The World of yacht support

1 February 2022

It is commonly thought that superyachts are an all-in-one
Luxury Resort on the water, and in most cases, this is true.

There is, though, a whole parallel world to superyachts: the support vessels.

Yacht support, or shadow boat, are vessels that follow the mother yachts and carry and operate all sorts of water toys, helicopters, amphibious equipment and submarine equipment. This advantage offers countless capabilities and opportunities to the main yacht guests, making the most out of the mother yacht’s living spaces and design.

Superyacht supports are increasingly popular; let’s take a look at some of the finest examples from around the world.


1 yacht support, shadow boat, superyacht, charter, gene chaser

Her mother yacht’s crew is certainly one of the most entertaining on Instagram; GENE CHASER is the 55 metre support vessel of GENE MACHINE.

Previously known as BLUE OCEAN, she is a creation of Damen Yachting, a solid name in the support vessels sector.

The most exciting part is that GENE CHASER will be used as a working research laboratory to support the scientific research of owner Dr Jonathan Rothberg.
The main saloon has been transformed into a working wet and dry laboratory, while other interior areas will be used for conferences and other educational purposes.


2 yacht support, shadow boat, superyacht, charter, pink shadow

First revealed during the 2018 Monaco Yacht Show, PINK SHADOW is a 45.6 metre eye-catching Damen Yachting support vessel to her mothership, the sailing yacht PINK GIN VI.
PINK SHADOW can carry, among other equipment, up to two 10 meters tenders, a helicopter, a submersible and a Land Rover Defender.

Her main deck area can also play host to parties, workouts, sun lounging or dining, all with uninterrupted views. A striking hand-painted pink octopus and mermaid by German artist Ann-Kathrin Otto adorns the bow and matches the bright pink spinnaker of her mothership under sail.


Dutch yard De Hoop delivered this flexible design, created by naval architect Cor D Rover based on an existing 55 metre steel hull that was launched back in 2016.
De Hoop Fast Crew Supply Vessel boasts an impressive 230 square meters deck, that can be used to accommodate a helicopter, submarine, sailboat, sportsfish yacht and much more.

The hybrid diesel-electric drivetrain is a key part of the vessel’s high-tech appeal, with a maximum speed of 22 knots and a Navis dynamic positioning system that allows for stop-offs in environmentally sensitive areas without having to drop anchor.


A 2017 launch for Australian yard Echo Yachts, Charley serves as the shadow boat for the 84 metre trimaran WHITE RABBIT, the largest superyacht built in Australia and largest tri-hull superyacht in the world.

Measuring 51 metres in length, this catamaran support vessel can also entertain guests with a sheltered observation deck and a piano lounge. However, her tender storage capacity is the most notable feature, as Charley can carry a fleet of up to ten watercraft, including five tenders, four Jet Skis, and a hovercraft.

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