Windward Islands

The gorgeous and diverse tropical sanctuary of the Windward Islands offers an incredible opportunity for a superyacht charter that will transport you to lush rainforests and luscious white sand beaches.

The islands within the group are famed for their sparkling clientele who flock to the area for its abundant natural beauty and incredible seascapes, with numerous cays and reefs to explore by superyacht.

Most of the Windward Islands are volcanic land masses with rugged and mountainous areas which provide a breath-taking scenery to soak up from the comfort of your luxury yacht. The French territory of Martinique is a fascinating mix of Gallic culture and vibrant Caribbean tradition. Imagine the sumptuous tastes of French cuisines combined with the culture and climate of the West Indies, and this is why Martinique is a dreamy charter destination. Sophisticated pleasures can be found in amongst the tropical landscapes, and this is a destination perfect for sun-lovers, foodies and outdoor enthusiasts. Visiting superyachts will find rural fishing villages, secluded beaches and imposing volcanoes when cruising the island’s idyllic waters.

St Lucia is perhaps the undiscovered gem of the Windward Islands. This is a blissful boho oasis that shines with a sparkling coastline and luscious interior perfect for those with a thirst for exploration. The atmosphere in St Lucia is both laid-back and sophisticated, and its small towns are full of winding streets that are brought to life by live music and a Caribbean energy. Surrounding St Lucia is a pristine coastline that provides fantastic cruising grounds to ensure you make the most of your time onboard your superyacht. Charters in the region offer the chance to get up close with the magical marine life which inhabit the waters, with whales, dolphins and leatherback turtles among those you can become acquainted with. St Lucia boasts all the indulgent luxuries and exclusive resorts that make up a modern superyacht destination, while activities range from diving and fishing to seasonal festivals in the later half of the year.

At the South Western tip of the Windward Islands is the prime yachting destination of Grenada. With yearly average temperatures of 25 Celsius, Grenada has a seductive climate that perfectly suits the outdoor spirit of a superyacht charter. St George’s, the capital city of Grenada, is a well-established tourist hot spot which has retained its rich history and charm while developing a luxury offering. Using St George’s as a base, yachts have plenty to discover in the surrounding cruising grounds, and Grenada has a very special offering for diving enthusiasts.

The largest shipwreck in the Caribbean is one of a number of fascinating dive spots that can be visited, while there is also an underwater volcano. Grenada’s most unique diving experience is the Underwater Sculpture Park, a thrilling adventure through an underwater collection put together by English sculptor Jason Taylor. All of these sites boast healthy and flourishing coral reefs along which are inhabited by abundant sea life.
The Windward Islands cater perfectly for superyacht charters thanks to the countless breath-taking landscapes and array of activities which can be enjoyed both on land and at sea. With over 5,000 land masses, reefs and cays to discover, there is never a dull day in the Windward Islands, whether adventuring into mysterious areas of simply relaxing on the deck of your superyacht.

Whimsical Wanderings in the Windward Islands (St Lucia to Grenada, 6 Days)

This is the all-encompassing Caribbean itinerary which will take you to both the delights of the coast and on luscious rainforest explorations. The Windward Islands are an ideal choice for an adventurous superyacht charter. During the 6 days you will spend onboard your luxury superyacht, you will discover both vibrant towns and secretive islands, all with their own unique charm and natural splendour. This alluring chain of island offers peaceful seclusion, pristine beaches, warm translucent waters and plenty of adventure.

Day 1: St Lucia

Arriving in the Windward Islands via St Lucia airport you can be taken directly to the marina where you will meet your luxury superyacht and begin your Caribbean adventure.
St Lucia is an ideal place to start your journey, and you will at once sink into the blissful Caribbean culture and warm climate that will greet you. St Lucia is a small and verdant island brimming with fantastic activities from rainforest walks and bird-watching to golf and tennis with a view. Spend your morning strolling along St Lucia’s picturesque shore before setting sail to explore the nearby Pitons, two awe-inspiring volcanic spires that mark the dramatic St Lucian landscape.

Day 2-4: St Lucia – St Vincent and the Grenadines

Your will set off early from St Lucia towards the yacht-filled harbours of St Vincent and the Grenadines. This welcoming Caribbean nation is made up of St Vincent, the main island, and a series of smaller islands which are perfect for exploration by superyacht. You will spend the next few days of your superyacht charter discovering hidden treasures on these scintillating deserted islands, surrounded by azure blue waters.
There are many exciting activities to engage in throughout the islands, and you will be able to tailor your experience to be as high-energy or relaxing as you like. For those looking for action, hiking to the cone of the still active Soufriere Volcano is a mesmerising experience, while there are also phenomenal snorkelling sites to be found between the secluded coves.
You will spend a night in the beautiful anchorage of Chateaubelair in St Vincent, where you will enjoy full exclusivity to enjoy your superyacht in this sublime setting. During the day, we recommend putting some time aside to head onshore and browse the luxury shopping district in the capital of Kingstown.
Sailing the Grenadine islands you will find a seemingly endless supply of powdery beaches and tranquil waters, where you will find good use for your water toys and tenders. With such undisturbed natural beauty, you will feel like an authentic explorer as you sail from wonder to wonder, indulging in the luxury of your superyacht as you do.

Day 5-6: The Grenadines – Grenada

Leaving the cruising grounds of the Grenadines you will head to the ‘Spice Island’, Grenada. Port Louis is a thriving superyacht hub in the Caribbean, and with this as a base you will explore the delights of this laid-back tropical island.
With yearly average temperatures of 25 Celsius, Grenada has a seductive climate that perfectly suits the outdoor spirit of a superyacht charter. St George’s, the capital city of Grenada, is a well-established tourist hot spot which has retained its rich history and charm while developing a luxury offering.
Exploring Grenada has often been compared to being on a safari, with sensational natural attractions to inspire you on your journey. Imposing mountains, majestic waterfalls and secluded beaches all make up the beauty of this island. For keen divers, there are also plenty of treasures that can be found in the glistening waters surrounding Grenada. One of the unmissable activities while chartering a yacht in Grenada is the Bianca C shipwreck, the largest in the Caribbean. At over 600 feet in length, Bianca C is referred to as the ‘Titanic of the Caribbean’ and makes for a fascinating dive experience. The dive sites here all boast healthy and flourishing coral reefs, inhabited by an abundant sea life.
Grenada offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy your final days by sailing through its magnificent cruising grounds and enjoying the unbeatable exclusivity of a superyacht charter.