The Seychelles are a lush tropical paradise where nature takes priority. Superyacht charters in the Seychelle islands are a thrilling way to discover this remarkable natural wonderland, with dazzling turquoise waters leading onto pristine beaches and a unique landscape.

The Seychelles are made up of 115 exquisite islands which are strung along the dazzling waters of the Indian Ocean like pearls, each with its own distinct offering to explore. Your superyacht charter in the Seychelles will include days spent relaxing on powder-soft white sand beaches, as well as plenty of activities where you will discover exotic plant and animal life. This is a destination filled with adventures, and its World Heritage listed tropical haven is the perfect base for a luxury superyacht charter.


The largest of the Seychelle Islands, Mahé is home to the capital city of Victoria. This is the point of entry into the country and where your superyacht charter will usually begin. Here, you will be welcomed by a cosmopolitan atmosphere which contrasts the remote seclusion found on the surrounding islands.
Before setting off on your island-hopping adventure, it is certainly worth exploring the museums and sightseeing in Mahé, with vibrant port areas and an array of ateliers and boutiques. There are a number of opulent resorts and spas on Mahé for those in need of a little pampering, which can be enjoyed in a breath-taking tropical setting.

Praslin & La Digue

Praslin is the most famous of the Seychelles chain of islands. Anse Lazio, in northwest Praslin, is a statement of intense natural beauty and home to the most lauded beaches in the Seychelles. This is, in fact, one of the most sought-after destinations within the Indian Ocean, characterised by toweing granite boulders, bone-white sands and crystalline waters. For a more private and secluded experience, your superyacht will take you east of Praslin to La Digue, where its virtually untouched landscape and calm, shallow waters will have you embracing the outdoors. Visiting the Veuve Nature Reserve on La Digue, you will encounter a diverse wildlife while there are plenty of picturesque beaches around the island, including the protected bay of Anse Cocos.
Sea Life

The sea is the heart and soul of the Maldives, providing for the local population and drawing in visitors eager to be immersed in its natural splendour. The pristine waters are brimming with a stunning array of marine life, and its exotic sea life makes up one of the country’s main economies.
Dining experiences in the Maldives are all about indulging in exquisite fresh seafood, pulled from the ocean and cooked before your own eyes. Skipjack, yellowfin and frigate tuna are all staples of the Maldives cuisine, and your personal onboard chef will curate sumptuous dishes tailored to your individual preferences.
With such an incredible sea life, big-game fishing is a popular activity in the Maldives and can be incorporated into your charter itinerary. Fishing is the life blood of this small country, and in the coral atolls you will have the opportunity to secure a mammoth and trophy-worthy catch.

Luxury Amenities

Seychelles is a destination that has long been associated with luxury travel, and throughout the islands you will find boutique hotels, rustic villas and extravagant jungle bungalows which place you in the heart of a mesmerising natural environment. There are plenty of activities to fill your charter itinerary, with everything from golf to giant turtle watching and surfing available in the Seychelles.

Diving and Underwater Adventures

There are hundreds of diverse and rare species of marine life to discover beneath the glistening cobalt blue waves in the Seychelles. Diving and snorkelling are central to a superyacht charter experience in the Seychelles, where guests will explore abundant reefs of pristine coral.
You will be left in awe at the world-class dive sites which offer crystal-clear waters and exotic sea life. For unforgettable underwater thrills, head to Port Launay where you will be able to swim with whale sharks and dolphins in the Port Launay Marine National Park.

Dazzling Gems of the Glorious Seychelles (4-day luxury superyacht charter in Seychelles)

Embracing all the alluring delights of the Seychelles, this itinerary is a four-day journey to the superb white beaches and dazzling underwater gardens of this Indian Ocean hideaway. From the excellent diving and snorkelling off Poivre Atoll to the secluded beachfront at St. Joseph’s, a journey to this laid-back region of the world guarantees sultry days, relaxed evenings and intriguing marine life galore.

Day 1: Desroches to Poivre Atoll

Starting from the glittering coral island of Desroches and sailing towards the secluded coral atoll at the heart of the Seychelle Islands, this is a journey of unsurpassable beauty and seclusion. You will soon become accustomed to the indulgent luxury and high level of service that you will experience onboard your private superyacht, with a highly professional crew ensuring that your every need is catered for.
Boasting a unique natural marine harbour from which tenders can be launched, island-hop within the rich and natural locale of the islands of the Poivre Atoll: Amirantes, Farquar and Aldabra.

Day 2: Poivre Atoll to D’Arros

You will spend the first night of your superyacht charter savouring an exquisite meal prepared by your private onboard chef before enjoying some evening entertainment with friends and family under the starry Seychelle skies. In the morning you will have a leisurely breakfast and soak up the early sun before sailing to the Amirantes group in order to experience the exclusive island of D’Arros. These outer islands are made up of 20 islands, atolls and islets each with their own unique character and charm. Snorkel or scuba-dive within the crystalline lagoon, or trek the 1.5 square kilometres of this gorgeous island in order to observe a wide variety of rare species of sea bird.

Day 3: D’Arros to St Joseph’s

The third day of your luxury superyacht charter will begin with a sail from D’Arros Island to the St Joseph’s Atoll, and its largest island of the same name. Once a working coconut plantation, this island of one thousand acres sits close to D’Arros, and the two have shared a common history. The crystal-clear lagoon on St Joseph’s is home to an immense amount of sea life: stingrays, giant turtles and oysters, just to name a few. Giant blue mud crabs migrate from the lagoons to the surrounding flats, while bonefish and grouper also gather here. Perfect for snorkelling, scuba-diving and bonefishing, this is a naturalist’s paradise.

Day 4: St Joseph’s to Desroches

Your superyacht will now return to Desroches, where you first tasted the incredible luxury. Leaving the natural splendour of St Joseph’s lagoon, you will be feeling rejuvenated and inspired by your thrilling encounters with nature over the course of your charter, but there are yet more exciting experiences to come.
You will arrive back at the coral island of Desroches: 5 kilometres long and boasting 14 kilometres of spectacular beach fringed by verdant palms. Snorkel and scuba-dive to your heart’s content in the Desroches Drop, a steep underwater cliff bursting with vibrant schools of fish and exotic marine life.
Soak up the sun on any one of the shimmering beaches that make up 14 kilometres of this gorgeous island, or make the most of the luxury onboard your superyacht as you reflect on unforgettable memories made on your Seychelles charter.