23 November 2021

As restrictions are easing across Australia and international travel is finally open, we are delighted to welcome back enquiries and secure early bookings for overseas charters!

Thinking about a brighter 2022, why not set it off with a friend and family retreat in the warmer waters of Europe?

Italy, France, Croatia, Greece and all the different European destinations have seen an incredibly busy summer season, extended until November for people who missed the freedom and excitement of the awaited holidays.

Each one of these Mediterranean countries has so much to offer among breathtaking landscapes, heritage and cultural activities and charter-specific getaways.



Mesmerising natural beauty, inspiring history and sublime luxury make Greece one of the world’s most complete yachting paradises. Modern luxury against the backdrop of Ancient mystery creates an atmosphere as captivating as it is undemanding, perfect for a blissful superyacht charter.

Don’t miss the ancient wonders of Acropolis and Parthenon in the majestic port destination of Athens. Satisfy your lifestyle dreams in the Aegean and Cycladic Islands, where you will find the most opulent resorts and a string of glitz and glamour where a youthful ambiance is injected into a picture-perfect scene.


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A colourful coastline and captivating culture make Croatia one of the East Mediterranean’s yachting hot spots, drawing in some of the world’s most magnificent superyachts year on year.

Dubrovnik itself is a popular HubSpot for luxury events; the glistening harbour is iconic for the mesmerising terracotta-roofed architecture that lines the limestone streets. A labyrinth of steep churches and dazzling piazzas are full of intimate dining spots and opulent hideouts.


To experience la Dolce Vita in its purest form, Italy’s Amalfi Coast offers a complete superyacht adventure perfect for exhilarating yet laid-back charters.

Guests will enjoy the thrill of sampling authentic Italian tastes, exploring the jaw-dropping scenery and sailing the stunning coastline and surrounding cruising grounds.



A vivid pulse of chic seaside enclaves lines this near-tropical coastline, and stepping on land you will discover some of the magnificent destinations which have inspired generations of artists and writers.

The Cote d’Azur cities are a constant hive of world-class events which include the Monaco Grand Prix and the Cannes Film festival. Nestled between the Alps and the Mediterranean, there are a few destinations that come close to the sparkling principality of Monaco, which seems to operate very much in its own exclusive world of lavish casinos and opulent hotels.

All you have to do now is to pick one of our superyachts and let us make this European dream a reality.
Contact Ocean Alliance for your perfect guest experience.

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