Mesmerising natural beauty, inspiring history and sublime luxury make Greece one of the world’s most complete yachting paradises. Modern luxury against the backdrop of Ancient mystery creates an atmosphere as captivating as it is undemanding, perfect for a blissful superyacht charter.

A south-eastern pearl of Europe, Greece boasts glistening sun-soaked coastline where stunning island clusters provide plenty of adventure away from the indulgent mainland.

Some of the most divine Mediterranean cuisine can be found in Greece, where world-class restaurants with vibrant atmospheres look out over the sparkling cobalt waters. Throughout Greece, you will uncover sophisticated pleasures and unrefined treasures. Greece is blessed with some of the world’s most magnificent cruising grounds, sprinkled with hundreds of unique, undisturbed islands which create a perfect oasis for yachting enthusiasts. There is a freedom and sense of discovery that Greece offers which simply cannot be unearthed anywhere else in the world. Whether stepping inland to explore the ancient ruins or getting lost in the sophisticated beauty of the Aegean Islands, Greece has everything for the ultimate superyacht charter.


The ancient wonders of Acropolis and Parthenon in the majestic port destination of Athens are certainly not to be missed. The oldest city in Europe, here you will be given a taste of the Greece of old, especially in the old quarter of Plaka where you will find bustling markets and antiquated tavernas tucked away down winding alleyways. For a striking contrast, head to the chic cosmopolitan area of Kolonaki to browse designer boutiques and stop off to savour the sublime tastes of elegant eateries. Athens is a city with a constant energy which draws you in and pampers you with treats from past and present in an ancient bastion of history and culture.

Apollo Coast

A short sail east of Athens is the Apollo Coast, a stretch of exclusive high-end resorts and luxury getaways in Vouliagmeni and Glifada. For visiting superyachts, the world-class marina facilities and pristine beaches make the Apollo Coast a dream destination. There is plenty to do here, with exquisite restaurants and a sophisticatedly energetic nightlife. Of course, the Coast is still endowed with its own piece of Greek history, and you can explore the fascinating ruins of the Temple of Poseidon.


The site of the iconic Temple of Zeus, Olympia is an inspiring trip to Greece’s ancient grandeur. The towering columns remain an imposing and breath-taking sight, despite being it ruins. Overlooking the Ionian Sea, Katakolon is the gateway to the dramatic landscape of Olympia. A stop off to uncover the unique relics of Olympia would enrichen any superyacht charter, and provides an experience which reflects the very best of what Greece has to offer.

For a dose of luxury and elegance, Nafplio and the opulent port town of Monemvasia offer the perfect setting for an indulgent retreat. Here, modern luxury and traditional Greek customs are blended together in these picture-perfect towns.

Aegean Islands

The Aegean Islands are a paradisiacal collection of serene blue and white colours which epitomise the tranquillity that makes Greece such a remarkable superyacht destination. Charming beachfront bars and a hive of activity in the delightful towns will have you enthralled in a new way of life instantly. Across the islands you will uncover a seemingly endless stream of vacated bays and a new favourite spot for sunset every day.
Cyclades is a well-renowned destination for those wanting to experience the white-washed hill-top towns and blue-domed buildings which have become an iconic image associated with luxury travel.

Here you will find the most opulent resorts and a string of glitz and glamour where a youthful ambience is injected into a picture-perfect scene. The elegance and grace of Mykonos and Santorini have become synonymous as honeymoon paradises, and there would be no more uplifting environment to spend important moments.
For those who wish to experience authentic Greek lifestyle and culture, the northeast Aegean Islands offer traditional towns where outside influences have been limited. The area also boasts some of the most inviting beaches in the region, making an ideal destination for charters. Superyachts can explore the stunning scenery and take in the unique rustic mountain landscape where olives, grapes and honey are all produced and filtered into the local cuisine.

Cycladic Dreams in the Aegean (7 days Athens – Santorini)

When setting sail for the Eastern Mediterranean there are very few itineraries that would dare to miss out the Cyclades. Considered the birthplace of the Greek god Apollo, this dreamy group of Greek islands that embodies all the romanticism that superyachts are built for. Beyond the world-renowned Mykonos Island, a haven for sun-soaked festivities, are a collection of truly individual islands all with their own unique offering and special history.

Day 1 – 2: Athens

Your Aegean journey begins in the mystical and ancient city of Athens, the perfect place to dive right into the heart of Greece’s unique culture and fascinating history. Athens is a bustling metropolis where adventure and excitement lie in wait around every corner. You will spend your first day in Greece immersed in 5th century BC civilisation, where you will explore the iconic landmarks such as the Acropolis hilltop citadel and the imposing structure of the Parthenon temple. Your insightful and inspirational days of exploring will be finely rewarded with a taste of Athens’ speciality cuisine and thriving nightlife, which lives on into the early hours of the morning. Just 8 kilometres from the city centre is the beautiful port city of Piraeus, where you will meet your superyacht before embarking on a sensational tour of the Cyclades. While in Piraeus, be sure to escape the hustle and bustle of a busy port by heading to Mikrolimano, a small harbour with the peaceful feel of an island where you can enjoy exquisite food and delicious cocktails overlooking the tranquil waters.

Day 3: Athens – Mykonos

Leaving Athens in the early hours of the morning, you will be treated to a real scent of the crisp Aegean air as you sail towards the cosmopolitan centre of the Cyclades, Mykonos. A far cry from the ancient ruins that you were wandering in the two days leading up to this, Mykonos is internationally recognised for its untameable nightlife and superb beaches. Exclusive access to luxurious resorts means that you will always be in the right place, surrounded by the right crowd to enjoy the very best from the international DJs who flock to Mykonos year on year. Synonymous with whitewashed Beach Club lounges overlooking a scintillatingly blue sea, cocktails seem to taste that little bit better under the Mykonos sun. A superyacht charter in Mykonos is not just for those looking to experience the pulsating bars and restaurants that make up one of the world’s best nightlife scenes. There is something to enjoy for all ages and demographics, and the advantage of a superyacht charter is that all of this can be experienced in one itinerary. 16th century windmills found in Chora give an interesting perspective on the island’s history, while a number of perfect anchorages will have you lounging on stunning beaches in no time.

Day 4: Mykonos – Delos – Mykonos

A day trip to the neighbouring island of Delos is perhaps one of the most surprising packages of this charter itinerary. The uninhabited spiritual centre of the Aegean, Delos is an incredible destination steeped in history which will have you channelling your inner archaeologist as you delve into the ancient Hellenistic ruins.

It is Delos where Apollo is said to have been born, and the vacated island will have charterers feeling as though they are the first to discover the fascinating ruins. Being only a short cruise from Mykonos, your superyacht will have you back in the bustling town just in time for you to boast about your new experience and knowledge in the

Day 5: Mykonos – Naxos

The largest of the Cyclades islands, and considered by many to be the most naturally beautiful, is Naxos. This is the next stop on your superyacht charter adventure, where you will be met by shores boasting soft glowing beaches which provide an idyllic sun-clad setting for leisure activities. Here will make great use of the bathing facilities and swim platform onboard your superyacht as you dive into the dreamy waters. There is plenty to discover on the island, including undisturbed flora and fauna as well as distinct local flavours found in the town.

Day 6: Naxos – Folegandros

Having spent the night in Naxos, you will awake to enjoy a delicious breakfast and take a big intake of fresh air before setting sail for the rocky paradise of Folegandros. Folegandros is a relatively undiscovered Cycladic destination, where a dainty white-cube village provides guests with a tranquil setting to indulge in the luxury of your yacht.

Step onland to enjoy fine dining in a relaxed environment against bewitching Aegean sunsets. The rugged terrain on which the towns rest is perfect for adventurous hikes where each view back across the Aegean Sea is as sensational as the last. In keeping with the Cycladic aesthetic, the whitewashed houses and blue doors in the towns radiate a peaceful atmosphere in which you can fully detach yourself from the stresses of the world.

Day 7: Folegandros – Santorini

A refreshing sunrise sail from Folegandros kickstarts the final day of your exclusive superyacht charter, and there is no better place for your itinerary to culminate than in the picturesque island of Santorini. Santorini’s crescent shape and rugged natural beauty was formed from one of the largest volcanic eruptions in history, and here the serene Cycladic towns are a dramatic contrast to the surrounding.
You are now at the southernmost point of the Cyclades, in a place where romanticism reigns supreme and you could easily stay on for an extra week to enjoy the luxury abodes and sublime beaches. Multi-coloured sands line the charming Santorini coastline, where a relaxed yet sophisticated ambience runs through the waterfront restaurants.
In Santorini, you will make good use of your yacht to soak up the sun and explore a variety of beaches, while you will find unique experiences on land such as donkey rides down to the majestic old harbour. By now, you have uncovered the very best of the Cyclades all from the opulent base of your superyacht. Your thirst for adventure will no doubt have been quenched, however it may not be long before you yearn once again for the luxury and thrills of a superyacht charter in the East Med.