20 November 2019

6 Nights | 7 Days Superyacht Charter Itinerary

Visiting PNG is embarking on a journey which will forever mark you. In a modern world reshaped by human interests, teeming cities with millions of inhabitants, motorways, pollution, congestion and stress, there is nothing like standing at the base of a volcano, seeing molten rock being hurled into the air or silently canoeing an ancient cliff-walled gorge. Inspire means to breathe life and Papua New Guinea will do that. It is the antidote, the tool to shift perspective.

Papua New Guinea is made up of remarkable beauty. You’ll find scattered islands, coral reefs, lovely palm-fringed beaches, hidden waterfalls, meandering rivers and steep-sided rainforest mountains plunging into the sea. The opportunity for adventure is staggering, with excellent birdwatching, bushwalking and village hopping.


It is described as a tropical climate, with the coastal plains averaging a temperature of 28°C (82.4F), the inland and mountain areas averaging 26°C (78.8), and the higher mountain regions, 23°C. The area’s relative humidity is quite high and ranges between 70 and 90 per cent.

Papua New Guinea is situated in tropical latitudes, so the water temperatures can vary depending on the location and the season. Ranging from 20°C/68°F to 30°C/86°F throughout the year, the average year-round water temperature sits around 25°C/77°F – making it perfect for swimming and every kind of water activity.


Papua New Guinea is the centre of the Coral Triangle, so you can expect to see an abundance of marine biodiversity, coupled with warm waters and dramatic forest backdrops. The underwater world seems otherworldly. The region straddles several tectonic plates edged by continental shelves with sudden drop-offs into the deep sea. The inaccessibility to Papua New Guinea has helped keep marine and land environments extremely protected.


Alotau > Nuakata Island

Once arrived in Alotau, you will make your way to the port where your captain and crew will welcome you for the next week. Once settled in, the yacht will depart for Nuakata Island – a small, mountainous island that is marine protected area due to its pristine reefs and abundant fish life. Once arrived and anchored it will be time for an afternoon dip in the ocean followed by your first sunset dinner onboard.








Nuakata > East Cape

Wake up at your leisure and indulge a delicious breakfast spread. Have a slow morning onboard reading, swimming, snorkelling, or exploring nearby islands via the yacht’s tender. Around noon, you will cruise to East Cape, which is the very eastern end of mainland New Guinea. Featuring a string of villages, beaches, reefs, bushwalks and waterfalls, they are all waiting to be explored. The area is renowned for its world-class diving as it features impressive wall drop-offs, overhangs and caverns along with the limestone. Most sites include soft and hard corals, large barrel sponges and masses of fish. Nearby Dinah’s beach is considered the best muck dive in the world and a photographer’s dream!

Spend the rest of the day exploring untouched landscapes in a surreal and magical setting. Once arrived back at the yacht, your crew has organised a beach BBQ where you will experience yet another remarkable sunset.








East Cape > Cape Vogel

Wake up in the sleepy regional outpost that is home to the most famous WWII plane wrecks in the world – the Blackjack B-17 Flying Fortress. It’s also home to one of the friendliest villages in Papua New Guinea so spend the day wandering the shores to meet the locals and experience their local craft market. As you wander, the local dancers love to put on a cultural display creating a pleasant atmosphere. After meeting the locals, spend time diving and snorkelling the Blackjack B-17 wreck that rests almost entirely intact, with a size of 45m.









Cape Vogel > Trobriand Islands

Today you will explore the Trobriands – one of the most culturally intact places you could find. The anchorage here is sheltered and peaceful and is a place where the locals are known for making clay cooking pots. With a population of only 12,000, the people of Trobriands have made great efforts to preserve their traditional culture. Guests are welcome to visit the villages to witness their traditional dance, where girls have coloured skirts, oiled bodies, faces painted and hair decorated with flowers and feathers. After exploring the villages, your crew will set up a sunset picnic on a small cove nearby.






Trobriand Islands > Dobu

This morning you will cruise to the Dobu region – the most visibly active volcanic area in Milne Bay. Dobu Island itself is a small crater and is a lovely island to stretch your legs and visit the well-kept church, which is a monument of pride for the locals. It is also the ideal place for scuba and snorkelling as there are numerous reefs, shoals and atolls. Observation Point is an excellent dive, and the “bubble bath” (where thermal bubbles seep through the ocean floor) is an experience not to be missed. Spend the afternoon exploring Dobu beach, which is a beautiful black sand beach in a volcanic area!








Dobu > Hastings Island & Misima Island

Early this morning you will cruise to Hastings Island where you will be pleasantly welcomed by its dramatic blue waters and towering limestone rock structures. Spend the morning snorkelling amongst the reef edges before cruising to Misima Island around noon. It’s here you will discover the wreck of a Japanese Zero fighter in 3m of water and only about 50m from the beach. After a busy day of diving and snorkelling, enjoy the afternoon relaxing in a secluded bay.








Misima Island – Samarai Island

After a delicious last breakfast on board, you will cruise to the Samarai Island region where you will encounter your last dive before leaving the yacht. You will bid farewell to your crew and continue on your journey or make your way home.

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