The Maldives

Often referred to as the ‘pearls in the Indian Ocean’, the Maldives is the ultimate luxury escape with unbridled natural beauty and a bewitching tropical climate.

The Maldives offer incredible luxury resorts and plenty of opportunities for adventures through thousands of islands, enticing superyachts with perfect cruising grounds. The 26 coral atolls of the Maldives extend over 750km and provide captivating diving experiences throughout your superyacht charter. Here, you can indulge in opulent amenities and detach from the world in your own private paradise.

Luxury Resorts & Spas

The Maldives is renowned for its magnificent resorts and luxury villas surrounded by sublime turquoise waters. Here you will find some of the most relaxing and unique spas in the world, where you can complement the opulence of your superyacht with some pampering treatment on a private island. Swirling vitality pools, crystal steam rooms, volcanic hot stones and stimulating ice fountains are some of the incredible amenities that you will find in the resorts. Of course, there will always be plenty of time to simply lounge under the sun of the picturesque beaches and detach from the outside world.


There is a flourishing underwater world that will be discovered on a superyacht charter in the Maldives. This is one of the best destinations in the world for scuba diving and snorkelling, with tranquil waters brimming with exotic marine life and enchanting reefs. Divers will be able to swim up close with sharks, rays, turtles, and schools of exotic fish. With hundreds of remote and deserted islands, this is a playground for superyachts which can explore the channels of Lhaviyani, North and South Male, Vaavu, Meemu, Laamu and Gaafu. Head to the famous dive site at Ari Atoll where you can even encounter whale sharks and hammerheads.

Sea Life

The sea is the heart and soul of the Maldives, providing for the local population and drawing in visitors eager to be immersed in its natural splendour. The pristine waters are brimming with a stunning array of marine life, and its exotic sea life makes up one of the country’s main economies.
Dining experiences in the Maldives are all about indulging in exquisite fresh seafood, pulled from the ocean and cooked before your own eyes. Skipjack, yellowfin and frigate tuna are all staples of the Maldives cuisine, and your personal onboard chef will curate sumptuous dishes tailored to your individual preferences.
With such an incredible sea life, big-game fishing is a popular activity in the Maldives and can be incorporated into your charter itinerary. Fishing is the life blood of this small country, and in the coral atolls you will have the opportunity to secure a mammoth and trophy-worthy catch.

The Treasures of the Maldives (6-day luxury superyacht charter in Maldives)

The Maldives are renowned for their pristine island beauty and glistening turquoise waters. This is a luxury hotspot and a thrilling destination for indulgent superyacht charters. With waters simply overflowing with colourful reef formations that support some of the world’s best snorkelling and diving, an itinerary encompassing these underwater delights is guaranteed to impress. From the romantic island of Meerufenfushi to the tiny chic capital of the Male Atoll, this Indian Ocean adventure is for honeymooners, dive-enthusiasts and sun worshippers alike.

Day 1: Malé to Bandos

Your exclusive superyacht charter through the remote jewel islands of the Maldives begins in the Malé Atoll, home to one of the world’s smallest capitals. Boarding your superyacht, you will be welcomed by the highly professional crew who will ensure that you are well pampered throughout your journey. After delicious welcome drinks on the decks of your superyacht, you will head to the delightful island of Bandos, with its silvery beaches and lush surroundings, and let your luxury experience begin…
Start your journey in the gorgeous Malé Atoll and cruise to the coral island of Bandos. Enjoy a late lunch on deck prepared by your personal onboard chef and watch the crystalline waves crash along the sprawling stretches of white sand beaches bordered by verdant palms.

Day 2: Bandos to Rasdhoo Atoll

Sail from glorious Bandos Island into the remote and pristine atoll of Rasdhoo, located northeast of the Ari Atoll, and bursting with vibrant sea life and bucolic adventure on the sultry Indian Ocean. Pristine waters surrounded by a thriving reef makes the Rasdhoo Atoll ideal for diving: Jump in and experience clown fish, turtles, eagle rays, morays and colourful parrotfish up close and in a kaleidoscopic range of vivid colours.

Day 3: Rasdhoo Atoll to Ari Atoll

This is the perfect sail for diving enthusiasts – head from the rich waters near the Rasdhoo Atoll to the immaculate reef beds of the Ari Atoll, some of the most famous in the world for diving and underwater exploration. The natural beauty and gentle way of life that exists within the Ari Atoll have made it one of the most popular destinations for travellers to the area, outside of Male. Sail into the Ari Atoll for a dive off of Maya Thila, whose coral reef is revered for its large black coral trees, sea turtles, and schools of vibrant midnight snappers.

Day 4: Ari Atoll to Meerufenfushi

The next stop on your luxury superyacht charter is the romantic island of Meerufenfushi, known as Meeru to its charming locals. Popular with honeymooners and those seeking asylum from the bustle of the real world, Meeru is a prized jewel among the gems of the Maldives. In Meerufenfushi you will take in spectacular views of its beautiful palms surrounding an emerald green lagoon, making it the ideal location for a day of sun-soaking on the decks of your superyacht. Enjoy a dinner of fresh, local seafood beneath a brilliant sunrise for the perfect end to a perfect day of blissful relaxation.

Day 5: Meerufenfushi to Dhangeti

From romantic Meeru, sail to the quaint island of Dhangeti, which is home to local craftsmen engaged in their traditional production of coir rope and woven mats. Sample some local cooking while on the island to experience a true taste of what the Maldives have to offer.
Explore the untouched beauty of Dhangeti Island before heading out for an unforgettable afternoon dive off of Kudarah Thila, one of the best seabeds in the Maldives. With an abundance of coral and reef fish in a rainbow of colors including moray eels, angelfish, coral groupers, soldier fish, triggerfish, and turtles, this is an underwater paradise.

Day 6: Dhangeti to Felidhoo

For the final sail on your Maldivian superyacht charter, head from the quaint, traditional island of Dhangeti to the remote paradise of Felidhoo. Part of the Vaavu Atoll and home to hammerhead sharks, Felidhoo is a glorious bastion of natural island beauty, that boasts just enough development to keep it luxurious.
The Felidhoo Atoll is full of remote pleasures where you will make the most of the luxury amenities onboard your superyacht. This tiny uninhabited atoll boasts an impressive underwater mountain, rising from the depths of the sea. Diving enthusiasts will admire a multitude of gorgonians, silvery carangids and solitary sharks of immense proportions.