Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands is well established as a major destination for spectacular dive sites, though there is much more to discover across this exhilarating archipelago of 1,000 islands.

These are small, relatively undiscovered gems of the South Pacific, which make for thrilling superyacht charters where guests become pioneering explorers.
The Solomon Islands are spread across 400,000 square kilometres of glistening South Pacific waters, presenting a string of near-perfect oases primed for adventures onboard your superyacht.

This is a pristine paradise with untouched natural beauty, filled with abundant wildlife and sealife which has been allowed to flourish without interference. A diverse range of activities mean that there is inspiration for everyone, from adventurous mountain treks to beach glamour and high-octane water sports. Everything in the Solomon Islands is enjoyed in a sensational tropical climate, surrounded by crystal blue waters which fuel your spirit of escapism. Split into nine distinct provinces, the Solomon Islands offer a range of varied landscapes all with differing stages of development, guests are treated to unique settings on each day of a charter. The Western Province is home to the more developed of the islands, and here you will have the chance to spend time being pampered in opulent resorts.

The Western Province is a sumptuous mix of verdant greens, bone whites and azure blues which radiate a peaceful and calming atmosphere to soak up from the decks or from a scenic helicopter tour. A must-see is the awe-inspiring Marovo Lagoon, the largest saltwater lagoon in the world, which attracts people to savour its feast of colour and the surrounding volcanic landscape of Vangunu and Nggatokae Islands. Adventurous charter guests will revel in the delights of Ghizo and Kennedy Islands, where a hive of activity awaits both on and at sea. On Ghizo Island you can browse captivating open-air markets or take on one of the exhilarating hikes, at the end of which you will be duly rewarded with sensational panoramic views.

A short sail from Ghizo will bring you to Kennedy Island, where seductive sandy beaches await, and you can inspect colourful coral reefs. The north-eastern province of Choiseul Bay offers an alternative experience. Here, you can venture inland to discover majestic waterfalls and charming villages on an inspiring day trip. Cruising along Choiseul Bay you should always keep your eyes peeled to spot saltwater crocodiles floating in the water.

The Solomon Islands boast delightfully warm waters which are perfect for delving into the sublime diving and snorkelling grounds. This is a world-renowned destination for incredible scuba diving and snorkelling, where you will uncover kaleidoscopic coral gardens, shallow wrecks and an abundance of tropical fish. Chartering a private superyacht in the Solomon Islands is the best way to experience the exhilarating underwater treasures in the area, treating you to secluded luxury away from any crowds of tourists.
The rich sealife also makes the Solomon Islands a fantastic location for big game fishing, as the waters are unspoiled by commercial fishing, so you have access to a private fishing utopia. Pacific sailfish, striped marlin, Spanish mackerel and coral trout are among those which can be caught.