Ocean Alliance participates in the Take 3 CEO Clean-up

12 September 2022

Ocean Alliance continuously aims to offer bespoke charter yachting experiences whilst actively participating in Ocean conservation initiatives and encouraging Owners, Charterers and Crew to be advocates.

We believe we are responsible for contributing to a sustainable future by promoting yachting with purpose. We have partnered with multiple organisations to support citizen scientist projects and impactful work. We continue to educate our team and spread the vital message of conservation.

This month, Managing Director Joachim Howard and the Ocean Alliance team will participate in the Take 3 CEO Clean Up on the 9th of September at Manly Cove Beach. As a company, we support and participate in an initiative that positively affects the marine environment we experience.

Take 3 is an organisation that believes in simple actions to address complex problems. Founded in 2010 by Marine ecologist Roberta Dixon-Valk, youth educator Amanda Marechal and environmentalist Tim Silverwood, the trio encourage people to Take 3 pieces of rubbish with them when they leave the beach or anywhere, and they have made a difference. The simplest actions can make a difference.

The aim of Take 3 is to remove plastic pollution from the environment and to support measures to prevent waste and pollution.

The Take 3 CEO Clean-up encourages CEOs, directors, business owners and other industry leaders to demonstrate leadership on environmental sustainability and make a difference. This initiative allows leaders to lead by example and positively impact their community by cleaning up their local environment, fundraising to support clean oceans, and raising awareness of plastic pollution.

The first CEO Clean-up was held in 2019 with 170 CEOs and business leaders who collectively removed more than 56,000 pieces of rubbish from the local community and raised almost $75,000 for the organisation. The initiative allows business owners to review how their company uses plastic and to start taking steps to reduce their single-use plastic consumption.

CEO of Take 3, Jacquie Riddell said, “Funds raised at our CEO Clean-Ups help Take 3 to deliver vital education programs in schools, surf clubs and communities around Australia and the globe. We are focused on achieving the challenging goal of educating one million school children and removing 50 million pieces of litter by 2025, and the 2022 CEO Clean-Up will move us closer to achieving that goal.”

Please offer your encouragement by donating via the following link:


Ocean Alliance is excited to participate and encourage change. Please help make a difference today by donating; you will help protect our Oceans for generations to come.

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