A private superyacht charter is the perfect way to explore the mystical Turkish coastline, where contemporary elegance is met with quaint fishing villages and lush islands, all overlooking the inexhaustible view of the crystalline waters.

For escapism and relaxation, Turkey’s eclectic mix of ancient ruins and glittering marinas provides a perfect basis for luxury and discovery. This is a country steeped in history, hotly contested, and fought over for thousands of years at the centre of two antithetic continents. Her undeniable natural beauty and stunning landscape give a clue as to why this is such a desirable land. Nowadays, Turkey hides treasures both on land and in her waters that are just waiting to be uncovered by the adventurous traveller.

The southern coast of Turkey is a yachtsman’s dream. The rugged stretch of coastline is sprinkled with individual experiences, from quaint coastal towns to secluded islands and luxurious hideouts. Tying all of this together are the cheerful tones that resonate from the country’s vibrant culture. There is plenty to enrapture all of your senses in an area where the Mediterranean, Black, Marmaran and Aegean seas come together in an alluring centre of culture and natural beauty.


The yachting capital of Turkey, Marmaris is the jewel of the Turkish Riviera and rests on one of the world’s largest natural harbours. Marmaris encapsulates the diverse range of experiences available in Turkey.

With roots as a quiet fishing village, Marmaris has developed a cosmopolitan city centre and a thriving harbourfront where a hive of activity all year round generates an energy that will lift you on arrival. Here, you can savour the tastes and smells of traditional cuisines in the bazaars, browse unique shopping and enjoy evening cabaret in a lively nightlife. It isn’t all buzzing bazaars in Marmaris, as there are plenty of pristine beaches where you can enjoy peaceful days soaking up the sun.
The most enthralling of all these beaches is no doubt Cleopatra Beach, an exquisite stretch of beach and azure blue waters which is believed to have been given to Cleopatra by Mark Anthony as a wedding gift.


There is an enchanting bohemian air that flows through this quintessential yachting harbour. Kalkan is an elegantly rural town laced with delightful pebble beaches and glittering turquoise waters, perfect for an indulgent superyacht escape.
The spectacular fishing port of Kalkan has both Greek and Turkish heritage, and now attracts luxury travellers eager to unwind in its dulcet shores and old-town charm. Away from the fast-paced environment of modern cities, Kalkan offers contemporary standards of luxury in a quiet and authentic town environment, where an array of historical and ancient sites are waiting to be discovered.

Patara Beach is an untainted and secluded treat, with an 18 kilometre stretch of pristine sand and glorious crystalline waters. Patara is sparsely populated, with just one diminutive café and a few residents. More beach delights can be found at Kaputaş Beach, which lies as a surprise wonder at the bottom of a steep set of natural stairs.

Gulf of Gocek

For those with a passion for sailing and who take pleasure from the sheer adventure of the water, Gocek is the ultimate superyacht destination. As well as being the base of four of Turkey’s principal marinas, the Gulf of Gocek is a registered area of special protection for its sublime natural beauty.

There are no towering metropolises hanging overhead to disrupt the peace, here there is only the rustic charm of the traditional fishing villages to fall into. The luscious coastline imposing mountain scenery provides a stunning backdrop when exploring via superyacht. The Gulf’s tranquil waters host a flurry of glorious islands, where explorers will find idyllic settings such as the sandy stretch of Sarigerme or the forest island of Inclice.
The four superyacht marinas in Gocek have helped to make the destination a regional superyacht hub, where world-class infrastructure blends in perfectly with the protected natural environment. A diverse range of nationalities, both visitors and residents, contributes to a vibrant patchwork culture. There are a plethora of adventures and opportunities, from opulent resorts to vacated island retreats, all in this pocket of Turkish southern coast.