Fiji is the quintessential South Pacific yachting experience, with over 333 tropical islands providing the perfect base for exploration.

In Fiji, you will sink straight into a blissful atmosphere, epitomised by the local ‘Bula’ spirit which is the basis for a uniquely warm and friendly culture. The touching hospitality that you receive is the only thing that comes near to matching the amazement of this stunning destination, brimming with palm-lined beaches and cerulean waters which host flourishing coral reefs. Fiji is regularly considered as the happiest country in the world, and it is all too easy to see why.

The chain of rugged volcanic islands provides an imposing setting to enjoy from the luxury of your superyacht, and heading into the islands you will discover the beautiful experiences that the vivid landscapes offer. Jagged-edged cliffs and craters cut across the shores, leading into a contrasting tranquillity of sugary white sand beaches and calm waters. The peaceful seclusion of these islands fits perfectly into the escapism of a superyacht adventure, and you will immerse yourself in a seemingly different world during a Fijian yacht charter.
Denarau Island is Fiji’s home for superyachts, with the award-winning Port Denarau Marina providing world class facilities and a hub of yachting activity. Denarau island itself boasts a flurry of quality restaurants and high-end resorts which cater to luxury tourism and superyacht guests. This is a perfect base from which to explore Fiji’s inspiring collection of islands, and there is also plenty of activity on Denarau Island from indulgent spas to an 18-hole golf course.

The Fijian islands offer incredible opportunities for outdoor activities which can be enjoyed whilst soaking up the sublime South Pacific climate. Charters in Fiji are synonymous with adventure, and across the island you will jump into everything from hiking, kayaking and surfing to exploring the underwater treasures in phenomenal diving sites. Exploring Fiji by superyacht will bring you closer to the abundant wildlife and sealife which share this gorgeous country. Off the southern coast of Viti Levu, the largest of the Fijian Islands, you can even swim with a shoal of friendly sharks.
Delve into a kaleidoscope of colours at the coral reefs in the Lomaiviti archipelago on the outer islands. This is where you will find a slower pace of life and a laid back atmosphere where time appears to stand still, allowing you to take in the delightful scenery.

Fiji’s tropical climate and moderate rainy season has blessed the country with diverse vegetation, adding extra character to an already sumptuous landscape. During your time ashore, you will visit the ‘wet sides’ of the high islands, where dense rainforests are filled with exotic flowering scrubs and bamboo thickets. The coastal lagoons of Fiji are laced with mangrove forests, adding mystic beauty as you sail along the shore.
A remote cruising experience in Fiji treats guests to the country’s incredible diversity of land and seascapes, filling your itinerary with adventure and indulgent beach days. Fiji perfectly encapsulates the spirit of yachting, and its warm and caring people will ensure that you will leave feeling both rejuvenated and inspired.



Bula, Welcome!

World-renowned snorkelling and diving paradise, unlimited watersports, enriching cultures and… a land of smiles.
Bula Vinaka is the Fijian phrase for “Hello” but directly translates to “to be alive” and is a way of wishing someone good health and a long life. You will hear this often throughout your stay with us in Fiji and before long you will be saying “bula” to everyone you meet.
Just 20 minutes away from Nadi International airport, board your yacht at the vibrant Port Denarau Marina. We will cruise the islands West of Viti Levu, the largest and principal island of the Fijian group. These islands are made up of two main groups, the stunning Mamanucas in the South and the world-famous Yasawas in the North.
You will find stunning beaches and lively reefs surrounding the 322 islands in Fiji, many of which remain uninhabited.


The weather in Fiji from June to October has an average high temperature of 28 degrees Celsius and an average low of 20 degrees Celsius. This is the Fijian dry season so there is generally low humidity, the month of July being the driest. The Yasawa and Mamanuca group of Islands are located on the North West side of Fiji and usually have less rainfall than the Eastern side, with slight to moderate showers.
The sea temperature is approximately 25 degrees and the average wind speed is between 6-12 knots. There are approximately 11.5 hours of sunlight per day and this is a beautiful time of the year to cruise Fiji.


Know as the “Soft Coral Capital of the World”, Fiji abounds with thousands of small colourful fish, shark encounters and abundant magical coral. There are some great dive sites, offering wall dives, swim-throughs, caverns, canyons and incredible bluewater experiences. Crystal-clear waters make you truly feel like you are part of large schools of pelagic fish, and when you are in luck you may come across the friendly hammerheads. To the South of the Main Island, Beqa Lagoon is home to one of the world’s most exciting shark dives where tiger sharks are hand-fed in front of divers. The best eating fish commonly available in Fijian waters are Yellow Fin Tuna and deep-water Snapper. For the underwater world, the months of November, April and May are considered the most ideal to visit due to the warmer water (28 – 30°C), and the rainy season that attracts manta rays and humpback whales. Fiji alone has 15 confirmed species of whales and dolphins. Humpback whales are seen migrating through these waters, as they travel to Tonga to breed and calve after feeding in Antarctica. There are large groups of pilot whales that inhabit our waters, and false killer whales that seem to come through annually singing loudly as they do!

A rich cultural heritage

Dive into local culture, and let your Crew arrange a Meke (traditional Fiji dance), a Lovo (traditional way to cook meat and local produce with hot rocks), allow you to experience a Kava ceremony, or let the Chef of the Village take you around the local shell and handmade product markets.


Surfing is renowned in Fiji notably around the famous Cloud Break (to the West of Viti Levu). Because the majority of the surfing occurs in the South in the Mamanuca Island group, which includes the famous ‘Cloud Break’ and ‘Restaurants’ surf spots, it is recommended to explore this group for the first few days then make your way North up and through the Yasawas.

DAY ONE – Denarau Marina > Tavarua Island [1.5hrs]

An easy transfer from Nadi International Airport, the Crew invites you onboard and introduces you to your new home. After a delightful fresh lunch, we will make our way to your first anchorage in the afternoon. Depending on our departure time we will cruise a short 1.5 hour South West to the Mamanuca Islands. We will aim to anchor in the lee of Tavarua Island, which is located in the centre of the surfing capital of Fiji and includes the ‘CloudBreak’ and its floating restaurant. Renowned as the “heart-shaped island”, Tavarua is your first postcard-perfect experience. For guests without surf interest, stepping offshore reveals peaceful and instant tuning into “island time”, a great start to the trip for all onboard. If the weather does not suit this anchorage, a short 1 hour trip will take us to the Malolo Island lagoon, home to the famous Musket Cove Resort or the newly launched Six Senses Fiji, from where we can explore the surf breaks by tender.

DAY TWO – Tavarua & Malolo Islands [1h]

Spend the day exploring Malolo and Tavarua islands: today’s activities can include surfing, swimming, snorkelling and diving, shopping and sightseeing. You can relax in the cool waters at the sand bar. The snorkelling is excellent here with an amazing variety of fish both around the coral and around the sand bar, and it is also a great place for watersports. We will be spending the night anchored off Malolo Lailai Island close to the beautiful and famous Musket Cove Resort. An evening walk ashore around the resort might be a nice idea before dinner alfresco on the aft deck.

DAY THREE – Navadra and Vanua Islands [3hrs]

After breakfast and maybe a morning swim or surf, we will sail 3 hours to the North West towards Navadra and Vanua Islands.
These vibrant islands have beautiful beaches and great snorkelling around the life-filled corals aptly nicknamed the ‘Garden Reefs’ by the locals. You can actually try your hand at coral gardening: coral seeds are grown in a nursery then replanted on the reef to aid the conservation project. If weather permits, we will anchor here for the night or sail a quick 1 hour to the North for South Waya Island, and anchor at Yalobi Bay which is more protected.
Let the crew take you ashore for an opportunity to visit the local village, where you will receive a warm welcome from the local inhabitants who will happily give you a tour of their home and local school.

DAY FOUR – Yalobi > Naviti Island [1.5hrs]

Waking up at Navadra Island or the protected waters of Yalobi Bay is a beautiful way to start your day. After a refreshing swim and breakfast we will make our way North for 1.5 hours to Cuvu Bay, on the Southern end of Naviti Island. This is a fantastic place to snorkel and a rare opportunity to swim with manta rays. Graceful and elegant to watch as they glide through the water, slowly flapping their enormous wings, these majestic creatures are a spectacle to behold as you swim alongside. As many as 13 manta rays have been recorded in the channel at one time! We will fish along the way and hope to catch something tasty for lunch. Anchoring in the area is lovely, or the option is to continue 2 hours North to the Blue Lagoon near the Nanuya Levu and Matacawa Islands.

DAY FIVE – The Blue Lagoon [2hrs]

Blue Lagoon was the location of the 1980’s movie “The Blue Lagoon” starring Brooke Shields. This is a beautiful place to spend the day and an unbiased place for a hike should you wish to stretch your legs. The snorkelling, as you can imagine, is breathtaking and the beaches are picture-perfect. We can anchor here for the night or move to nearby Sawa-i-lau Island. Sawa-i-lau is famous for its underwater scenery. Here the locals will help you through a small underwater tunnel, and when you resurface you will be surrounded by these exquisite caves. The lagoon can be explored scuba-diving, or by kayak or paddleboard. Ashore are some shell markets which are definitely worth a visit.

DAY SIX – Yasawa-i-rara & Champagne Beach [2hrs]

After our usual morning swim and breakfast, we will relocate 2 hours North to Yasawa-i-Rara, which has one of Fiji’s most pristine beaches aptly named Champagne Beach. Thanks to the dramatic mountain backdrops, the snorkelling is terrific! Yasawa-i-Rara offers both hard and soft corals and abundant marine life with turtles, reef sharks and eagle rays. After the exploration, it is an ideal spot for a beautiful beach BBQ.
In the evening you will be dropped ashore to watch a Meke, a traditional Fijian dance and take part in the Kava ceremony, where it is customary to present a gift of Yaqona (Kava root) to the Head Chef of the village.

DAY SEVEN & EIGHT – Naviti Island > Paradise Cove > Denarau [3hrs]

For the last two days of your exotic island-hopping discovery, we will make our way South to eventually return to Denarau Marina.
Depending on your experience and impressions, you can revisit a favourite spot, explore new coves and bays such as the beautiful Somosomo Bay on North Naviti Island, or Paradise Cove in the South. Both locations are located within approximately 3 hours of cruising. There may also be a chance to do some more surfing but that will depend on how adventurous everyone feels at the time. Regardless of where we stop in the last few days, we will take every opportunity possible to explore the best of the Fijian islands.