1 July 2022

The regional preferred partner program, Launched in 2021aims to connect Virtuoso-affiliated travel advisors with an extraordinary portfolio of partners and experience providers in Australia and New Zealand.

As the world opens up again, our client seeks more exploratory and meaningful travel experiences. Ocean Alliance has been accepted as a regional partner within Oceania. Virtuoso is the leading global network of travel agencies specialising in luxury and experiential travel.

The Account Director of Partnerships, Australia, said the program’s meticulous selection process ensures only the most prestigious travel entities join the network. “Four pillars are used in the selection criteria for regional partners, including member feedback, competitive analysis of the local market and conditions. Once selected, the Virtuoso regional member advisory board approves each partner. In return, new partners can engage with over 1,800 of the regions’ best advisors and their clientele through special events and marketing opportunities.”

As a company, we join an exclusive portfolio of luxury travel partners comprising 1788 within the region and more than 20,000 travel partners globally. The partnership with a dedicated travel planning company provides Ocean Alliance with an elite platform to market superyacht charters in Australia and surrounding areas. As a Virtuoso preferred partner, it presents new sales and marketing opportunities to the region’s luxury travel advisors and their highly desirable clientele. It opens the path to full global participation.

Ocean Alliance joins Virtuoso’s collection of the most exclusive luxury hotels, resorts, airlines and other travel entities. Virtuoso’s acceptance process is incredibly selective, so becoming one of a select number of superyacht charter companies reinforces the premium offering and Ocean Alliance’s reputation. Virtuoso believes that sustainable travel revolves around protecting the planet, supporting the local economies and preserving the destination’s cultural heritage. Their sustainability mission directly resonated with our core values and allows us as a company to uphold our sustainability initiative of ‘Yachting for Purpose.’

Virtuoso advisors’ reputation for their dedication to their clients is a perfect fit with our bespoke approach to superyacht charters. Now that we are part of this renowned network, we are excited to offer Virtuoso advisors and their clients an experience tailored to their precise requirements onboard some of the world’s finest superyachts.

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