Malaysia is an all-year-round cruising destination that offers an eclectic mix of experiences to satisfy the needs of even the most well-travelled explorers.

Malaysia is richly blessed with outstanding white sandy beaches, bewitching national parks, and a beautifully exotic Asian spirit. Perhaps less visited by some of the neighbouring South East Asian countries, Malaysia holds some of the best kept secrets of the region, many of which are uncovered only through the private and exclusive travel offered by superyachts.

Looking out across the crystal waters at the Malaysian landscape, you will notice on your arrival the volcanic islands and rocky outcrops which make up the exciting scenery.

Finding the perfect anchorage to take to your water toys and tenders won’t be difficult, and there are plenty of deserted beaches to give you all the privacy of your own island. Charter a private helicopter to get a birds eye view of it all, heading northwest to take in the dramatic Cameron highlands and Bukit Fraser. Seemingly countless islands surround Malaysia’s mainlands, enticing you in to experience their own individual delights. If an escapade through spectacular rainforests coming close up with exotic wildlife appeal to you, then head to Malaysian Borneo to immerse yourself in nature. For a relaxing beach-heavy retreat, Malaysia’s west coast islands are perfect for a luxury escape.

Penang and Langkawi are the most glamorous of these west coast islands, both brimming with opulent resorts, gorgeous spas, and plenty of activities. George Town in Penang is a bustling multicultural centre where you will find Chinese temples, modern high-rise buildings, and indulgent food.


Tioman Island is an undiscovered paradise that lies off the eastern coast of the Peninsula. Comprising of a cluster of 64 volcanic islands, Tioman Island is a jaw-dropping hideaway and a dream for yachting guests looking to uncover something new. Cascading waterfalls, a rainbow of coloured orchids, thriving coral reefs and completely vacated beaches – this island is a unique yachting fantasy.

South of Tioman is the small port city of Malacca. Malacca has its roots as a world-famous spice emporium, and this heritage is evident in the wonderful flavours and smells that tingle your senses on arrival.
Kuala Lumpur is Malaysia’s metropolitan treasure. You cannot leave this fascinating city without climbing the majestic Petronas Twin Towers. The iconic skyscrapers are designed with a steel and glass façade which has been made to resemble motifs from Islamic art, and the result would be the prominent feature of any city skyline. Kuala Lumpur is also where you will find Malaysia’s best nightlife, with an array of glitzy clubs and more relaxed lounge bars.

Sultry Asian Island Escape by Superyacht (6-day Malaysia to Thailand)

Set off on an adventure to discover the delights of Malaysia and Thailand, two of South East Asia’s most stunning countries, in this weeklong itinerary filled with modern luxuries and cultural heritage. With Malaysia’s majestic island of Langkawi as the starting point, prepare to drift off into a blissful journey full of beaches, diving, and fine dining.


Malaysia and Thailand, located just north of the equator, offers an all year round tropical climate with temperatures that never drop below 30°C. From December to March is the Dry season, where the humidity is slightly lower and nights are cooler, and there are always glorious days to lounge on the beaches. The Wet season falls between May and October, in which monsoons refresh this tropical environment. Even in the monsoon season, there is no shortage of sunshine to bask in.

A Haven for Diving & Snorkelling

This itinerary is packed with sensational diving conditions suitable to both experienced divers and beginners. You will have the chance to swim up close and personal with the diverse and kaleidoscopic sea life that share the waters. Look out for manta rays, often referred to as the gentle giant of the sea, at Racha Island’s famous diving spots. You may even get the chance to catch sight of Whale Sharks while in Phuket. All throughout the itinerary you will have the chance to discover each island and reef by yourself, with many of them uninhabited meaning you are truly at one with the nature around you.

Beaches Galore

White sandy beaches and dazzling oceans will of course be a prominent feature on your journey through the islands of South East Asia. Just when you think you have found a beach which could never be topped, the next island along the way will throw up another unique and blissfully quiet beach escape. You will be treated to the best of both the quiet, isolated beach life and the lively beachfront activity that engulfs visitors to Phuket. No superyacht charter can

Adventure Treks and Cultural Encounters

Whether trekking through jungle terrain on the back of an elephant or wandering through the colourful Old Town markets, this itinerary is sure to expose you to new and unforgettable experiences.
Malaysia and Thailand boast rich local cuisines and warming cultures that are sure to sweep you up. This island-hopping adventure will present you with the very best of local and luxury, land and sea. There will be sights, smells and tastes that will ignite your senses along the way, and with such a wide array of opportunities there is room to tailor the journey to your personal preferences.

Day One: Langkawi – Butang Islands

For a superyacht charter, there is no better place to begin than in a luxury island resort like Langkawi. Sitting just off Malaysia’s west coast, Langkawi is renowned for opulent 5-star hotels and thrilling water sports. Spend the day exploring the luxury leisure activities and the evening enjoying fine dining.
From Langkawi, you will set off northwards to the Butang Islands, no doubt looking back in admiration at Langkawi’s gorgeous coastline.

Day Two: Butang Islands

The Butang Islands offer fantastic cruising opportunities and islands covered in lush rainforest concealing empty white sand beaches. The islands are protected as part of the Tarutao National Park, and the deep water surrounding them is blessed with beautiful coral reefs, providing superb conditions for diving and snorkelling. Take a tender across to the shore of Sunset beach where you can embark on one of the jungle trails across the island.
Of the four islands that make up the Butang Islands, only Koh Lipe has permanent habitation, allowing you to embrace an isolated escape and indulge in the vacated pristine beaches. If you time it right, though, you may be treated to a full moon party put on by the Koh Lipe locals.

Day Three: Butang Islands – Koh Rok – Krabi

From the Butang Islands, you will head for the crystal-clear waters of Koh Rok, a renowned spot for some of the best diving and snorkelling in the region. Koh Rok, two quiet and uninhabited islands within touching distance of the vibrant Phuket, is a scene of mangroves, jungle green and tall banyan trees protecting the famed Ao Man Sai beach. Head out to Bermuda Ridge or Seafan Garden for an unforgettable diving experience.
Setting up at the picturesque anchorage among the Krabi archipelago, you will be yearning to explore the simply beautiful beaches below the limestone cliffs and hinterland. There is much more to experience in Krabi for those willing to step away from the beaches, including the Klong Thom Hot Springs and elephant-back treks through the National Park.

Day Four: Krabi – Koh Hong

Koh Hong is a unique group of a dozen islands offering a different experience. Here, you will have the chance to take a kayak or water toy as you explore the stunning natural wonders and rock formations around the islands.
Having spent much of your time on the glorious white sand beaches during the first three days, Koh Hong offers a less beach-oriented island experience. There is a spectacular lagoon to be discovered and top-class fishing spots to get you living life as an islander. Of course, like its neighbouring islands, there are also plenty of colourful reefs for diving enthusiasts.

Day Five: Koh Hong – Koh Racha

On the penultimate day of this blissful island escape, you will reach the Koh Racha group of islands. Now just 20 kilometres south of Phuket, these two islands embody everything a superyacht charter could ever wish to uncover. After jumping off your yacht into crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches, you will take to the main island, Racha Yai, where you will indulge in some on land luxury at the 5-star resort The Racha – be sure to enjoy dinner under the stars. Having been treated to some dazzling reefs in the first four days, you may be ready to take on the more advanced diving spots around Koh Racha that are well-regarded among the diving community.

Day Six: Koh Racha – Phuket

Your Asian island escape culminates in a trip to Phuket, the awe-inspiring jewel of the Andaman Sea.

Phuket is both a tropical oasis and thriving cultural city, perfect for exploration by superyacht. There are beach clubs and luxury resorts galore to be found in Phuket. For those who have been to the Spanish island of Ibiza, the Café Del Mar beach club on Phuket’s Kamala beach will give you a familiar Balearic feel. Indulge in luxury beachfront dining or immerse yourself in the local Baba culture by trying local dishes at the Old Town markets.

Venture into the jungle and visit some of the phenomenal attractions that Phuket has to offer, including the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary. Phuket’s unique cultural melting pot stems from a rich history that has seen British, Chinese, Portuguese and Indian influences come together.

Just a short cruise away from the hustle and bustle of Phuket’s city are the tranquil outer islands, where you can once again return to your blissful island retreat. In the high season you will likely spot Whale Sharks in the waters, and of course no trip to Phuket is complete without a visit to the world-renowned Phi Phi Islands.