding events held in the principality, including the Formula One and ATP Masters Series Tennis. Of course, this is also the home of the Monaco Yacht Show, the largest annual superyacht event. Exploring this playground you will most certainly stop off in Monte Carlo to experience the iconic Monte Carlo Casino and the exclusive Monte Carlo Beach Club. This area showcases Monaco at its sparkling best, and with 300 days of sunshine each year the Monte Carlo Harbour is a true thrill for passionate sailors and luxury charters.
You can easily split your time in Monaco between browsing the world-renowned shopping districts and lounging on dazzling beaches. Of course, there is much history to discover, including the Cathedral and Oceanographic Museum.
Monaco is a truly unique experience. You will undoubtedly be surprised how much there is to see and do in an area that is smaller than London’s Hyde Park. That is what makes Monaco such an exclusive getaway, and one which will round off your superyacht charter in untameable style.