22 February 2022

MYBA, the Worldwide Yachting Association, is an internationally renowned professional organisation that has been adopting an increasingly influential and significant role in advising the yachting industry with regards to a transition towards a greener and more responsible future.

MYBA’s team works closely with Government organisations, Coastguards, the International Maritime Organisation, Licensed Marine Underwriters, Insurance Companies and Lawyers;
both the MYBA Charter Agreement and the MYBA Memorandum of Agreement have been developed over the years and provide an industry standard throughout the world.

Membership is available to eligible global companies and individuals with a proven track record of professional excellence in the yachting industry. Ocean Alliance gained membership to MYBA more than 5 years ago, and Joachim Howard and Laurie Foulon are proud individual members of the association themselves.

Tim Morley

The MYBA Environment Committee will be headed by Tim Morley, and aims to provide information about possible solutions to reduce, and offset the annual CO2 emissions from superyachts.
The Committee will be made up of 7 Members, active actors of the industry in all its aspects.

Watch Tim’s introductory video here

We are excited to witness and share the initiatives that will take shape via this excellent, positive committee of smart individuals from all over the world. Watch for some of these in our Yachting for Purpose page!

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