The full potential of some destinations can only truly be unlocked by superyacht travel. Indonesia is one such destination.
Over 17,000 paradisiacal islands make up the largest archipelago in the world, spread out over an incredible 500km. Only 6,000 of those islands are estimated to be inhabited, meaning that for a superyacht charter looking to reach untouched land, Indonesia is the dream destination.

In Indonesia, you can have both the exclusivity of a secluded island retreat and the colourful cultural celebrations of Asian traditions. As a charter destination, it promises diversity in abundance and the opportunity to experience something completely new and unique with every passing moment.

The Island of Sumba is one of the many places that is almost exclusively accessible by superyacht. Sumba will expose you to a culturally enriching experience as you discover intricate fabrics, grand ceremonies and strange megaliths all on top of a dazzling reef. Get close up to the unique wildlife experiences offered around the islands, whether coming face to face with Komodo Dragons in the Komodo National Park or taking an unforgettable Elephant back tour.

The Indonesian island of Bali is now a firm favourite amongst holidaymakers from all over the world, no small part down to the elegant temples and picture-perfect scenery that makes it such an enchanting experience. While Bali is certainly not short of energetic party towns, there are also many more subdued seaside escapes which encapsulates the vast array of possibilities that guests can choose from. Lively surfing beaches and market streets give off a highly contagious positive that will soon have you losing yourself in the blissful lifestyle.

One of Indonesia’s greatest strengths is its unfathomable diving locations and conditions. The only problem facing superyacht charters is narrowing down which of the incredible spots to head to first before diving down into the clear waters where vast shoals of fish gather to welcome you to their paradise. For even more thrilling water-borne adventures, the Nusa Tengarra Islands offer an isolated paradise and the chance to spot sperm whales and blue whales.

Exotic Escapes to the Indonesian Islands (12 days – Indonesia)

The celestial Indonesian Islands are a mix of world-renowned resort getaways and quiet, undiscovered isles. This 12-day luxury escape will treat you to the very best of Indonesia’s natural beauty, while giving you the chance to immerse yourself in the culture and tradition of the islands. You will explore quaint villages, boho beach towns, tribal rituals and topaz seas. From volcanic landscapes to kaleidoscopic reefs, there are picturesque sights that will live long in the memory. You can choose to jump into the action with an array of adventurous activities to take part in, or simply kick back and relax on the golden sandy beaches.

Day 1-2: Bali – Lombok

Your Indonesian adventure begins with a flurry of excitement and festivity in Bali. What lies in store for you is an eclectic mix of elegant temples, sprawling landscapes, vibrant market streets and surfing beaches. Bali is perhaps the most well-known of the Lesser Sunda Islands, a sought after paradise where people from around the world flock to taste the tropical Balienese lifestyle.
The generous and warm spirit of the Balinese people will immediately help you sink into the blissful state of mind that will stay with you throughout your charter. A charming and humorous culture fills the ambience with dulcet tones, and you will be sure to find local music, dance or processions during your stay. There is so much to discover on this first Indonesian island, and staying an extra night is common. Towards the south, the Bukit Peninsula boasts opulent getaways. The north and west of the island offer fantastic diving and surfing conditions. Spend a day browsing the designer boutiques in Seminyak and an evening partying in the lively Kuta and Legian areas. Your experience of Bali will be laced with luxury, with plenty of indulgent resorts in and restaurants to explore.

For those itching to get straight onto the water and start cruising the glistening ocean, your superyacht charter will begin by sailing through the Lombok Straits, treating you to jaw-dropping views of the Agung volcano from your private floating palace. You will head east, passing the sumptuous Gili Islands where there are perfect opportunities for diving, snorkelling and sunbathing. From the hustle and bustle of Bali, Lombok is a secluded island retreat full of sublime beaches, waterfalls and adventurous treks. While in Lombok, visit the mesmerising Tiu Kelep Waterfall, and be sure to stop by the sea turtle hatchery in between all the diving and snorkelling.

Day 3: Lombok – Satonda

The uninhabited, ring-shaped island of Satonda will expose you to a different view of Indonesia. Find the perfect anchorage to take in the inspiring views of this small volcanic island, full of rugged beauty which cuts an imposing structure in the unique sunset. For some Balienese locals, Sotonda is seen as a forbidden island full of myths and legends. Snorkel through the beautiful coral reefs below the collapsed caldera, where you will meet colourful reef fish in the tranquil waters. Satonda is a perfectly peaceful stop with breath-taking scenery where you will enjoy the luxury of your superyacht, whether taking to water toys and tenders or sitting back and indulging in al fresco dining.

Day 4-5: Satonda – Gili Banta – Gili Lawalaut

From Satonda, you will head to the Komodo Archipelago where your first island stop will be at Gili Banta, where the Pacific meets the Indian Ocean. Idyllic anchorages mean that you can jump into the water straight from the luxury of your yacht, and Gili Banta is full of sea action for keen divers. More than the amazing coral reefs, you may spot anything including sharks, octopus and manta rays swimming past.

On the northeastern tip of the archipelago, Gili Lawalaut offers beautiful bays and stunning nature treks. From your anchorage, there is plenty to explore both on land and in the sea. The dive sites of Crystal Rock and Castle Rock boast clear waters and a thriving sealife. Be on the lookout for harlequin shrimp.

Day 6: Gili Lawalaut – Komodo

At this next stop you will be thrust into your own, private Jurassic Park. Named after the large colony of Komodo Dragons which inhabit the island, the Komodo National Park is full of exotic wildlife and stunning hilltop views. A UNESCO World Heritage site, Komodo is a phenomenal location for hiking, where you will see lizards, wild horses, buffalo and monkeys along the way. Entry to the island has been limited in recent years, making it another ideal location for an exclusive superyacht charter. There are very few places in the world where you can see Komodo Dragons, the largest living lizard, up close in the wild. Head down from the exciting wildlife treks to the unique Red Beach, where you can lay on the pink-tinted sands and soak up the sun.

Day 7: Komodo – Labuan Bajo

The anchorage of Labuan Bajo gives you direct access to the surfing haven of Flores Island. Head across to the land where you will find a small fishing village of wooden cottages with thatched roofs. It is not uncommon for the locals to put on welcoming ceremonies with traditional dances, and you may even witness the unique whip dance, a dance which depicts a whip and shield duel.

Known as the city of sunset, there are plenty of vantage points to enjoy spectacular skyscapes. Labuan Bajo is thought to have once been under water, and there are many caves around the area to explore, and the chance to even swim in a cave-lake. Follow the paths leading to Cunca Rami and Cunca Wulang and you will be delighted by sensational waterfalls.

Day 8-10 Labuan Bajo – Kelimutu – Riung

Home to a spectacular volcanic mountain, there are three differently coloured lakes on Mount Kelimutu all sharing the same name, which means ‘the boiling lake’. These unique and awe-inspiring lakes are unpredictable in the colours that they adopt, interchanging between a mix of green, blue and black as well as red, white and blue. The small harbour of Ropa provides a safe resting place for your yacht as you delve into the jungle-clad national park on Kelimutu. Kelimutu is a sanctuary for many endangered species of flora and fauna, including the wallacea owl and the Floreseian eagle.

From the luxury of your superyacht, you can sail in style to the western archipelago of Riung for the perfect blend of snorkelling, mountain climbing and beach-lounging. Riung’s isolated town, lined by coconut palms and fishers’ shacks, makes it a dreamy barefoot escape, perfectly fitting the exclusivity of a superyacht adventure.

The Seventeen Islands National Park is scarcely visited by tourists, in fact it is difficult to access at all by road, meaning again you will have all the privacy of your own island. You will spot flying foxes and more Komodo dragons, while beneath the turquoise waters there are flourishing reefs for snorkelling near Pulau Bakau and Pulau Tiga.

Day 11-12: Riung – Moyo – Bali

From Riung, you will sail back to the eternal paradise of Bali, but not before we take treat you to one final thrill.
The secluded Moyo Island is a delight for a superyacht charter. A hidden gem of the Indonesian islands, Moyo is a nature reserve with an unbelievably vast wildlife that includes wild boars, oxen and numerous rare birds. The beaches of Moyo Island glisten with inviting fine coral sand, and the exquisite marine life will leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

To give context to this island’s remoteness, there aren’t even tour companies renting masks and snorkels so you can be sure to be completely isolated with the natural beauty of Moyo. Climb the crater of Tambora and you will have sublime views across the Saleh Bay, Sumbawa and even back over to Lombok. Whether diving, snorkelling, hiking or simply relaxing on the beach club of your yacht, Moyo Island offers you one final blissful island escape.

Upon return to Bali, you will have been on an unforgettable adventure with sights you will never find anywhere else in the world. You may even feel like you have returned a little wiser thanks to the rich wildlife experiences. Most importantly, you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated. The Balienese atmosphere will greet you as you disembark your yacht, where you will have time to reflect on your exotic escape through the Indonesian islands.