The untouched natural beauty of Vanuatu presents a pristine and truly unique yachting destination.

Each of the 83 islands that make up Vanuatu are unique and inspiring gems in their own right, and all lay in close proximity to tropical rainforests and soft palm-fringed beaches. This is a dream for sailing enthusiasts and luxury travellers. For visiting superyachts, this is a sublime setting for an opulent escape, filled with stunning natural treasures which provide an unforgettable basis for exploration.

Spanning over 1,300 kilometres in the South Pacific, Vanuatu offers breath-taking cruising grounds and exquisite coastlines which radiate a peaceful and calming atmosphere, ideal for exclusive superyacht charters. This undisturbed natural splendour is filled with exciting activities both on the islands and in the water, while the diverse culture of Vanuatu will have you feeling at home right away as you are met with a warm welcome. Vanuatu’s warm, tropical climate is perfect for outdoor exploration and spending days indulging on the sun deck of your yacht, with average temperatures of 27 degrees Celsius during the yachting season from May to October.

Those who need to satisfy their thirst for adventure will certainly do so in the sublime natural adventureland that Vanuatu offers. This country is simply overflowing with diverse experiences, from spellbinding reefs to fuming volcanoes and a rich jungle. Superyacht charters in Vanuatu can be tailored to individual preferences, with so many experiences and activities that it doesn’t need to be all action. If you are looking for a quiet, secluded escape then Vanuatu has a mellow side full of lavish resorts and glowing beaches, where you can sail between idyllic islands and savour local cuisine under the South Pacific sun.
Vanuatu is well positioned to welcome superyachts to its shores with magnificent ports in Efate, Espiritu Santo and Tanna placing you in the heart of the country’s intense tropical beauty. The outer islands, which include the alluring settings of Epi, Malekula, and the Bank Islands, all have perfect anchorages from which you can take in the beautiful scenery and enjoy al fresco dining on the decks of your superyacht.

On the seductive island of Efate is Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu. Here you will uncover a sprawling mass of tropical forest and inviting sandy beaches to spend lazy days surrounded by exotic wildlife. Port Vila is an enchanting harbour town which is one of the best spots for culinary delights in the South Pacific, with a string of sumptuous restaurants and cafes that offer a fusion of distinct flavours. Cruising around Efate’s jagged coastline, you will be treated to quiet sandy bays, tranquil lagoons and fast flowing rivers. One of the most thrilling and unique experiences in Vanuatu is the active Mount Yasur Volcano, found on the fascinating island of Tanna. This is one of Vanuatu’s most iconic sights, where you can stand on the edge of the crater to feel the trembling earth beneath your feet. From this spine-tingling experience on land, you can head to Espiritu Santo for a remarkably different encounter.

In Espiritu Santo, the largest island in Vanuatu, there is a magical underwater world to discover, with historic shipwrecks and a colourful marine life that attracts divers and snorkelers alike. Captivating underwater caverns and scintillating swimming holes are only accessible by boat, adding to the exclusivity and privacy of a superyacht charter. These sensational locations are why Espiritu Santo has been dubbed the ‘Mystery Island’, and you will uncover these mystical natural sights from the luxury of your yacht.
Vanuatu is blessed with a diverse natural world and undisturbed beauty that is matched by luxurious modern comforts in its towns. Your superyacht charter can be a chance to delve into all the unique experience on land and at sea, or used to explore the isolated beaches and serene bays for low-key relaxation.