New England

New England boasts a prolific maritime history and an enthralling coastline which is full of exciting contrasts and unique encounters.

From intriguing colonial architecture and well-manicured gardens to the quaint fishing villages and picturesque harbours that unravel along the rocky coastline, New England is a fascinating destination for outdoor adventures. This is also a splendid area for yachting escapades, and from the luxury of your superyacht you can explore a number of nautical hotspots, including the yacht-filled city of Newport, a historical host of the America’s Cup. From Newport you can sail down to Martha’s Vineyard, a Massachusetts island found just south of Cape Cod, where luxury and natural beauty await. Nantucket is another famous summer destination in the area, where cobbled streets overflow with high-end restaurants and boutiques in a 19th century setting dosed with modern luxury.


A superyacht charter in Mexico offers a journey through one of the most diverse and naturally breath-taking destinations in the world. From absolute jungle wilderness to seductive beach-clad coastlines and sprawling coral reefs, Mexico boasts incredible natural experiences to fill an exhilarating itinerary. With a rich history of ancient civilisation and vibrant Spanish culture, Mexico is blessed with an infectious culture which is at its most vibrant in the pulsating Mexico City. Here, you will also find more than your fair dose of opulent retreats and amenities that go hand-in-hand with the luxury of an exclusive superyacht charter.

Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest is a dream destination for those looking to recapture the pure essence of yachting and adventure. Alaska and British Columbia offer intense rural landscapes and awe-inspiring, untamed wilderness. Throughout the Pacific Northwest, pristine coastlines lead onto seas brimming with abundant marine life and thriving native species of fish. Superyacht charters in this region are all about connecting with your outdoor environment, discovering unique nature, and letting loose in the wild. From Glacial valleys, sheltered fjords and imposing mountain peaks characterise this spectacular part of the world, and you will take in this dramatic setting from the luxury of your superyacht. This is an ever more popular destination for superyacht charters, especially for explorer yachts destined to venture further and farther than ever before.


The Illustrious Harbours of New England (6 Day Superyacht Charter in New England)

This six-day superyacht charter will take you on a journey through all of the stunning natural beauty of New England, a North American yachting haven. From the atmospheric yachting capital of Newport, you will sail to iconic destinations and thrilling islands, embracing the outdoor spirit as you are treated to unforgettable scenery and captivating sunsets which will be enjoyed from the luxury of your yacht.

Day 1: Newport

Your North American superyacht adventure begins in the historic harbour city of Newport, a destination with prestigious yachting pedigree and seen by many as the sailing capital of the world. Easing your way into your charter experience, you will have time to explore the wonders of the city that range from seafood extravaganza at exquisite restaurants to opulent shopping. Boarding your superyacht, you will quickly fall into the luxury of what will be your base for the next week. Your first taste of superyacht cruising will be an exciting voyage through the surrounding waters, where you will have the chance to become acquainted with the luxurious onboard amenities and exciting water toys.

Day 2: Oak Bluffs, Martha’s Vineyard

After a night spent onboard your superyacht in Newport, you will sail to the iconic island of Martha’s Vineyard as you begin your exploration of the stunning cruising grounds of New England. Arriving at the quaint Victorian village of Oak Bluffs, you will unwind in a tranquil and solicitous atmosphere that consistently attracts a celebrity clientele. This is a spectacular luxury retreat, with an eclectic mix of restaurants and a rich landscape throughout the island where prolific vineyards provide fantastic day activities. You can spend your time on Martha’s Vineyard by discovering the island’s rich natural beauty on long treks, or by simply relaxing on the inviting beaches.

Day 3: Nantucket

The next stage of the voyage leads to Nantucket, a gorgeous island located 30 miles out to sea and once the world’s centre of the whaling industry as well as the inspiration for Herman Melville’s famous novel, Moby Dick. Nantucket is another New England paradise for luxury travellers, and is well placed with fine dining restaurants and lively bars in a thrilling environment. Explore one of the many pristine, secluded beaches or indulge in some shopping along the 19th century cobble-stone streets of downtown Nantucket. Head ashore for dinner at one of Nantucket’s numerous gastronomic delights after which, the night owls will enjoy the varied nightlife. Stay overnight.

Day 4: Edgartown

Your superyacht charter continues as you cruise to the historic Edgartown on Martha’s Vineyard. This is perhaps the most well-known areas of the island for attracting the rich and famous, with a rich history to uncover in the city centre and plenty of pristine beaches to relax on. With a superyacht at your disposal, you will be able to explore the thrilling cruising grounds around this area, while Edgartown’s harbour is a hive of yachting activity that hosts major events throughout the year.
As evening falls, you will watch and enjoy awe-inspiring sunsets from the decks of your superyacht with a cocktail in hand.

Day 5: Cuttyhunk

The next enthralling destination in your charter itinerary is Cuttyhunk Island, a jewel of the Elizabeth Islands and the first English settlement in New England. In Cuttyhunk you will enjoy privacy away from any crowds of tourists that are usually drawn to the more developed areas of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. his is the last island on your superyacht charter, and offers fabulous cruising opportunities where you will make the most of your yacht and the exclusivity of a charter. With an ambience of complete and utter serenity, you will revel in the chance to do a whole lot of nothing, enjoying a wholesome sailing experience and indulging in the luxury of your superyacht as you take in a beautiful ocean environment. Stepping ashore, there are traditional New England treats to savour, especially the Lobster Boil. Whether served up in a local restaurant or prepared by your onboard chef, this dish will give you an authentic taste of New England after a day well spent soaking up the sun.

Day 6: Newport

After an overnight stay in Cuttyhunk, your luxury superyacht charter concludes with a sail back to the historic city of Newport. On the return cruise you will once again relish an enthralling sailing experience, and take pleasure in the tranquil environment around you. Once back in Newport, you will be prepared a delicious brunch before having a chance to indulge in areas of the city that you may not have had time for before.