If you are looking for a blissful superyacht escape filled with dazzling white-sand beaches and glorious turquoise waters, then look no further than Mexico.

With over 10,000 kilometres of magnificent coastline and a diverse climate that ranges from beaming rainforests to tranquil bays, Mexico offers all-encompassing yachting adventures and a plethora of exciting activities to fill your itinerary. Mexico’s astonishing cruising grounds are irresistible for passionate sailors and sun worshipers. The Sea of Cortez, on the Pacific coast of Mexico just south of Baja California, is an enthralling volcanic stretch of coastline whose waters and inhabited by incredibly diverse sea life. Chartering a luxury yacht in the Sea of Cortez will expose you to mesmerising sea mammals, from dolphins and hammerhead sharks to humpback and killer whales.

Stepping off your yacht onto the enticing beach-clad shores, you will savour Mexico at its very finest, from its fascinating Mayan and Aztec history to the exquisite tastes of its world-renowned cuisine. The Yucatán peninsula, separating the Gulf of Mexico from the Caribbean Sea, offers further exhilarating yachting adventures in the seductive Mexican climate. This region is perfectly positioned for superyacht charters, with secluded spots for complete and utter relaxation as well as opportunities for thrilling action both onshore and at sea. The Yucatán peninsula boasts thriving coral beds and an exotic marine life which makes for scintillating diving and snorkelling experiences. While Mexico’s stunning coastline offers a scenic retreat to spend quiet days enjoying the privacy and exclusivity of your superyacht, there are plenty of opportunities to venture ashore and be in the heart of energetic cities.

On the northeast coast of the Yucatán Peninsula is Cancún, perhaps the most notorious of these cities. While Cancún is famed for its vibrant nightlife, there is plenty to do during the day, from relaxing on the white sandy beach of Playa Norte to getting adventurous at the Underwater Museum and Eco-archaeological park. Not far from Cancún is Puerto Vallarta, a beautiful resort town which draws in visitors for its sublime beaches, water sports and nightlife. Here, you can also enjoy high-end and boutique shopping.
Whether on the east coast or west coast, Mexico presents superyachts with spectacular natural settings and the perfect blend of luxurious beach bliss and adrenaline-pumping adventures. There are so many awe-inspiring natural forms to discover, and an array of thrilling ways to do so. With luxury, culture, and natural splendour in abundance, Mexico is a dream for superyacht charters.


The Resplendent Mexican Riviera (5 Day Superyacht Charter in Mexico)

The Mexican Riviera offers a superyacht charter experience which fuses the secluded bliss of the coast and the highlights of luxury resort towns. Moving from tranquil beaches and bays to well-known cities, you will be exposed to the very best of two different sides of Mexico. The Riviera’s natural beauty and warm translucent waters provide the perfect setting for a superyacht escape, while there are also plenty of luxury hideaways to enhance your charter experience.

Day 1: Puerto Vallarta – Bahia de Banderas

Your dazzling charter across Mexico’s stunning Riviera will begin from the vibrant city of Puerto Vallarta. Nestled in the splendid Bahia de Banderas, this is one of Mexico’s greatest sailing locations and here you will instantly immerse yourself in the yachting spirit.
Before leaving for the cruising grounds of the Bahia de Banderas, you will have an opportunity to explore the bustling city of Puerto Vallarta. The resort town is blessed with fantastic beaches and abundant nature to discover, while high-end boutiques and local crafts make for an exciting shopping experience. Puerto Vallarta is certainly not short of bars and restaurants, and here there is also a lively nightclub scene. Boarding your luxury private superyacht you will head out into the Bahia de Banderas. Bounteous marine life inhabit the waters here, and you will have the chance to swim with emerald-backed sea turtles or sail further out to watch humpback whales.

Day 2: Bahia de Banderas – Yelapa

From the hive of activity in Puerto Vallarta you will soon embrace the isolated luxury of your superyacht charter as you arrive in the small fishing village and popular overnight anchorage of Yelapa. This small beach town is unique for its bohemian atmosphere and vibrant traditions and customs.
This lively locale is home to many artistic ex-pats, who took up residence here in the 60’s with a flood of celebrities and beatniks that included Bob Dylan. The untamed natural splendour of this town provides great opportunities for treks, and behind the village you will find an enchanting waterfall.

Day 3: Yalapa – Bahia de Camela

Leaving the relaxing and retro atmosphere of Yaleapa, you will sail along the shimmering coastline to the protected anchoage of Bahia de Camela.
During the long sail across to Bahia de Camela, you will have the perfect opportunity to indulge in the luxury of your superyacht. The gorgeous Mexican climate will have you spending plenty of your time on the exterior decks, soaking up the sun and allowing the crew to pamper you as you embrace the charter experience.
Arriving in Bahia de Camela, there is little you will want to do other than relax in this sublime setting. There is a small village along a long stretch of pearly beach, and here you will anchor up to enjoy the intense Mexican sunset with al fresco dinner followed by drinks on your superyacht. There are a number of small islands in the surrounding cruising grounds which can be explored during the daytime, ensuring you get the adventure associated with superyacht charters.

Day 4: Bahia de Camela – Bahia Careyes

Your last two stops will have offered great seclusion to enjoy the exclusivity of your superyacht charter, but your next stop is all about luxury. Bahia Careyes caters to those seeking a hedonistic retreat where indulgent inclinations are encouraged. The small anchorage at Bahia Careyes is a gateway to several luxurious resorts where you can visit to spend days in opulent spas or savouring exquisite food. There is plenty for your superyacht to do in Bahia Careyes, with thrilling opportunities for swimming in the warm waters. There is a large turtle nesting area here, so you may even have the chance to swim with these gentle giants.

Day 5: Bahia Careyes – Bahia de Tanacatita

From the luxury resort mecca of Bahia Careyes, you will cruise towards the calm anchorages of Bahia de Tanacatita, a well-protected bay with phenomenal natural beauty. Palm huts line the glorious beach of Bahia Tenacatita, and you will take to the waters to swim with schools of vivid tropical fish.
The town of La Manzanilla, further down the coast, offers even more magically unique natural experiences. In La Manzanilla, you can visit the ‘Cocodrilario’, a crocodile sanctuary where visitors walk along a 650-metre hanging bridge to spot crocodiles in the estuary below. La Manzanilla is also known for the snorkelling and diving site named ‘The Aquarium’, a beautiful coral reef in quiet waters. Over the course of your superyacht charter in Mexico, you will have experienced everything from vibrant beach towns to quiet, secluded bays and exquisite snorkeling sites. Throughout all of this, your luxury superyacht will have provided an opulent base from which to explore the delights of the Mexican Riviera. You will leave feeling refreshed, energised and inspired by your experience of Mexico.