Leeward Islands

The Leeward Islands are a collection of magical oases and tropical delights that enchant visitors with glistening turquoise waters, sparkling sands and gentle waves which wash away the real world.

The natural splendour in these islands is legendary, and certainly far from the ordinary. Among the Leeward Islands are major yachting destinations such as Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Martin and Guadeloupe. Each island offers an eclectic and enterprising sailing experience, and no matter which route you choose to take you will uncover luxury, culture and sublime scenery.

Antigua is a spectacular tropical hideaway and a phenomenal destination to experience the Caribbean at its dazzling best. Antigua is the largest and most developed of the Leeward Islands, with well-established luxury infrastructure which ensures superyacht charters have everything at their disposal to deliver an exclusive retreat into island bliss. Glorious white sand beaches and lavish resorts welcome you as you step ashore, while the capital city of St John is bursting with a vibrant social scene of premier restaurants serving delicious island cuisine.

Antigua has a strong maritime history, most notable in the English Harbour on the south eastern coast. English Harbour was first established in the 18th century as an operational base for the Royal Navy, and is now a stylish district where many yachts choose to be based. The historical Nelson’s Dockyard provides an intriguing insight into the colonial past while the town provides a stunning setting to enjoy an exclusive superyacht escape. A short cruise south of Antigua is the majestic island of Guadeloupe. This French overseas department fuses the spirit of the Caribbean with recognisable French chic. The western region of the island is characterised by the captivating National Park, where guests can take on challenging hikes and delve into incredible diving spots.

he eastern areas of Guadeloupe offer tranquil beach scenes with seafront dining and water sports. There is plenty of opportunity for exploring Guadeloupe by superyacht, especially when heading south of the mainland to the small archipelagos.
Saint Martin is the smallest land mass in the world to be shared by two different nations, with a northern French side of the island and a Dutch area in the south. This unique island has a confused yet fascinating history to investigate, while superyachts will be more drawn to the balmy azure waters and white sands which create a hedonistic ambience to unwind in.

Saint Martin has a spectacular natural allure with such diverse landscapes that ensure there is never a dull moment nor an over-exhausted setting. The largest lagoon in the Caribbean can be found at Simpson Bay, while over in Friar’s Bay glittering sands meet gentle translucent waves and an abundant marine life is waiting to be discovered. Saint Martin offers an array of activities both on land and in the sea. This is a hotspot for a wide variety of water sports, as well as boasting world-class snorkelling and scuba diving. There is also much to get involved in on land, as guests can enjoy horseback rides through the dramatic scenery along with mountain biking. There are also fantastic golf courses on the island. Anguilla is the northernmost island of the Leewards, a destination where superyachts head to enjoy undisrupted privacy and opulence in equal measures. Away from the hive of activity which can be found on other islands in the area, Anguilla is a smaller and more serene retreat which is growing in stature as a preferred destination for superyachts in the Caribbean. Superyachts can enjoy all year round cruising in the sublime waters of Anguilla, with plenty of bays to explore and low key luxuries to welcome you when you step ashore.

Leisurely Pursuits amongst the Leeward Islands (7 Days Anguilla to Barbuda)

The Leeward Islands is a chain of spectacular, individual islands which boast a stunning variety of landscapes, bays, beaches and atmospheres. For a superyacht charter, this guarantees an eclectic mix of experiences and some of the most breath-taking cruising grounds from which you can enjoy the luxury of your yacht. From the chic French flair of St Barths to the secluded peace of Barbuda, sailing amongst the Leeward Islands can be both relaxing and invigorating.

Day 1: Anguilla

Your superyacht charter through the thrilling Leeward Islands begins in Anguilla, the northernmost island of the chain. Anguilla offers a choice of secluded private sailing or onshore luxury options. This long and flat island is recognised for the kilometres of soft white beaches which run along its shores, each leading inland to opulent resorts. This is a perfect destination to become quickly acquainted with the high level of luxury and service which will accompany you through the Leeward Islands. Stepping onto your superyacht you will be greeted with a glass of champagne by the charming crew, and you will savour the captivating sight of the Caribbean as you make the short sail to St Martin.

Day 2: Anguilla – St Martin

Just over four nautical miles from Anguilla is Aguilla, a richly diverse land in both terms of culture and natural landscape. The island is a cultural melting pot, split into French and Dutch areas which give you a feel of its history. Docking in the scenic Simpson Bay Lagoon, you will soon feel the awe of St Martin. The beautiful landscape in St Martin is riddled with enticing lagoons and beaches perfect for spending a leisurely day by the water. It is easy to see why this is the most visited of the Leeward Islands, with the natural splendour also backed up by an array of casinos, clubs and shopping strips to add more to your hedonistic retreat.

Day 3: St Martin – St Barths

After an indulgent day spent in St Martin, you will soak up the morning sun whilst enjoying a sumptuous breakfast onboard your superyacht, before sailing to the glamorous St Barths.
St Barths is a French oasis in the Caribbean and a favourite destination for luxury superyachts in the region. On arrival, you will be hit by flavours and styles of the Côte D’Azur while unwinding in the seductive Caribbean climate. This small island packs a large punch when it comes to breath-taking scenery and luxury activities. After a day spent exploring the island’s beautiful white sand beaches and designer boutiques, you will enjoy fine dining with an unbeatable view at one of the island’s many exquisite restaurants.

Day 4: St Barths – St Kitts and Nevis

Having immersed yourself in the utter luxury of St Barths, you will sail southwest where action and adventure await for you on the islands of St Kitts and Nevis.
The two islands are separated by a two-mile channel, and both offer the chance to delve into the authentic and natural Caribbean as you take exhilirating hikes through undisturbed forests, looking out for wild Vervet monkeys along the way.
Throughout Saint Kitts and Nevis, you will be treated to beautiful beaches and coves, with activities such as a scenic railway tour to be enjoyed in between. The island bays are perfect for quiet relaxation, though while in the area you can make great use of your superyacht by heading to snorkel sites such as the black coral which can be found off St Kitts. In these two islands, you will be gifted the seclusion needed to indulge in all the luxury amenities of your superyacht.

Day 5-6: St Kitts and Nevis – Antigua

Sailing into Antigua, you will be greeted by a completely different ambience than you have experienced on any of the earlier islands. Antigua is steeped in English heritage, which is reflected in the country’s love for cricket and the colonial relics which are dotted around the island.
Antigua is a spectacular tropical hideaway and a phenomenal destination to experience the Caribbean at its dazzling best. As the largest and most developed of the Leeward Islands, Antigua has well-established luxury infrastructure which ensures superyacht charters have everything at their disposal to deliver an exclusive retreat into island bliss.
This is an absolute gem for superyacht charters, with the island surrounded by kaleidoscopic corals and blessed with sensational white sand beaches. Sailing around the island, superyachts will discover a number of hidden bays, perfect snorkelling sites and inviting desolate beaches for private relaxation. This is also an ideal time to take to your superyacht’s arsenal of water toys, with fantastic cruising grounds and crystalline waters to enjoy.

Day 7: Antigua – Barbuda

Sailing north for 20 nautical miles brings you to your final stop on this awe-inspiring superyacht charter, Barbuda. This is the other half of the dual nation with Antigua, and here you will experience a peaceful change of pace following on from two lively days in Antigua.
Barbuda is one of the most undeveloped Caribbean islands, boasting incredible natural delights which will bring your charter to a satisfying end as you disconnect from the wider world in your own bubble of luxury.
Spend your final day soaking up the sun on Barbuda’s isolated beaches or exploring the charming village. For those wanting a few final thrills onboard your superyacht, Barbuda is also a great destination for cruising and indulging in water sports. You will leave your Caribbean adventure feeling, refreshed, reinvigorated and energised, with plenty of long lasting memories to take away with you.