A colourful coastline and captivating culture make Croatia one of the East Mediterranean’s yachting hot spots, drawing in some of the world’s most magnificent superyachts year on year.

Croatia’s international reputation among the yachting community is flourishing. The levels of exclusivity offered are unparalleled, and in no time, you will lose yourself exploring the romantic medieval towns and the adventures that lie inland. The Dalmatian Coasts has glamour and splendour fit for an unforgettable superyacht charter experience. Perhaps the most scenic of the East Mediterranean coastal stretches, Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast runs between Split and Dubrovnik, filled with luxury oases and inviting island retreats.

The welcoming towns found along this sun-kissed stretch of towns and islands are the gateway to an extraordinary voyage of discovery and indulgence.


A low-key travel destination that has something for all groups. There is fascinating history to discover, seductive nature retreats to explore and an abundance of luxury to indulge in. At the heart of Split is the palace of Roman Experor Diocletian, dating back to the 4th century. The Unesco World Heritage listed palace remains are one of the unique and enthralling experiences to immerse yourself in, which will leave you wiser and enlightened from your trip.


Dubrovnik is a medieval treasure with an intriguing contemporary twist. The glistening harbour is iconic for the mesmerising terracotta-roofed architecture that lines the limestone streets. A labyrinth of steep churches and dazzling piazzas are full of intimate dining spots and opulent hideouts.
Dubrovnik’s enchanting old town provides the opportunity to take a walk through historic side streets and take in the stunning architecture, before resting in one of the many elegant restaurants and bright cafés. There is such a wide array of treats, both historic and contemporary, to take in, from quaint gardens to designer boutiques and modern galleries.

Stylish bars and a rhythmic nightlife can be found in the glamorous Stradum, a path which runs between the Western and Eastern gates. Outside of the old town walls, a sprawl of luxury resorts and restaurants are within a short stroll from the distinct coastline and shimmering sea.


Hvar is a cosmopolitan and sun-drenched island which epitomises the luxury and exclusive lifestyle offered in Croatia. This is a must-visit for superyachts in the region, where guests can spend days relaxing on secluded beaches before heading to the energetic Hvar Town to enjoy a memorable night out. A dream destination for those in need of luxury pampering, Hvar is home to world-class hotels, exquisite wineries and a sophisticated shopping scene, all of which are accessible from serene anchorages where you can enjoy the best of your superyacht under the Mediterranean sun.

Diamond Delights on the Dalmatian Coast (6 Days Split – Dubrovnik)

Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast is a scenic stretch of luxury and adventure, an inspiring journey for charter guests looking for an authentic yachting experience. Along the way to Dubrovnik you will encounter the living-museum of Split, the exclusive luxury of Hvar and the sun-clad island of Korčula.

Day 1: Split – Stomorska

Your week of Dalmatian discovery will begin in the old-world Mediterranean jewel of Split. A fascinating traditional town, here you will at once immerse yourself in Croatia’s enchanting culture and rich history, leaving all your stresses and worries far behind you. Split is an ideal location to begin your charter journey. The second largest city in Croatia boasts modern luxuries in a fascinating archaeological setting to create a unique experience for visitors. The history and culture of the city will arouse your inquisitive side and expose you to a different side to the Mediterranean. The imposing ancient Roman structure of Diocletian’s Palace will leave you in awe and is certainly a good place to start as you wander the city. There are, of course, incredible luxury activities throughout the Split. You will inevitably end up in one of the glitzy, sun-soaked piazzas where the chic cafés will have you embracing a slower-pace of life. From Split, you will enjoy a first short sail onboard your luxury superyacht as you head to the beautiful island of Solta, just to the south of Split. In Solta, you will spend a leisurely evening savouring the fresh tastes of the sea in the island’s rustic seafood restaurants.

Day 2: Stormorska – Hvars

Waking up in Stomorska, your first thought will be to explore the inviting, sun-kissed beaches which line the coast. After a leisurely morning embracing the beach lifestyle and quaint port town, you will head to the jet-set haven of Havar. This is one of the most colourful locations in the Mediterranean, where you can indulge in sophisticated shopping and local wineries. The second day of your charter is all about pampering. In the picturesque Hvar town you will find unbridled luxury in the form of hotels, resorts, restaurants and bars. The alleyways of Groda, to the north of the Hvar, are teeming with high class restaurants with unique takes on traditional dishes. For after dinner entertainment, a vibrant nightlife waits to help you let loose and unwind as you fall into a blissful state of mind.

Day 3: Hvar – Korčula

Sailing southeast of Hvar will bring you to a whole new experience in Korčula. This is an island paradise which is perfectly positioned to welcome a superyacht charter as you will experience the subtle thrill of the Adriatic while engaging in a historically captivating town. You can stay in the heart of the town, or anchor in front of the island of Scedro to enjoy a further exclusivity and privacy on board your superyacht. Korčula is the birthplace of legendary 13th century traveller Marco Polo, and it is here where you will unlock your inner explorer.

Those with an interest in art will find sanctuary in the Bishop’s Palace, where an extensive collection from Italian and Croatian Renaissance artists can be found. This enthralling town will have you inquisitive about the old churches and architecture, while the people will add extra comfort to your experience. Be sure to book in to see a unique show of Croatian art with the traditional Moreska dance.

Day 4: Korčula – Pomena – Okuklje

A morning sail from Korčula brings you to the small fishing village of Pomena, based on the west side of Mljet Island. A quaint and tranquil hideaway, Pomena has a population of just 50, making it a perfect spot to enjoy a day of fishing away from more densely populated larger towns. Leaving your superyacht in the safe harbour below, you can explore natural treasures on the island’s National Park, or simply spend a quiet afternoon enjoying the luxury of the sublime beaches. You will then sail across to the east of Mljet where the yachting paradise of Okuklje waits. This is one of the best protected coves that can be found on the island and is a thrilling sailing experience for those who want to get the most out of their time on the water. When you aren’t taking to the water to enjoy the fun of the water toys stored on board your superyacht, you will sample the traditional seafood tavernas in the serene village of Okuklje.

Day 5: Okuklje – Sipanska Luka

Sipan Island is part of the Elafiti Island group on the southernmost coastline of Croatia. A stunning, protected harbour waits to welcome your vessel in all its glory. Looking up at the medieval architecture that remains on the island, you will again feel like you have embarked on a journey through time.

The thought-provoking architectural monuments that can be found on the island include the remains of the Church of St Peter, which dates back to the 11th century. Sipanska Luka has a long history of being a luxury destination, where the upper classes from Dubrovnik would head to in the 15th century for an escape from the urban environment. Many centuries later, and you follow in their footsteps as you enjoy a secluded island escape.

Day 6: Sipanska Luka – Dubrovnik

Your final day of your luxury superyacht charter is not without its thrills, both on land and sea. You will enjoy the full adventure of the superyacht as you take a scenic route from the fort of St Lawrence past the magnificent cliff landscape on your way to the Bay of Zupa Dubrovacka. This is a great opportunity to take a moment to soak up the experience of life at sea in a floating palace, and maybe even stop off for a scenic lunch onboard the yacht. This imposing view as you enter Dubrovnik will be forever imprinted in your memory, and is well-suited as the crescendo of what will have been an inspirational journey.
When you arrive in Dubrovnik, however, you will certainly want to delve into this enchanting city. Dubrovnik has long been a favourite destination for some of the world’s most recognisable superyachts, with its medieval setting and glorious landscape the feature of many outstanding pieces of modern cinematography. Exploring the Old Town, you will find bright cafés in dazzling piazzas lined with magnificent architecture. Many of the sights can be enjoyed from the luxury of your superyacht, allowing you to send off your trip in style before you head back onto the mainland where it is not uncommon to want to stay longer in the luxury resides that can be found in the suburban neighbourhood of Ploce.