Virgin Islands

The US and British Virgin Islands provide superyachts with idyllic natural splendour and glamorous treats which tick every box for a luxury charter. With more than 60 island oases to explore, the Virgin Islands are filled with dizzying lengths of pristine beach and incredible sheltered bays to more than satisfy for thirst for adventure.

Prepare to embrace the indulgent island lifestyle of the Virgin Islands as you spend slow mornings relaxing on the beach, afternoons browsing boutiques and evenings toasting your luxury getaway with sunset cocktails. This island chain is a dream for yachts, and by visiting on a superyacht charter you will unlock numerous stunning locations and hidden gems which are only made accessible by boat.

Yachting is very much at the heart of life and culture on the Virgin Islands. This is a capital for superyacht charters and also regularly hosts thrilling events such as regattas and sailing celebrations which reinforce the lively marine atmosphere of the islands. Superyachts are welcomed by world-class marina facilities which provide safe berthing and a fantastic base to explore the region. The British Virgin Islands, or BVI, are made up of four main islands and a scattering of smaller paradises with perfect anchorages at Tortola, Virgin Gorda and Jost Van Dyke. Tortola is the main island in the BVI where around 80% of the Virgin Islands’ population reside. This is a lively centre amongst a dramatic mountainous landscape and beautiful coastline. Cane Garden Bay is a narrow and sheltered curve of glistening sand, a favourite spot for superyachts to drop anchor and enjoy picturesque bays, water sports and local cuisine.

Sail to Virgin Gorda for a blissful retreat where you will find opulent resorts and charming yacht clubs which provide the ideal balance of seclusion and activity to help you feel rejuvenated. Here, the lifestyle is slower and calmer than the more vibrant areas of Tortola, and you can spend days being pampered in exclusive spas and wandering the sleep marina villages. Jost Van Dyke is the smallest of the four main islands of the BVI, but boasts some of the greatest sheltered anchorages for superyachts and an array of pristine beaches. The island is named after an early Dutch settler and former pirate, and nowadays it is renowned for captivating snorkel spots and upbeat bars set against a rugged scenery.

The US Virgin Islands are split into three distinct and unique areas, St Thomas, St John and St Croix. These islands offer exclusive hideaways and plenty to explore in the surrounding translucent waters, including secluded bays and pirate ruins.
St Croix is the largest of the US Virgin Islands yet provides incredible privacy for luxury escapes. This is home to some of the finest cuisine in the entire Virgin Islands, where you will stop off to savour these delectable tastes in between exploring famous dive sites and the two main towns of Christiansted and Frederiksted.

There are luxury shopping opportunities in Christiansted, where streets are overflowing with French perfumes, crystal, china and jewellery. Stopping off in Frederiksted you will have the chance to experience something different from coves and cays as you delve into the tropical rainforest. St Thomas and St John are two contrasting island experiences, giving guests the chance to see the Virgin Islands at its both most boisterous and peaceful. St Thomas is the busiest of the US Virgin Islands, where you will find colourful and charismatic restaurants, bars and beaches. For a luxury break, guests can head to glitzy hotels and high-class establishments as well as the stunning golf courses. Over in St John, the ambience is a world away from the vibrant life in St Thomas. St John is dotted with quiet bays and legendary pirate ruins, ideal for charters seeking out adventurous sports for snorkelling and diving. Most of the island is made up of the national park, which retains the island’s inspiring natural beauty and makes it perfect for relaxing walks and day trips.

Vital Visits of the Virgin Islands (8 Days from St Thomas)

The Virgin Islands are a premium luxury yachting destination, and this 8-day charter will showcase the very best of what the islands have to offer. Encompassing the US and British Virgin Islands, this is a journey to the spectacular sights both above and below the Caribbean waters. Along the way you will be treated to indulgent luxuries in St Thomas, and remarkable Baths on Virgin Gorda, with trips to sheltered bays an absolute must as you soak up the Caribbean experience.

Day 1: St Thomas – St John

Your luxury superyacht expedition begins in the busiest of the US Virgin Islands. St Thomas is a colourful island brimming with vibrant beaches, bars and restaurants which will have you embracing a laid-back lifestyle immediately. In St Thomas, you will find the most luxurious hotels and five star facilities in the region, including a world-class golf course.
From the hive of activity on St Thomas, you will sail over to the much less populated island of St John to enjoy seclusion and privacy onboard your superyacht. St John is brimming with natural wonders which are prime for exploring by superyacht.

Crossing the Pillsbury Sound channel and following the St John coastline you will reach Maho Bay, a stunning protected bay with a beautiful beach to enjoy a day under the sun. St John is blessed with plenty of quiet bays and fascinating pirate ruins which provide thrilling snorkelling experiences. Your charter will take you to Leinster Bay, where a captivating trail through the Virgin Islands National Park leads out onto one of the region’s best snorkelling spots. Though St John is usually enjoyed as a day trip, we recommend anchoring here overnight to enjoy the feeling of having the entire island to yourself, and waking up to a breath-taking sunrise.

Day 2: St John – Jost Van Dykea

You will now cruise towards the British Virgin Islands, where your first stop will be the lesser developed island of Jost Van Dyke. This is a small island which boasts a lively and upbeat ambience that radiates from the small town. A unique experience, you will fall for the laid-back lifestyle and generous welcome from the locals. Spending the day exploring Jost Van Dyke, you will reach plenty of pretty anchorages and find beaches, bars and restaurants along the way. Grand Harbour and White Bay are well known for their lively beach bars and are well accustomed to welcoming yachts.

Day 3: Jost Van Dyke – Sandy Key – Tortola

A short sail up will bring you to Sandy Key on the northern tip of Jost Van Dyke. This is a perfect deserted part of the island where you can spend a leisurely morning enjoying the picturesque setting before heading for an altogether different experience in Tortola. Tortola is the largest of the BVI islands and is home to busy towns set against lush mountains and sweeping coastlines. While on Tortola, you will visit Cane Garden Bay, a slim, sheltered curve of sand that offers an ideal anchorage with easy access to the restaurants and water sports facilities. You will then sail to the West End, where further great anchorages allow you to enjoy the captivating scenery and also access the great shopping districts here.

Day 4: Tortola – Norman Island

The next stop on your Caribbean superyacht adventure is Norman Island. Though small, Norman Island hides some of the most amazing snorkelling sites in the Virgin Islands, and you will have plenty of opportunities to experience these by superyacht.
Norman Island is known for its array of caves, and it is within these caves that you can delve into the waters and uncover a world of multicoloured fish, coral gardens and intriguing mineral formations. There are so many ways to explore these wonderful locations, especially with the added possibilities of a superyacht.

This is a great opportunity to take to kayaks and water toys to add extra excitement to your journey. Norman Island is certainly not short of evening entertainment, and they do it in their own style. Head to the Bight Bay where you can dine out at the floating restaurant, while there is also an onshore pirate-themed restaurant which honours the island’s role in the classic tale of Treasure Island.

Day 5: Norman Island – Peter Island – Salt Island

After a night of festivities in Norman Island, you will spend the next day exploring two new islands with more treasures to find.
Your first stop is Peter Island, where you will be taken to the shallow reed at White Bay for top-class snorkelling experiences. This island is considerably quieter than many of the others, which will be a welcome opportunity to make the most of the privacy and amenities of your superyacht. Next you will visit Deadman’s Bay, a glorious beach which is home to the Peter Island Resort & Spa. Here, you can dress up and enjoy food and drinks and embrace a sophisticated atmosphere with views across the tranquil waters.

Salt Island is most famous for its spectacular dive site, the wreck of RMS Rhone which is found just off its coastline. This dive site attracts professional divers from around the world, all eager for the thrill of exploring the former Royal Mail vessel which has laid at the bottom of BVI’s waters for over 150 years. The Wreck of the Rhone, an 800-acre area surrounding the site, is the first and only Marine National Park in the BVI and provides a unique underwater experience to your charter.

Day 6: Salt Island – Virgin Gorda

From Salt Island, the next destination along the way on your luxury superyacht charter is the sleepy island of Virgin Gorda. This is an island that has been made famous by its Baths, a collection of giant granite rock formations that entice hikers and snorkelers alike to discover the grottoes. At both Devil’s Bay and Spring Bay you will find fabulous places to relax along the blissful stretches of beaches. Your superyacht will also take you to the north of the island, where you will spend the evening at the safe anchorage of Gorda Sound. Here, you will be able to enjoy time lounging on your sun deck and delving into the great snorkelling sites. There are also great night spots at Marina Cay and Trellis Bay.

Day 7: Virgin Gorda – St James

Circling back round, you will enjoy a longer sail back towards St James, located just off the eastern tip of St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands.
St James is home to the scenic Christmas Cove, where you will spend your last relaxing night on board your superyacht. This is a popular location for charter yachts due to its mooring spots and great snorkelling areas. Having spent a week island-hopping on an exhilarating adventure, your last day will be focused on enjoying the luxury amenities and service onboard your superyacht. You will relax and be pampered by the attentive crew as you indulge in beautiful meals and exotic cocktails should you fancy. With such great cruising grounds surrounding this area, you will also have another chance to race around on your yacht’s water toys and take pleasure in the freedom of a superyacht charter.

Day 8: St James – St Thomas

You will leave Christmas Cove to sail back to St Thomas, where it will seem like a lifetime ago that you began this memorable experience. This brings your Virgin Islands superyacht charter to a satisfying conclusion, and you will step back onto the shores of St Thomas to recount the stories of your adventures over sumptuous food and drinks in the town.