Ocean Alliance attends PURE: the world’s largest experiential travel show

30 August 2021

We are proud to be attending 2021’s Digital Version of the world’s most inspiring Experiential Travel Show, usually held in Marrakech, Morocco every year: PURE Life Experiences.

“Experiential travel has the power to transform ourselves, our communities and the planet”. At Ocean Alliance, we pride ourselves on creating experiences on the water that go simply beyond for all our guests.

The show operates by invitation-only, and we are delighted to be given the opportunity to inspire some of travel’s most revered agents, collaborating to create once-in-a-lifetime experiences: by combining land and water-based knowledge, we believe that incredible sparks will be created.

Ocean Alliance’s Managing Director, Joachim Howard, and Charter Experience Manager, Laurie Foulon, in conjunction with Tourism Australia, were invited as travel experience experts around Australia and the South Pacific; expanding from our years of superyacht charter, management and brokerage, our team have provided clients with life moments they had not even dreamt of yet!

“Being part of the PURE community is about having attitude, commitment and the belief that travel can be more than just an industry.

That’s why we bring together experiential travel’s most inspiring names to build relationships and find new ways of Changing Worlds, for travellers and local communities. We fuel their passion and challenge every PUREist to elevate what they do beyond just business.”

PURE is a highly curated selection of only directors, business owners and senior decision-makers because those are the best people for getting business done. This community of pioneers are passionate about collaborating to create unique travel experiences; about sharing ideas, inspiration and innovation; about Changing Worlds, together.
PURE attendees represent clients from their locations around the world:
  • 24% from North America
  • 15% from South America
  • 46% from Europe
  • 10% from Asia
  • 2% from Australia.

With the need to expand travel horizons to smaller group travel, safe environments, caring for communities, and a focus of being closer to natural wonders, we are proud and excited to represent Australia and the South Pacific as one of future travel’s most prized destinations.


To arrange your next charter experience or discuss the unique experiences you want to live, simply contact the Ocean Alliance charter team by clicking here.

To read more about PURE, visit: https://purelifeexperiences.com/ 

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