Island Bliss: a superyacht escape to Tahiti

7 August 2020

Island Bliss: A Post-Covid Superyacht Escape to Tahiti

2020 has been a challenging year for superyacht charter so far, however, for all those eager to embark on their next exotic adventure, there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel. French Polynesia, one of the world’s most captivating superyacht destinations, has lifted quarantine measures and reopened its borders to all international tourism. The way has been paved for luxury charters to iconic locations within French Polynesia, including Tahiti and Bora Bora.

As of 15 July 2020, French Polynesia removed quarantine measures and re-opened its borders to all international tourism from all countries. Now, visitors need only provide a negative Covid-19 test three days prior to their departure and self-test 4 days after arrival.

French Polynesia, Tahiti, and the South Pacific generally, are emerging as perhaps the most promising destinations for luxury travel in the aftermath of a disruptive first half of the year. There have been comparatively low cases of the virus compared top other areas of the world, and the prospect of travel bubbles opening up provides great optimism for superyacht charters keen to explore the natural wonders of the region.

Tahiti is well established as a favourite destination for superyacht captains and guests in the South Pacific. It poses as a mountainous oasis surrounded by delightfully azure waters, perfect for adventures onboard a luxury yacht where every day brings a new experience. Tahiti boasts pristine, crystal-clear waters that lead to a dulcet island covered with lush landscapes and secluded beaches. The natural splendour of Fiji provides a gorgeous backdrop when cruising these lagoon waters, and there are plenty of protected anchorages where superyachts can set up and enjoy the serenity of a majestic environment.

For those looking to get closer to the action, Tahiti is blessed with idyllic diving conditions and a flourishing marine life, brimming with over 1,000 species of fish. When exploring Tahiti’s reefs, guests are treated to encounters with sacred sea creatures such as manta rays, black tip sharks, and sea turtles. More high-octane thrills are unlocked by taking to your superyacht’s arsenal of toys and tenders, where you can explore Tahiti’s enchanting waters for yourself, zipping across on a jet ski or paddling through the alcoves in a kayak.

Not all of the adventure is concentrated at sea. Tahiti is swarming with tropical treasures waiting to be uncovered by stepping onto her fertile land. An abundance of wild flowers grow and thrive in this sun-drenched climate. Along your journey through Tahiti’s phenomenal natural landscape you will come across glistening waterfalls, ancient ruins, and private sandy beaches. Huahine Island is well-regarded as a Garden of Eden, where you can enjoy the tranquillity of its untarnished natural beauty and be left in awe at its sacred temples.

The Tahitian experience is topped off by the incredibly warm and welcoming locals. Superyacht charters will usually begin in Pape’ete, the capital of French Polynesia, where guests are greeted and at once immersed in the vibrant culture of Tahiti. Here, you can lose yourself in the bustling market scene and savour the exquisite tastes of the tender traditional food, which is often cooked in ahim’a ovens dug into the ground.

Tahiti’s strength is in its diverse offering of unique experiences, an ideal destination for adventurous superyacht charters. A true yachting paradise, it will come as an excitement to many that the country is once again ready to receive visitors for more unforgettable moments. There is, of course, no better way to soak up all of Tahiti’s incredible sights than on board a luxury superyacht. For more information on a superyacht escape to Tahiti, browse the Ocean Alliance itinerary or contact one of our experienced team members to plan your next breath-taking adventure.

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