Italian Riviera

The Italian Riviera is a feast of astonishing natural beauty which is enhanced by the seductive Mediterranean culture and charming coastal towns. The Riviera is Italy’s gift to the yachting world, a mesmerising journey that exposes you to exquisite beaches, distinct Italian flavours and a romanticised, laid-back culture.

Stretching from the Gulf of Naples down to the Gulf of Salerno, the Amalfi Coast boasts picturesque coastal cliffs which cut a dramatic scene overlooking the azure Mediterranean waters. This is a favourite destination for superyachts which provides an ideal balance of luxury escapes, historical discovery and pure maritime harmony. The lifestyle and culture of the Italian towns you will encounter along your charter all radiate with a relaxed atmosphere that will send you into utter bliss.

Guests will enjoy the thrill of sampling authentic Italian tastes, exploring the jaw-dropping scenery and sailing the stunning coastline and surrounding cruising grounds.Many of the features and luxury activities are reflective of the Côte d’Azur, though the experience is distinguished the unique Italian culture which radiates through the atmosphere and sends you into a state of complete harmony. From the French-Italian border across to the port of Lerici, the Italian Riviera arcs like a magical rainbow across the Mediterranean coastline, full of adventure of peaceful seclusion.
The Riviera itself is split into two main areas, with the unassuming beach haven of Riviera di Ponente between Genoa and Nice, and the more rugged Riviera di Levante running along the eastern coastline. Southeast of Genoa, Riviera di Levante boasts some of Italy’s most spectacular scenery. Brightly coloured cliff-top villages overlook the strikingly azure sea on one side, and the imposing figure of the Maritime Alps and Ligurian Apennines providing shelter on the other.

Riviera di Levante is home to a string of elite resort towns, including Santa Margherita and Portofino, both favourite destinations for visiting superyachts in the area. There is a level of exclusivity and luxury which fits perfectly into a superyacht charter, with plenty of hidden escapes to add adventure to your travels. Riviera di Ponente is a luscious stretch of glistening golden sand and quaint villages which breed a sense of seclusion and peace. Along the Riviera di Ponente you will uncover the classic Italian seaside resort of San Remo, a stylish waterfront paradise filled with opulent shopping and dining experiences. Here, you will also find the elegant casino in the heart of the city, while beach lovers should be sure to make a trip east to the town of Alassio on the Riviera delle Palme. In between Riviera di Levante and Riviera di Ponente is the gothic city of Genoa, the birthplace of Christopher Columbus and a destination primed for adventure. Genoa is steeped in fascinating history, and guests can step off their yacht to discover a wealth of museums and cultural events while wandering the winding streets past pastel-coloured buildings. High on the hillside, Genoa may have the aesthetic of an ancient maritime city, however its benefits from luxurious modern amenities. The result is an idyllic luxury retreat in a breath-taking historical setting, a unique experience that provides something different from the Rivieras either side.

Indulgent Islands of the Bay of Naples (7 Days)

Prepare for 7 days of experiencing the sublime Italian specks in the Bay of Naples. This superyacht charter is a favourite for guests wanting to escape to a world of blissful harmony, cruising between secluded island havens and unearthing luxurious delights along the way. Discover the Italian island gems of Capri, Procida and Vivara, where picture-perfect settings under the glorious Mediterranean sun provide ultimate relaxation on your superyacht break.

Day 1: Naples to Procida

You will meet your luxury superyacht at the historical epicentre of Naples, where in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius you will begin your Italian adventure.
Naples is a gateway to the awe-inspiring Partenopean Islands. Here you can spend some hours exploring the energetic town and the rich ancient history that it beholds, perhaps making a trip to the ruins of Pompeii to get a unique insight into Roman civilisation before you set sail on an exclusive journey through Italy’s luxurious island retreats. A warm welcome will greet you onboard your superyacht, and you will relax in your luxurious floating palace as you depart for the first island in the Bay of Naples, Procida.

Day 2: Procida

This is an undiscovered gem of the Bay of Naples. Procida is the closest to the Italian mainland, but also the smallest and oldest island.
Arriving in Proceda, guests will be immersed in the island’s flourishing gardens and fragrant lemon and orange groves which enhance its tranquil ambience. Procida is home to the pretty Marina Grande, surrounded by pastel houses which make for a serene overnight spot. You can spend the day exploring the island’s hidden treasures and swimming in the numerous small coves and inlets that dot the coastline. We recommend a visit to the town of Corricella, where under the sun or stars you can enjoy a quiet drink and sample some fine Italian cuisine.

Day 3: Procida to Vivara to Ischia

The uninhabited island of Vivara is connected to Procida by a small bridge on the south-west. Vivara is your next stop, an island that is covered in a large, protected nature reserve. Vivara is what remains of a circular volcanic crater that once was part of Procida, now it is a feast of natural beauty and shades of green, surrounded by a spectacular sea brimming with marine life.

By spending a day in Vivara you will get closer to the abundant wildlife that roam the island and wander through the striking olive groves that characterise the island. You will also find a number of archaeological sites with a fascinating historical and cultural background. This idyllic and peaceful island setting gives you the privacy and seclusion to enjoy the best of your superyacht. From Vivara, you will sail south towards Ischia, the largest island in the Bay of Naples.

Day 4: Ischia

Ischia boasts virtually untouched natural beauty with which you can feel part of as you lounge on the sun deck of your superyacht. This is certainly a stop where you will want to venture ashore, as Ischia is famed for its natural hot springs, which are said to offer both beauty and health benefits. Ischia is a dramatic volcanic outcrop which makes for spectacular viewing from the comfort of your superyacht, and makes for a stunning backdrop when enjoying al fresco dining. This is also the most developed of the Bay of Naples islands, and the coastal towns of Ischia Porto, Ischia Ponte, Forio and Lacco Ameno offering everything from indulgent spas to vibrant bars. Sant’Angelo provides pretty beaches in a cosy harbour for those who prefer to remain close to the water.

Day 5-6: Ischia to Capri

From Ischia you will sail to Capri, the jewel of the Gulf of Naples and a yachting fantasy. The small island of Capri is a statement of class, elegance, luxury and sophistication. Capri encompasses everything that one could ever dream for when embarking on an Italian superyacht experience. Surrounded by electric blue waters in the Bay of Naples, this plush island boasts stunning caverns, coves and caves which make up its truly unique landscape. This is perfect for exploration by superyacht, taking to tenders to get an exclusive view of the jaw-dropping scenery. Capri is the most modern of all the Partenopean Islands, and it’s chic boutiques, restaurants and bars are a favourite for visiting yacht owners and charter guests. Capri Town is packed with smart trattorias, lovely galleries and side streets filled with boutiques perfect for lazy days or relaxing evenings ashore. There are also plenty of water-based activities to enjoy in Capri. You can take to your water toys for thrills on the turquoise waters, or delve into the unique waterscapes which include the awe-inspiring Blue Grotto sea cave. Sail west to Anacapri for a quieter spot away from the activity in Capri Town, where pretty beaches and tempting food and wine wait for you.

Day 7: Capri to Naples

Your week in the Bay of Naples has taken you to secluded island retreats, luxury experiences and thrilling water-based adventures. Now, you return to the wonderful city of Naples where you can soak up the smells and tastes of Italy and spend time exploring the cultural and historical delights.